Thank Zoo for Providing Better Location for Elephants


Target: Laurie Stewart, Woodland Park Zoo Board Chair

Goal: Thank the Woodland Park Zoo for relocating its two elephants to provide them better care.

The Woodland Park Zoo recently announced that its two elephants, Bamboo and Chai, will be relocated to another zoo with a large heard of healthy elephants they can interact with instead of the Performing Animal Welfare Society sanctuary in California. The zoo’s decision to send its elephants to the Oklahoma City Zoo will not only help provide the pachyderms with excellent care, but will also give the elephants the chance to interact with a multi-generational herd.

The animal rights group, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, argues that the elephants should be sent to an elephant sanctuary instead, however the sanctuary the Woodland Park Zoo was considering has two elephants with active tuberculosis infections which posed a risk to Bamboo and Chai. As a result, the zoo made the decision in the best interests of the elephants’ welfare and chose to send the elephants to Oklahoma City Zoo.

This decision made by the Woodland Park Zoo proves that although it was not able to provide all the care the elephants needed, it cares enough about the elephants’ best interests to find a better home for them. Sign this petition and thank the Woodland Park Zoo for relocating its elephant to a zoo that will provide them with some of the best care for elephants.


Dear Laurie Stewart,

I am very glad that the Woodland Park Zoo decided to send its two elephants, Bamboo and Chai, to the Oklahoma City Zoo. I understand that the zoo previously considered sending the elephants to the Performing Animal Welfare Society sanctuary in California, however the sanctuary housed two elephants with tuberculosis infections which posed a risk to Bamboo and Chai.

I would like to thank you and the rest of the Woodland Park Zoo Board for the decision to send the elephants to the Oklahoma City Zoo to better the lives of the elephants. Bamboo and Chai will not only receive some of the best care, they will also be able to have the opportunity to interact with a multi-generational herd.

The Woodland Park Zoo truly has the elephants’ welfare in mind. I would like to thank you again for all of your efforts to ensure a better future for Bamboo and Chai.


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Photo credit: David Lee via Flickr

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  1. Simone Duffin says:

    Sorry but I can not sign nor share this petition , this is deterimental to the well being of the elephants. A superb sanctuary like the Performing Animal Welfare Society Sanctuary is the only place they should have been sent – not to basically what is another prison.

    • Jill Scott says:

      Agreed. It’s not possible to thank zoos for anything. One day in the future zoos will no longer exist and the sooner the better.

    • But it’s better than go to a place where there are other sick elephants …it’s safer for them.

      • Deb Robinson says:

        The “sick elephants” is a zoo ruse. Each sanctuary is upwards of 2000 acres, and each can offer Chai and Bamboo room to roam without risk of exposure to disease. By contrast, the OCZ has one elephant who tested serologically positive to tuberculosis (Rex) and two others who came from a zoo where there was exposure to both TB and EEHV. And OCZ has no room for quarantine should one of the elephants become ill!

      • Angela Rae says:

        Iara-There is ample room at the PAWS Elephant Sanctuary for Chai and Bamboo and the other 7 elephants that live there to be successfully separated from the one elephant that has tested positive for TB, while that elephant is quarrantined and in treatment. However, at the Oklahoma City Zoo, they would live in cramped close quarters near the Bull “Rex” who has also tested positive for TB…that’s 7 city zoo elephants on 3.23 acres, verses 9 sanctuary elephants on 2,300 acres(with 20 acres dedicated JUST for Chai and Bamboo. Sanctuary NOW!

  2. Ronald sena says:

    Although a sanctuary is ideal,even a move to a better zoo helps.

  3. Ronald sena says:

    Elephants,got to love them!!\ nu

  4. Claire Aiello says:

    I COMPLETELY disagree with this petition. I did a huge report on this in 8th grade, and I care deeply about this. The truth is that just moving them to another zoo adds to their trauma. I think it would have been better to keep them at WPZ. Perhaps the Oklahoma zoo is slightly better for them, but THEY DON’T BELONG IN ANY ZOO. WPZ rushed the elephants away without warning, just as an ordanince was going to be voted on to release them to a sanctuary. Seattle citizens loved their elephants. The majority wanted them to be released to a sanctuary. But the zoo didn’t listen to our cries and silently crammed Bamboo and Chai into a train, not letting us say goodbye. At Oklahoma, Bamboo and Chai are still swaying and making repetitive movements that come from being in confinement for so long. It is not any better than at WPZ. The whole tuberculosis thing was something that was used by the zoos to have an excuse of why NOT to put these elephants in the beautiful, open, warm, free sanctuaries. It was the only reason they could come up with. At the sanctuary they would OBVIOUSLY have separated the elephants with TB from the ones without, they are smart people. It wouldn’t have effected Bamboo and Chai. And, if I recall correctly, only one of the sanctuaries even had a report of TB. A VERY weak argument of why they shouldn’t go to a sanctuary. Now the Oklahoma zoo BOUGHT the elephants, we no longer have control over them, no matter how loud Seattle citizens continue shout. We love you Bamboo and Chai, and we are so terribly sorry for what the zoo has done to you – and is now making you live the rest of your lives in another prison. You belong in nature. I hope that the Oklahoma zoo might make the right decision and release these beautiful, intelligent creatures to a sanctuary once and for all.
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