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Target: Richard “Bud” Armstrong, Knox County Law Director

Goal: Support more stringent animal cruelty ordinance to ensure the safety of county residents’ pets.

Recently, a Knoxville resident made a push to pass an animal welfare ordinance that would more explicitly define animal cruelty regulations in the county of Knox. The current Tennessee state laws on animal cruelty are very vague and allow room for pet owners to get away with animal cruelty. In the current laws, the definition of “adequate shelter” is not clearly defined, and pets may still get neglected and suffer temperature extremes at the hands of their owners.

Brooks Brown, the man responsible for establishing the proposed ordinance, first started taking action on this issue when he observed a neighbor’s pet dog left outside in freezing temperatures. Since then, Brown started an online petition calling for a more explicit definition of “adequate shelter” for pets and a penalty and/or removal of the pet from the owner’s property should the owner be found guilty of pet mistreatment.

Please sign the petition below to urge the County Law Director of Knoxville, Tennessee, to pass the animal cruelty ordinance to ensure that canine and feline pets are being protected by the law. The current animal cruelty laws of the state are not defined well enough to protect pets from suffering in inadequate shelter conditions.


Dear Richard Armstrong,

The current Tennessee state laws regarding acts of animal cruelty are a bit vague and leave much leniency for perpetrators of animal cruelty. Pet owners are able to get away with atrocities such as leaving their dogs out in freezing temperatures during the winter and in the scorching hot during the warmer periods of the year. Brooks Brown, a resident of Knoxville, recognized the need for a revision to the laws in the County after observing his neighbor’s dog left alone outside to endure the freezing cold. Calling for a more explicitly stated definition for “adequate shelter” for pets may help reduce the struggles that pets may experience, and hold pet owners more accountable for the welfare of their pets.

Please read through and pass the animal welfare ordinance that Brooks Brown initiated, to ensure that animals are protected by the law. The current animal cruelty laws defining “adequate shelter” is too vague and does not actually result in much in terms of protecting pet animals from extreme temperatures. The animals that are suffering need your help.


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  1. Carly Chichester says:

    It is WAAAY past time for lawmakers, lawyers, and especially the judges who preside over horrendous abuse cases to take them seriously, and quit simply giving “community service,” or “barred from owning (animals) for a period of time!” Do a proper job of making abuses REALLY feel the consequences of their evil!!! That’s the ONLY way anything will ever be accomplished !

    • James & Jan cooke says:

      Absolutely Carly! Felony all the way! Never will leave their record. Animal cruelty convictions is a felony, in just a few states is all.

      Cruelty of “any” kind, against “any” living being, is evil! The best way for it to prevail, is for good people to do nothing! Those that do such things, their souls are black & dead!

      A very, very long time ago, God changed the life of a man that was a slave trader. One of the worst crimes against humanity. I don’t remember the mans name.
      He wrote the song…”Amazing Grace”. Read the words. A dead soul brought to life in Christ.

      One of the “hardest” things a person is asked to do, is pray for their enemies. We that believe in Divine intervention and the power prayer, must pray for those sick individuals, that inflict, or allow pain and suffering, upon “any” innocent, living being.

      It is “very” important, for people to petition our government, for stricter laws on the books and the “enforcement” of them.

      Take great care, all you advocates for animals! You are their angels!

    • Gail Garza says:

      I AGREE 100%, Carly Chichester!

  2. Michael Guest says:

    Animals should not be abused or mistreated. There needs to stronger cruelty laws to be passed now than later.

  3. Ellis Toscano says:

    Just replace the word child in laws for child abuse with the words dog or cat and penalize the perpetrator the same way.

  4. Ria Fisher says:

    Every city, county, and state needs to get with it and stop animal cruelty in it’s tracks… now that the FBI has made animal cruelty a felony offense– ANYONE who commits an act of cruelty of ANY LEVEL against an animal (wild or domestic) should have the book thrown at them and be prosecuted to the highest level for serious prison time. Not UNTIL the punishment fits the crime will it ever stop!

    When will lawmakers wake up and realize that people who torture and kill animals move on to children?? How many more innocent lives must be destroyed before we WAKE UP and take care of this problem once and for all??

    We the people need to start using our voices to demand that the lawmakers take advantage of the “new tool” of what the FBI has provided them in their “legal toolbox”…ANIMAL CRUELTY IS NOW MANDATED A FELONY OFFENSE–SO LET’S MAKE IT A MANDATORY SENTENCE INSTRUCTION FOR EVERY JUDGE TO FOLLOW. HARD TIME FOR ANIMAL CRUELTY… NO MORE MERCY, PERIOD!!

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