Beluga Whale Killed at Sea World Deserves Justice


Target: Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack

Goal: Don’t let SeaWorld cover up the unnecessary death of a captive beluga whale.

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  1. pam flowers says:

    PLEASE watch the documentary “The Cove”.
    horrifies and educates about captive dolphins.
    It will change you!

  2. This death is unacceptable. Sea World has a dark and hidden history that has been soiled with animal abuse in many forms for too long.
    Boycott Sea World and demand a full investigation of this unnecessary death of this peaceful victim now!

  3. These beautiful animals deserves to be free and live a full life. I have always wanted to visit sea world because I love animals and knowing they are being murdered makes me not want to visit anymore. Shame on you for not putting a stop with the killing of these beautiful animals.

  4. Dennis Rodriguez says:

    I demand justice!

  5. Craig Pullen says:

    This needs an investigation.

  6. Everyone needs to BOYCOTT Sea World before more innocent, helpless animals die !!!!!!!!!

  7. renate botzler says:

    You have to pay for it..anyway

  8. Britney Heiserman says:

    So sad:(

  9. This is wrong.

  10. Maryann Yocum Haller says:

    Death unacceptable

  11. Whales need to travel not be cooped up in some fish tank! They should be held accountable.

  12. Severine Mellinger says:

    No to captivity. Free all the whales and dolphins

  13. Chelsea e Britt says:

    Animal cruelty in all size shapes and forms is unexceptable

  14. Rosa Mª Pons says:

    FREE all the whales and dolphins. No to captivity.

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