Stop Barbaric Firing Squad Executions

firing squad

Target: Utah Senate President Wayne L. Niederhauser

Goal: Prevent Utah from restoring firing squad executions.

The death penalty has been a controversial topic for many years. However, records show that in the United States the number of inmates executed has been declining. With America on track to more humane and moral punishments for criminals, Utah’s recent decision to try to restore firing squads in their state is shocking and extremely problematic.

Utah’s House of Representatives has recently passed a bill that would allow inmates on death row to be executed by a firing squad. This bill is now moving to the state’s Senate for a vote.

This immoral measure is becoming closer and closer to being passed. Those in support of the bill argue that death by firing squad is more humane and less expensive than lethal injection. However, execution by firing squad leaves room for mistakes and marksmen may miss their target, prolonging the execution of their target and causing them more pain and suffering than necessary.

So much work has been done to eliminate the death penalty altogether. This controversial bill being pushed in Utah is a step backwards in America’s fight for humane and moral punishments. If this bill is approved by the Senate, it is a few steps closer to becoming a law.

Help stop this immoral, old-fashioned method of execution and support the elimination of execution entirely. By signing this petition below, you will be asking the Senate to not pass this bill and to help ensure that it does not become a law.


Dear President Niederhauser,

The morality of the death penalty punishment has been questioned and debated for many years. America as well as many other countries across the globe have exemplified their distaste for such an inhumane punishment with lower execution rates and with some countries actually abolishing the death penalty altogether.

However, there are still some who support the death penalty. Countries like Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Iran, and North Korea still allow death by firing squad as a method of execution. Recently, the state of Utah has also expressed their support for execution by firing squad by passing a bill in the House of Representatives that would allow this.

Now the bill has moved forward for approval of the Senate. I must ask you to take action by ensuring that this bill is not passed in the Senate. Allowing this bill to pass would be a step backwards for America. All people, including those who have made mistakes in their life, deserve humane treatment.


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Photo Credit: Redthoreau via Wikimedia Commons

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  1. Tamara Heikalo says:

    This is bizarre! If it passes, I can see it getting out of hand! More excuses to play with their guns!

  2. I support the death brother was murdered who was a hard working family man.the man who killed him ,killed 2 men and 2 men survived .I don’t care how much suffering death row people feel,the more the better,can’t compare to the pain and loss we feel.i pay taxes and it disgusts me we pay to keep them alive.i will gladly buy the first case of bullets.

  3. If they committed murder, they obviously didn’t care about the feelings of their victims or their families. Why should we feel sorry about the killers ? While I haven’t lost a family member to a murderer, I fully support Holly Prince who’s message is above.

  4. Donna C. Matthews says:

    I sometimes think that a certain amount of the population would like us to go back to the 15th century. Why is it that when we as a human race, make progress, that suddenly there appears outrageous and horrifying bills for congress to pass.

  5. It dosent matter which way its done could hang them this is also a cheap alternative There are some on death row that really diserve to die Think of the victims familys before judging about the death penalty

  6. Catherine Alquier says:

    Stop killing !

  7. Sounds as though those super-religious folks running Utah can’t wait to get back to shooting others. Guess they miss the good ole “Mountain Massacre” days. (What a bunch of sickos.) The bit on horrible suffering from lethal injection is also nuts. How hard can it be to get it right? It would seem that a simple morphine overdose would do it totally painlessly. Or put them in a hypobaric chamber and withdraw the air. Friends who have passed out in them say it is totally painless; you just go to sleep.
    OE – just stop the asinine death penalty?!?

  8. This would be an ideal death for animal abusers.I am all for it .An eye for an eye.

    • No sign. I am agree with you, killers must killed at the same way they did their victems, animals or humans. Then there will be less people (on earth 3 billion too much) and we need far less money, food, pollution for inmates.

  9. Jennifer Scambler says:

    This is one petition I won’t sign. The firing squad is a humane way to die compared to what these inmates have done to other human beings. I say torture somes of these sons of bitches before executing them.

  10. Cecily Colloby says:

    I agree with Victor-an ideal way of dealing with animal abusers.Why should we sympathise with those who take the life of another living being-human or animal?I am sick of people defending the “rights” of those who take the lives of others while not giving a toss about the rights of their victims. If abusers/murderers knew they were going in front of the firing squad for their crimes maybe they’d think twice before committing the crime-the choice is theirs. Bring it back, I say.

  11. Sorry, will NOT sign this one! I can care less how those who commit such heinous crimes die. I say the more they suffer…the better. As a matter of fact, why not let them get the same kind of torture they gave to their victims??? That would be justice!

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