Child Beaten to Death Over Spelling Homework Deserves Justice

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Target: Ken Thompson, Brooklyn District Attorney

Goal: Make sure woman who allegedly beat her her three-year-old nephew to death with a belt is punished to the fullest extent of the law.

Recently a three-year-old child was found brutally beaten to death in his aunt’s house. The deceased, Ethan Ali, apparently sustained multiple blows from a blunt object. Later reports indicate that his aunt, Christen Dale, allegedly used a belt to beat her nephew. Ethan had supposedly refused to finish his spelling homework for school since he was having trouble with it. After she acknowledged his refusal to finish his homework, Christen allegedly started beating Ethan mercilessly with a belt buckle until he was beaten to death. According to police records, 21-year-old Christen Dale was arrested on charges of manslaughter, assault, child endangerment and criminal possession of a weapon.

Every year, there are more than three million reports of child abuse made in the United States. Numerous mental health disorders and other consequences result from child abuse, including alcoholism, depression and illicit drug use. Ethan’s case is unfortunately not too uncommon, and his aunt must be held accountable to the highest degree to combat this rampant problem in the U.S.

Please sign the petition below to urge the Brooklyn District Attorney to push for a harsh sentence for Christen Dale for the alleged atrocious murder she committed. Murdering a helpless young child for not finishing his homework is utterly inexcusable and must be severely punished.


Dear District Attorney Thompson,

Hearing about the recent murder of three-year-old Ethan Ali was quite shocking. This young child had so much of his life to live yet, and his life was unfairly cut way too soon. Child abuse is a rampant issue in the United States, and cases such as Ethan’s murder case are simply inexcusable. Beating a child to death for not finishing his homework is utterly deplorable, and Ethan should receive justice for his precious life, which was lost for no reason.

Please ensure that Christen Dale receives a heavy sentence for reportedly brutally beating her nephew to death. This act of manslaughter is completely inexcusable and Christen should face severe consequences for her crime.


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  1. P.S. This SICK, DEMENTED, MORON of a woman should really get the Death Penalty !!!!!!!!!!

  2. Frances Kotar says:

    This is completly insane. How come this child was in the custody of a woman of this type? What else was going on in this house, just imagine. This child must have been beaten before this and nobody noticed!! Poor child. Mental illness is present everywhere nowadays. Medical authorities should look into this.

  3. ‘Do gooders’ really must have an idilic life! Its because punishment of such brutal crimes is so leanient that these crimes are on the up!!! Im not saying ‘everyone’who commits a crime isnt worth re-abilitation of some kind….but come on,such a brutal crime like this….this woman meeds wiping out! There is NO place in society for this kind of behaviour! Hope the bitch gets the needle!

  4. Public defender says this was “discipline ” gone wrong. How dare he refer to beating a helpless child as “discipline!” How horrendous that he should trivialize and minimize Ethan’s suffering. That lawyer is a slimy excuse for a human.

  5. caryl sawyer says:

    No “mental illness” excuse. Broken is broken, and this creature cannot be repaired, only kept out of society.

  6. Isn’t three year old a little young to be doing “spelling”? This was just a baby. ( I might appear twice because the comment email was put in wrong.)

  7. Catherine Alquier says:

    How can a woman beat a child to death for some homework… It’s crazy

  8. Bury Her Alive
    Burn Her Alive
    …and that’s being nice
    you piece of Trash

  9. Sandra. Rees says:

    I hope she gets life and rots in hell that poor innocent child I have a 3 year old grandson I don’t know what I would do if we lost him .the bitch that murdered.the little boy is only 21 she is of legal age to b charged with murder and locked up rip little one

  10. He got 3 years of life, So as far as I am concerned she should be put to death . An eye for an eye . A life for a life . Someone should beat her to death wit a belt buckle just as she did to him .

  11. Marge Arnold says:

    This little boy must of been screaming. Nobody heard him? Nobody intervened?

  12. I pray from the bottom of my heart and with every cell of my being that this petition brings about true and lasting justice. This horrific monstrosity of a woman must be made to pay in a seriously meaningful way and in such a way that it will be a deterrent for further acts of abuse by other monsters out there. A very, very clear message needs to be put out there that no lenience will be given to perpetrators of abuse weather it be to a child, an adult or an animal.

  13. Maria Reis says:

    How can anyone do this kind of thing. He was just 3. The person should get the same thing that she gave to him.

  14. Billie Linder says:

    an eye for an eye! Were it my child or grandchild, I’d be taking care of that myself

  15. TRUDY NICKOLS says:


  16. Anita Vitasek says:

    Please take action immediately and let that child have justice!! Sentence the aunt to death !!

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