Dog Starved to Death in Backyard Deserves Justice


Target: South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley

Goal: Demand justice for dog that was starved to death in a backyard.

A dog was found dead in its backyard after having been tied up and starved to death, according to a recent article by Greenville News. The pit bull was chained to a doghouse and was so emaciated that its bones could be seen protruding from its skin. The official report on the incident states that the dog had been left with no food, and what little water it had left was frozen. So not only was the dog starved, but it was left outside in freezing temperatures.

Julio Reynerio Blandon and Brittney Shea Davis were reportedly arrested on charges of torture and ill treatment of animals, but were both released on bond. Any responsible pet owner knows that pets are a constant responsibility, and they must receive care and attention several times a day. Dogs in particular need frequent stimulation and attention; they get bored and anxious rather quickly. If you are not able to provide them with an adequate home, you should not own a pet in the first place. It doesn’t do to just tie them up and forget about them, and people who do such things should be prosecuted.

Please sign this petition to bring this case to the attention of South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley, and urge her to help ensure that this couple be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law if they are found guilty.


Dear Governor Haley,

I want to bring to your attention a horrifying case of animal abuse in South Carolina, where a dog was reportedly tied up outside its home and starved to death. Not only had the dog been left outside in freezing weather, but it had been left with no food and very little water. It was reported that the dog was so skinny that its bones were visible. The two people allegedly involved were arrested, and then released on bond.

I would like to ask that you do everything in your power to ensure that these people, if found guilty, be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. As I’m sure you know, dogs require a lot of attention. They need to have their food and water constantly replenished, and they become agitated when left alone. You can’t just chain them up for long periods of time and expect them to survive.

I hope that such crimes are heavily prosecuted in South Carolina. We need to crackdown on these types of abuses all across the United States to ensure the health and well-being of all companion animals.


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Photo credit: elizabeth tersigni via Flickr

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  1. brenda houston says:

    i agree with so many of you! neighbours must have seen why did they not report (they should be prosecuted), the legal system all over the world is to soft! (the prosecutors must be taken to work at shelters to experience how punishments must be enforced). I work at 2 rescue centres and frankly believe I have the ability to attack and seriously harm humans should I ever experience such cruelty. plus, we need to learn to name and shame…send the offender’s names over and over until they commit suicide or never leave their houses. they will starve to death!

    • I know I have the ability to attack an animal abuser! I’ve done it in my neighborhood. Saw a grown adult male attempting to kill his dog in front of me and other neighbors. I challenged him to a fight. I am small, thin and older woman. It caught him off guard. He didn’t know what to do. I got the dog away from him. Got his butt kicked out of my neighborhood. Nope, I don’t put up with animal abusers around my home!

  2. Barbara Ann Lee says:


  3. It’s not just about THIS politician getting the message. The responsibility is to everyone and the political powers in EVERY state need to be aware of this and ALL abuse events so that there are rescue institutions available for the neighborly witnesses that DO try to do something about it when it’s discovered. There needs to be an institution with the power to rescue abused animals in every county. I’ve made SO many calls about an animal I know of, I SEE everyday, & even the police can’t seem to do anything.

  4. This is not right. Abusers are cowards. They pick on animals who can not fight back. SIGN. SIGN IT NOW. BE THE VOICE OF THE SOULS WHO DONT HAVE ONE!

  5. Look, where there’s a will, there’s always a WAY. The will of the public at large now is telling you, and all other politicians and governing bodies, that we must RID OUR SOCIETIES of all animal abusers and neglecters (along with other deviants). You need to BACK UP CARING AND RESPONSIBLE PEOPLE by doing whatever is in your “public position” of power to effect. Otherwise, YOU, Gov. Haley, are & will be one of those who are responsible for the whole of society deteriorating into what amounts to a Living Hell-On-Earth…such as it was for this poor, innocent dog, who was/is considered no more important than an inanimate piece of (un-valued) property. STEP UP and become the greatest version of yourself, and in so doing, help us and others help the animals who are made into victims of humankind’s most vile traits!!!

  6. Janell Beck says:

    I’m so sick and tired of humans doing this cruel thing to poor animals. They must be the most selfish, cruel at heart, stupid idiots to do that to a defenseless life. Certainly the animal world is not as heartless as people. People are suppose to have superior intelligence??? What a joke.

  7. eye for an eye. leave these rotten bastards outside to starve to death also. cockroaches, both of them.

  8. off with these peoples heads now. for killing a great dog now.

  9. let dog die dog should die says:

    dog should all be starved to death. kill them all.

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