Save Wolves from Hunting and Trapping


Target: Members of Congress

Goal: Don’t leave slowly recovering wolf populations vulnerable to hunters and trappers.

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  1. From Personal experience I know that trappers dont traps responsibly, Most of them have this attitude they can set their traps anywhere and you have to limit your pet and families activities on public land to the designated path
    well let them pay the tax that supports millions of public acres they think they are the only ones can use. There should be a online state wide database that shows where each trap is located, without this there is no way any agency can have a handle on what is taken and from where. I demand a written policy in each state before there is any more trapping that covers in detail what happens when a pet is injured by a trappers trap.

  2. Craig Hiler says:

    Trapping and snaring are cruel and barbaric. Fora normal person is is not seen as fun or sporting. We need to follow the lead of over 85 other countries and ban these practices.

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