Fire Cops for Publicly Mocking Woman Raped by Father

Scared Girl

Target: Baton Rouge Police Chief Carl Dabadie

Goal: Fire the police officers who made a parade float mocking the victims of an alleged child rapist.

Three police officers created a parade float that mocked the victims of a man who has been charged with raping his daughter and three other young girls. The man, William Hayden, was the star of reality TV series “Sons of Guns” until the charges were brought against him. The show was being filmed in Baton Rouge, so when the city’s yearly Spanish Town Parade came around, the officers decided to create a float making a mockery of the entire incident.

The float was covered with signs making crude and offensive jokes suck as “Red Jack It,” which is a play on the name of the firearms company in the show, and “Kiss Me Daddy.” It also featured a sign with an unflattering photo of Hayden’s daughter–the one he allegedly raped as a child–with the caption “Red Jack It Firearms: A face only a daddy could love.”

The officers responsible for this incredibly gross parade float are reportedly “under investigation” but have not been placed on leave or punished in any way so far. The city police chief says that the men were off duty while making this float, but this hardly matters when these men are supposed to be responsible for the safety of the people. Any one of these men could end up being involved in a case of rape or child molestation. This float sends the message that they, and by extension the entire police department, will not take such a case seriously.

This float was not just offensive to the victims of Hayden’s alleged crimes, but to all rape and child rape victims. Given how prevalent these crimes are, there were undoubtedly multiple victims in attendance of the parade who had to see their horrific trauma be made light of in an extremely public manner. Police officers should understand that child rape is not funny in the slightest. Sign this petition to demand that these officers be immediately fired before they’re allowed to cause any more harm to rape victims and survivors.


Dear Chief Dabadie,

As you are aware, three of your officers created and displayed a float at the Spanish Town Parade mocking the victims of an alleged case of child rape. The float included incredibly offensive jokes about the rape of little girls by their fathers while featuring a theme about the show “Sons of Guns,” which has been put on hold because the star has been charged with raping his daughter and three other girls when they were very young.

How these men have not yet even been placed on leave is beyond me. These “jokes” demonstrate beyond any doubt that these officers do not take the subject of rape, even child rape, seriously. How can you trust them to take cases of sexual assault or abuse seriously when they think it’s appropriate to mock victims of these crimes so publicly? Do you really think they should be allowed any power over citizens, many of whom are women and girls?

It doesn’t matter than these men were off duty while making the float. Their actions betray their attitudes about rape, and those attitudes will affect them on the job. Refusal to punish the officers will demonstrate that you and your entire department condone these attitudes. Unless you want to tell the entire nation that you also think child rape is funny, you must fire these officers immediately and demonstrate that this kind of behavior will not be tolerated from any of your police.


[Your Name Here]

Photo credit: Victor Bezrukov via Flickr

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  1. These cop are a disgrace to the police force fired them and punish them for being so cruel as to do this to abused and raped youngsters ..they are probably the same ones who shoot dogs too bastards

  2. How can these police officers remain as public help servants when they mock and humiliate the very people who are the victims and go to them for help? They need to be removed from their positions and face charges for what they have done against someone who placed her trust and hope in the office meant to protect her and others in the same situation.

  3. Disgraceful – they should be fired. I am so glad I encouraged my daughter to MOVE OUT OF BATON ROUGE!

    • My son was stationed in Louisiana at one time and refused to move his 4 daughters there. I can understand why now. Talk about sick POS in that state! Isn’t it against the law to identify minors who are victums of rape? I hope this girl or her family sue’s the police force and the city for every dime they can get so they can move far away from these sorry asses. I wouldn’t be one bit surprised if these officers don’t do the same thing to their daughters if they have any. What a disgrace for a public servant to do something like this to someone he’s sworn to protect and serve! If these cops cant be expected to protect children because they have a hard on for their star father they have no business wearing a police uniform!

  4. Cops blame women for their own rapes. This is just more of the same – hate for the women who dare to come forward after being hurt by a man. And we wonder why more and more women refuse to go to the police for help after being raped. Sickening.

  5. Vicky Cole says:

    Tragic for the victims and a callous lack of anything resembling empathy from these men supposedly upholding the law is it any wonder that many rape cases are not reported? Bet these men would be pathetic if they were attacked in any small way?

  6. These cops are morons. They would probably have enjoyed watching the father rape the girls. Off duty or not, they clearly do not have the mental capacity to serve as officers. Was their float supposed to help the girls? Fire them now!

  7. What woman would feel safe around these three idiotic creeps?! NO police officer should be allowed to remain on the force with these incredible sick attitudes. They should be fired, immediately, and never hired anywhere else in this country. They are pathetic excuses for a human being! I thought law enforcement was supposed to make people feel safe. Why is it now, that we need protection from the very organization that is supposed to help us?!

    • I feel the same way Pat P. The cops today are a bigger threat to us Americans than any terrorist that might be in our country. And for all the so called good cops out there, as long as you keep quiet about the bad ones you’re just as bad as them! It’s called abetting! Fire these scum bags and no pension, or anything. By the time the force and the city pays the lawsuit coming your way you won’t have enough money for your own pensions! I hope!

  8. The mentality of the officers involved with the float in question clearly shows that they shouldn’t be in a position to help, protect & serve the public! They should be relieved of their duties as well as lose all benefits that go with their position. It just goes to show why today’s society does not trust police officers, whether they are good or not no matter what part of the country they patrol. These officers need to be made an example of how not to conduct themselves in public & private life. I also believe that there should be empathy training for all police officers when it comes to dealing with victims! It doesn’t matter what department they work in or rank they are..all should be trained!

  9. Karen Remnant says:

    So the police chief thinks that being off duty makes a difference? Sack him as well. All those concerned seem to think rape is something funny. Wonder how they would feel about if it was them being held down and raped? I hope these morons never become fathers! Think of the messages they would send to their own kids – boys do want you want/girls you’re worthless. Miserable bastards!

  10. Next they’ll stone the victims, just like the ISIS terrorists they claim to despise.

  11. joan of Arc says:

    Absolutely disgusting. Fire all of these stupid pathetic waste of skins and the chief as well. No excuse. What morons!

  12. Ellis Toscano says:

    These POS are beyond redemption. Let God deal with them in the future. For now, castration might get their red neck attention regardless of the color of their skin.

  13. Can’t help but wonder if these so “officers” have children of their own. Wonder what they do to them???

  14. Not fit to touch the uniforms of the Force – never mind to wear them. They are tainted. I wonder how many have children? Scary people. Scary men. A world gone mad that allowed it.

  15. RAPE IS NOT A JOKE !!!!!

  16. Linda Amundson says:

    On duty or not doesn’t matter a flying f***. I can see why police officer is #7 on the top 10 jobs that attract sociopaths. Looks like it’s #1 in Baton Rouge for sociopaths, though.

  17. Amy M Glogowski says:

    I agree with everyone else, pos needs to lose his job & no pension plan!

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