Denounce Mayor Who Advocated Killing Dolphins and Whales


Target: Mayor of Dumanjug, Nelson Garcia

Goal: Retract statements advocating for the killing of dolphins and whales in the Tanon Strait.

The mayor of a town in the Philippines suggested the killing of dolphins and whales to reduce the competition for fisherman. Nelson Garcia, mayor of Dumanjug, made the statements in a meeting that involved future plans for managing the nearby Tanon Strait, a protected seascape between the provinces of Cebu and Negros.

The formal meeting had numerous environmentalists and scientists in attendance, as well as other government officials from the island of Cebu. After the meeting, Garcia gave sideline interviews to reporters and said that, “the whales are competing with the fishermen. Right now, I allow. If they catch a whale, kill the whale. Why not?”

The reporters were quick to remind Garcia that killing dolphins, whales, and whale sharks is illegal in the Philippines. Garcia then used the Bible to justify his statements and said,“man should be the first to survive, not the whales, not the fish because we will be violating the Bible. God said man have dominion over the ocean, the fishes, the birds, the animals and subdue it. That is the order of God.”

Mayor Garcia conveniently ignored the scientific studies that have come out which confirm that dolphins and whales result in healthier oceans. In addition to this, his statements regarding humans being so much more important to other species is ridiculous because it suggests that we can disregard their well-being for our own simply because it is beneficial to humans. Local fisherman are doing just fine and we do not need to eradicate dolphins and whales to erase the competition.

Suggesting that we kill dolphins and whales just because they provide competition to local fisherman is absurd. Please sign the petition below to condemn Mayor Nelson Garcia’s remarks.


Dear Mayor Nelson Garcia,

Your recent remarks suggesting that we should kill dolphins and whales to eradicate competition to local fisherman are dangerous and troubling. The killing of dolphins and whales is a punishable offense in the Philippines.

Scientific studies have come out that confirm how dolphins and whales contribute to a healthy ocean. Backing up your remarks by quoting the Bible and stating that humans are more important than any other species is disturbing. We cannot disregard the well-being of other species just because it benefits humans.

Killing dolphins and whales to simply erase the competition for fisherman is wrong and I hope that you change your stance regarding this issue. The mass killing of these creatures is prevalent in other parts of the world and we do not need to add the province of Cebu to this list.


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  1. Deborah San Gabriel says:

    Mr. Mayor: Retract statements advocating for the killing of dolphins and whales in the Tanon Strait.

  2. Stop scapegoating whales and dolphins for fishermen overfishing.

  3. Linda Amundson says:

    I don’t know how you say someone is “a fool and an idiot” in your language so I hope that gets properly translated to you. The reason for the decline in any fish populations is HUMAN OVERFISHING, not dolphins and whales. In fact, the killing of dolphins and whales like this, for no true reason, is crazy and cruel.

    • He speaks visayan “waray” dialect. I don’t know how to say it but he would understand it in Tagalog too – “ang bobo at ang tanga”

  4. Heather Brophy says:


  5. tsk tsk tsk better to step down as mayor. you dont deserve to become government official. they put you as a mayor not to kill this kind of species but to protect them. what kind of heart you are?

  6. This mayor is ready to kill just for his own benefit. And he’s using the bible to justify his evil deeds. If he’s going to run again next election for a higher position, you people of this town should think a hundred times. What if it’s you’re own people which is causing the decline of fish, are you going to kill them all mayor??

  7. Lisa Zarafonetis Lisa Zarafonetis says:

    Signed & Shared

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