Don’t Persecute Factory Farm Whistleblower

Baby Chickens

Target: Jim Perdue, CEO of Perdue Farms

Goal: Stop harassing farmer and demand corporation change the way they raise chickens.

A farmer for a chicken processing company is being harassed by company representatives after exposing the terrible conditions that the animals were being subjected to. Although Craig Watts did the right thing by pulling the plug on Perdue Farms’ mistreatment of animals, he is now being severely punished for it.

Not willing to keep his mouth shut about Perdue’s unsanitary conditions, Watts invited the organization – Compassion in World Farming – over to come see what was going on for themselves. Soon afterwards a video was released which clearly backed up Watt’s claims. It was also revealed that because of Perdue’s breeding practices, chickens raised at Perdue farms easily become contaminated.

Ironically, even though Perdue claimed for many years that Craig Watts was one of their top farmers, he was visited over 17 times by Perdue executives after the video was released. In fact, within only a few hours of the video being posted, a Perdue representative knocked on Watt’s door to do an unscheduled audit. Because of Perdue’s harassment, Watts is now financially suffering. However, in order to stand up for what is right and to encourage other farmers to speak out, Watts is suing Perdue Farms for their actions against him.

Sign the petition below to tell Perdue Farms to improve their own standards instead of bullying the little guy. Small farmers have a hard enough time making it in this economy. They don’t deserve to be tormented by large corporations, especially when they care enough to risk their own livelihood for the purpose of ensuring that justice is served.


Dear Mr. Perdue,

Immediately after Craig Watts made the claim that Perdue Farms does not treat their chickens humanely, he was harassed by your company’s executives. Despite his intentions to stand up for what is right, he is now being unfairly punished.

A video released by Compassion in World Farming shows many images of baby chickens in distress, and even an image of a chicken lying on the ground with a dislocated leg. If Watts’ complaints were unfounded, a video showing these horrific conditions would not exist. The unethical ways in which these chickens are raised also greatly effects consumers. Due to living in such filthy conditions, the chickens are more likely to become contaminated with salmonella and other infections. When this happens, people who eat your products become extremely sick.

Instead of criticizing Craig Watts for divulging this information, Perdue Farms should be doing whatever possible to improve their standards and methods of raising chickens. Furthermore, since Craig Watts was considered to be one of your top farmers before revealing these atrocities, making over 17 surprise visits to his farm after Compassion in World Farming released its video is clear evidence of harassment.

For all of these reasons, I strongly urge you to reevaluate your own standards of raising chickens instead of persecuting Craig Watts. Your industry should be working with farmers, especially when they care enough to risk their own livelihood, in order to keep the industry accountable.


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Photo Credit: The B’s via Flickr

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  1. Cecily Colloby says:

    Craig Watts, you are a HERO!! Never back down from these bastards who are trying to intimidate you.The saying is that the truth hurts and it certainly does in this case. There is NO escaping the truth and you told it-WELL DONE!!!

  2. I haven’t consumed a chicken’s flesh in years, and this is in part why not. THAT’S how you really help put all the animal users & abusers of the world right out of business, and help end the holocausts for the poor birds. Just STOP FUNDING THEM. Their lives are not “products” at all, but real LIVES.

  3. I have avoided Perdue chicken for some time now–I deeply appreciate and applaud Craig Watts’s courage to act on his convictions. Mr. Perdue, your company’s abusive factory farm practices are despicable and repugnant–and I am disgusted by your retaliatory persecution of Mr. Watts, an upstanding individual with a conscience who chose to tell the truth about how Perdue really raises its chickens!
    You need to listen and learn!

  4. kameliaastan says:

    dont persecute factory farm

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