Stop Giving Lab Monkeys Parkinson’s Disease


Target: Professor Edward Byrne AC, President and Principal of King’s College London

Goal: Stop giving drugs to marmosets that make them develop Parkinson’s disease.

At King’s College London, several primates are currently suffering as a result of being given drugs that cause them to develop Parkinson’s disease. These drugs cause the animals to shake, make it so they are unable to move, and also make it so they are scared of people and their surroundings.

While researchers claim that such research is important because it teaches them more about Parkinson’s disease, they have been unsuccessful in finding a cure. Yet they continue to allow these animals to suffer and to remain living in hellish conditions, despite how sick the drugs make them. Ironically, the staff claims that the center where these marmosets are tested is not a testing lab that is run by cruel people who do not care about animal welfare.

Researchers even recognize that because these animals are primates, they share many of the same traits as humans do, curiosity included. Still, instead of retiring these animals to either zoos or proper rescue facilities, they have absolutely no problems euthanizing them after abusing them with drugs for a six year time period.

Sign this petition and demand that King’s College London stop performing these cruel experimentation tactics on these primates immediately, and that they further retire the animals to ethical sanctuaries where they can live out the rest of their days in at least partial freedom. Let researchers at King’s College London know that if they loved animals as much as they claimed they did, they wouldn’t condone them being treated in this most barbaric and horrific manner.


Dear Professor Byrne,

Several marmosets at your university are purposely being given drugs so that they will develop Parkinson’s disease. As a result, these animals experience a grave amount of pain and suffering, including shaking, not being able to move and being hesitant of everything around them.

Even though researchers claim these tests are done in an effort to slow down Parkinson’s disease, researchers have been unable to find a cure. Therefore, such experiments have not only shown to be horribly cruel, they have also proven to be useless. Worst of all, these animals are not even treated humanely after researchers are finished experimenting on them. Instead, once scientists are finished doing their tests, they cruelly put the animal to death at only six years old. These people claim to love animals, yet they don’t even care enough to retire the animals to proper sanctuaries once they are finished performing their experimentation tactics.

For all of these reasons, I urge you to stand behind this issue and to demand researchers at the university halt these very inhumane and outrageously vulgar experiments immediately. Such unethical behavior should not be condoned. Despite the reason, no animal deserves to suffer to this great of an extent.


[Your Name Here]

Photo Credit: grendl/khan via Flickr

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  1. here’s an idea how about injecting yourselves if you want to find a cure or other than that test it on the animals you have in your prisons!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  2. Catherine Alquier says:

    Use cells, no monkeys anymore.

  3. caryl sawyer says:

    Animal testing is useless. Every educated, intelligent person of science has known this for quite some time.

    But to impress those funding research, animal testing is thrown in to look like legitimate scientific study. It’s all fog and mirrors, done for $$$.

  4. Mercy animals Humane,Stop torturing those poor Animals,Enough!!!

  5. No, we don’t yet have a cure for Parkinson’s. Just as important, though, it to find a cure for CRUELTY TOWARDS ANIMALS !!!! What these monsters are doing to these poor helpless monkeys is a barbaric, unnecessary abomination. Here’s an idea: Why don’t they inject themselves and leave the monkeys out of it. In the 21st Century, animal research (torture, abuse, murder) should be outlawed and punishable !!!!!!!!!

  6. Two words for you and your University Prof Byrne – f@&#ing pricks! You disgust me!

  7. Lisbeth Alvarado Sanchez says:

    Why don’t you experiment on yourselves? Leave the animals alone and stop torturing them. Nothing can justify this barbaric and cruel actions.

  8. This is so horrific, it’s beyond the pale — it’s cruel, immoral, unconscionable, irrational, hateful and merciless — These laboratories should be SHUT DOWN PERMANENTLY — there are in existence alternative non-lethal, humane methods for research NOT using animals. In addition, these experiments are outrageously useless and impractical AND will not result in any benefit to anyone.

  9. Hope they infect themselves with something horrible,,, & make sure it’s something they can die slowly from. DISGUSTING ANIMAL TORTURERS!!!!!!!!
    Animals were not put here for us to torture!!!!!!
    ALL YOU ANIMAL MURDERS should check out what *KARMA* means, YOU should be worried!!!! Can’t wait for your time to come to an end,,, the sooner the better..

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