Rape is NOT Beautiful


Target: West Virginia State Delegate Brian Kurcaba

Goal: Apologize for asserting that rape that results in pregnancy is beautiful.

Rape that results in pregnancy is beautiful, according to West Virginia State Delegate Brian Kurcaba. His comments came after a public hearing on a bill that would ban abortion after 20 weeks and provide no exemptions for pregnancies resulting from rape. Despite the public outcry that followed his ignorant and insensitive statement, Kurcaba issued a halfhearted non-apology in response. Clearly, Kurcaba does not understand that there is nothing beautiful about rape except the victim’s choice to carry a pregnancy to term. Demand that Kurcaba stop his quasi-moral browbeating and respect the rights of rape victims to make their own decisions.

When it comes to rape, Kurcaba concedes that the offense is “horrible,” “terrifying,” “brutal,” and “disgusting.” Yet there is one beautiful aspect to it, he argues, and that is “the child that could come as a production of this.” In reaching this conclusion, Kurcaba overlooks an important detail: the victim’s wishes.

A victim who freely decides to carry a pregnancy resulting from rape to term is doing something incredibly brave: looking at violence and pain in its face and choosing a path of love. There is no doubt that her choice, and the child that results, is beautiful. But women who do not have the heroic courage necessary to bear a rapist’s child should not be chastised for this limitation, and they should certainly not be deprived of the choice to make such a important decision for themselves.

Kurcaba denigrates rape victims and women everywhere by claiming that rape, in any circumstances, can be beautiful. Trying to take away their right to choose by appealing to the innocent children of rape is emotionally manipulative and grossly insensitive to those victims facing what is likely the hardest decision of their lives. Sign the petition below to tell Kurcaba that his comments are shameful and demand that he issue a genuine apology for using underhanded tactics to take away women’s rights.


Dear State Delegate Kurcaba,

I am writing you today regarding comments you made about rape following a hearing on House Bill 2568, which would ban abortions after 20 weeks without providing an exemption for victims of rape. Your comments and subsequent non-apology were both unscrupulous and shockingly insensitive to rape victims facing the added trauma of pregnancy.

A victim who decides, of her own free will, to carry a rape-induced pregnancy to term is doing something beautiful, and the child that results is certainly beautiful as well. But attempting to strip women of their right to make that decision for themselves is not beautiful, and using emotional manipulation to cloud the issue is downright ugly.

Your comments and conduct have been appallingly callous. When you appeal to the sanctity of life without acknowledging a victim’s role in bringing about that life, you are irresponsibly muddying the debate surrounding women’s right to abortion. By claiming that rape can lead to something beautiful while simultaneously trying to remove the very feature that can make it beautiful — the victim’s choice — you disrespect women and rape victims everywhere. We demand that you stop relying on a twisted sense of morality to deprive women of their right to choose and issue a genuine apology for your comments.


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  1. I didn’t read what was originally said by State Delegate Kurcaba, but I read your petition.

    If a woman gets raped, and gets pregnant, she still has the right to abort. All she needs to do is abort soon after she is pregnant. Why wait until after 20 weeks of pregnancy?

    In my opinion if a woman kills a baby that is over 20 weeks developed, that is murder. A child is completely formed by then.

    Abort if she wants, in the first 3 months. Because State Delegate Kurcaba doesn’t want abortion after 20 months, you make it sound like he is trying to take away a woman’s rights. I don’t see it that way.

    I get so tired of stories being written this way that try to twist what people say to make them seem inhumane. In my opinion people that believe in killing a baby that is 20 weeks developed is “inhumane”.

    To me, if anyone wants an abortion – then do it! but not after 20 weeks. The baby is too formed by that time. All abortions should be considered murder if the baby is over 12 weeks. If a woman is raped, 12 weeks is a long enough time to decide to abort or not. This allows the woman her rights still, without killing another developed human being.

    • Sarah Sullivan says:

      12 weeks provides enough to choose whether or not to seek an abortion. What happens when you find out at 10 weeks that your pregnancy gave you a bad reading? What happens when you are not able to comment up with a few hundred dollars to cover the procedure in that time frame? The victim is to poor to afford the right to choose?

  2. Karen Remnant says:

    What a nasty man!
    Sorry Shannon, some women are just too traumatized to make such a decision after being raped.
    What these women need is care and support. Not people berating them over difficult decisions. Remember they will be forced to relive the rape over and over again, questions from police, doctors, lawyers etc.
    I think any women who can get through the resulting pregnancy and have the baby is amazing. I couldn’t imagine how, one day, they have to answer the ‘who’s my dad’ question.
    Whether women abort or not us something only they can decide and we have to respect whatever they decide. And count ourselves lucky not to be in their position!

  3. Ana Maria Fina says:

    Rave is vwry cruelty and cause ingignation!

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