Demand a Universal Basic Income for All


Target: Senator Bernie Sanders, Independent U.S. Senator from Vermont.

Goal: Eliminate poverty in the United States by guaranteeing everyone a universal minimum income.

Universal Basic Income is a social safety net that affords all Americans a guaranteed sum of money. This progressive idea would end the expensive bureaucratic welfare system our country currently has in place. No one would have to jump through extensive bureaucratic hoops to prove their worthiness of needing assistance. This also levels the playing field for everyone and eliminates the stigma attached to being “needy.”

The estimated 3.5 million homeless people in America will have a chance to get a roof over their head. Tens of millions of American children will not have to go hungry because funding for the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program has been slashed, yet again. Millions of Americans struggling with unemployment will be able to support their families without the added stress of fighting for the limited amount of jobs available. Poverty will be eliminated.

“Automated Unemployment” is the term being used to describe workers being replaced by new and undeniably innovative technologies. In the near future, millions of people will be replaced by robots, which is why we will need a basic income safety net in place before that happens. This situation is going to be made worse by the increasing wealth concentration in our country. With a serious unemployment epidemic on the horizon, and the majority of this country’s wealth in just a few people’s hands, the question of how we are supposed to live remains.

Please sign this petition supporting a University Basic Income that would eliminate poverty and homelessness.


 Dear Senator Bernie Sanders,

Universal Basic Income is described as a social safety net that affords all Americans a guaranteed amount of money. I believe this is the next big social change the American public needs to completely eliminate poverty from our country. During an online Q&A session conducted in 2014 you said “In my view, every American is entitled to at least a minimum standard of living … that’s the goal that we should strive to reach.” I urge you to support universal basic income as an option to achieve that minimum standard of living.

With “Automated Unemployment” looming on the horizon and already millions of people unemployed, a universal basic income may be the only saving grace we will have in the very near future. The majority of this country’s wealth rests in the hand’s of only a few people, with the rest of us struggling to afford food, shelter and basic needs.

Please sponsor a bill affording Universal Basic Income to all American citizens. These are the same people who are struggling to feed and clothe their families every day. Show the American people you care for the basic needs every human is entitled to.


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Photo Credit: Russell Higgs via Flickr

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  1. Jeremy ritchey says:

    You have no idea how economics work. This will only expand poverty. The free market is the only fair and just system.

  2. Jeremy, don’t discard it just yet…I’m only beginning to hear of this model and was skeptical at first as well. But feedback from the studies done around the globe are generally positive, with all the negative outcomes I expected to be largely non-existent. Good ole’ Wikipedia is a great starting point, and from there review what the Swiss have pursued. Interesting stuff and certainly not a traditional model you were raised with. Advanced economics I suppose, so don’t rule out the author is ignorant in this subject…maybe just something you yourself have not been initiated in.

  3. I’d also like to point out, humbly and careful not to be perceived as an expert, that it’s not exactly fact that a free market is fair. A great example of a market without regulations would be the classic book “The Jungle”; the subject matter’s spiritual successor might be Pharmaceuticals or Wall Street regulations. Certainly the regulations of those 3 industries alone warrant the disregard for the free market as the optimal model for a country’s economy. Others include considerations over the environment, auto-mobile industry, and and weapon manufacturers.

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