Prevent Suffering of Baby Chicks


Target: Dr. Bart De Ketelaere, Leader of egg gender testing research team at Catholic University in Leuven, Belgium

Goal: Support egg gender testing machines that prevent the suffering of chicks.

Many consumers have been outraged and horrified by the practice of grinding up male baby chicks while they are all still alive. Egg hatcheries do this because male chick do not lay eggs and they only need a handful of male chicks to breed. Hundreds of millions of male chicks are ground up alive each year in the United States alone. Luckily, researchers in Germany and Belgium have created egg gender testing machines that are able to determine the sex of the chicks after two to nine days of the egg being laid.

If an egg is tests positive for being a male, then it will be ground up and used as a part of animal feed. This process, for lack of a better word, aborts the male chicks before they even hatch, and since nine day old eggs do not experience pain, it is a more merciful alternative to grinding up baby chicks that have already been hatched.

Although the technology and machines exist to determine a chick’s gender before it even hatches, it is very unlikely that egg hatcheries in the United States will spend money to buy these machines to simply decrease suffering. Egg hatcheries will gladly continue grinding up live chicks if it means they can save some money. Sign this petition and support the egg gender testing machines that significantly reduce the suffering of chicks.


Dear Dr. Bart De Ketelaere,

I was horrified when I discovered that live male chicks were being ground up alive simply because the egg hatcheries have no use for them. I was absolutely disgusted that this industry would hatch these chicks and then subject them to such a painful and cruel death. Fortunately, researchers in Germany and Belgium have found a way to determine the sex of these chicks in the early stages of their incubation period, thus decreasing the suffering of the male chicks because eggs during this stage of incubation do not feel any pain.

I believe that this method will significantly reduce the amount of suffering that occurs within these egg hatcheries and should be used in every facility. However, egg hatchery companies would rather let the chicks suffer instead of spending money to buy machinery that will prevent it.

I understand the need to save money, but I believe that consumers will happily pay more money to buy eggs from an egg hatchery that makes the effort to reduce the suffering of chicks. Since you are the leader of one of the research teams that made these egg gender testing machines a reality, I would like to thank you and offer my full support regarding this new method of sexing chicks.


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Photo credit: Fir0002 via Wikimedia Commons

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  1. Horrendous! But I really do not understand why male chicks are not transported to farms?!So may people are starving and they kill so violently the chicks to be given to animals?
    I love animals also, but not necessary to serve them eggs!
    And, of course, a smart machine to read the sex of the eggs should be bought.
    But same, eggs can be used in bakery, sweet products, why crash them?!

    • They are not sold as meat because meat and egg chickens are different breeds, like workhorses vs ponies. Meat chickens grow very large very fast, something egg chickens do not do. Egg chickens are bred to lay way more eggs than their bodies can handle.

  2. never have I heard anything so cruel and depraved. To do this to babies, who can feel pain, is abominable. The USA is just as barbaric as third world countries, without the excuse of being uneducated!!!!!!

    • This is common practice, and the females suffer worse. Their beaks are seared off, causing pain, and even in free range and organic farms, they are crowded so tightly they cant move. Being boiled alive at slaughter is common.

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