Save Starving Tiger Cubs

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Target: Kevin Shea, Administrator Animal and Plant Health Inspection Services

Goal: Permanently shut down zoo accused of neglecting and abusing its tigers.

An undercover investigation on Tiger Safari, a zoo in Oklahoma, has apparently revealed appalling, inhumane living conditions for the numerous tigers housed in the facility. The Humane Society of the United States says that the roadside zoo allowed the public to pet, feed, pose and play with the tiger cubs for a fee ranging from $50 to $1,000 per session. Although the cubs were overworked, thirsty, hungry or sick, they were allegedly forced to sit still for paying customers, according to the report.

Other acts of abuse and cruelty have been allegedly documented through video footage. Tiger cubs showed visible distress while being handled by employees, and the owners could be heard telling them “not to tell the USDA a [expletive] thing.” One cub’s diet was so lacking in nutrition that the facility’s veterinarian showed concern for the improper development of the cub’s leg bones. Many of the cubs, however, have never even been seen or treated by a veterinarian despite the clear need for one. Additionally, baby tigers are forcibly taken from their mothers immediately after birth and used for public photography sessions with paying visitors but are dumped like trash when they are no longer profitable. In order to milk the most profit from the tiger cubs, they are often starved so that they will take food from customers. In turn, adult tigers are being overbred.

Wayne Pacelle, President and CEO of the Humane Society, even stated, “Our investigations revealed never-before seen abuse, neglect, and the overbreeding that goes on behind the scenes […] We must put an end to this dangerous and cruel business.” Please sign this petition to close Tiger Safari Zoo.


Dear Mr. Shea,

Several investigations into Tiger Safari zoo have allegedly yielded shocking evidence of animal abuse and cruelty. Roadside zoos exploit animals for profit, and many of the animals forced into performing acts for the paying public are being neglected. The tiger cubs at Tiger Safari Zoo are purposefully starved and poorly handled; the owners were caught on camera acknowledging their negligence but refuse to publicly admit to them. One cub’s diet was proven to be insufficient enough to impair its development and, sadly, many other tigers in the zoo lack proper veterinarian care.

I am urging you to use the information gathered by the Humane Society and put an end to this horrible roadside zoo. Animals should not be abused for human entertainment. Save the innocent tiger cubs at this zoo from enduring further horrific neglect and abuse.


[Your Name Here]

Photo credit: Willow Grove via Wikimedia Commons

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  1. Close this shift forever.

  2. renee jeanine ragno says:

    What is the world coming to when people can treat babies, innocent, helpless, defenseless animals like this? To starve them, abuse them for a buck?

    What’s happening to humanity? Seems by our own words and actions we’re the problem. We’ve knowingly polluted our air, water, earth, all that not only allows us to survive but other species. We’ve caused illnesses, extinction of species, we take take take……reason vanity, ego, greed, gluttony, selfishness, to put on a show.

    • You are so right. Unless we teach the children of today, I believe empathy, compassion and humanity will not exist in this world and even those words
      will cease to exist in the dictionary.

  3. Karen Remnant says:

    Why is this place still open? Is money talking? Someone needs to do their job and shut this place down sooner rather then later. This abuse must stop!

    • As usual its all about money; these zoopeople have no brains so you can even cut them in pieces and feed them to the tigers. And use the money to vet’s investigation and good food !

  4. Best said!
    Why is this place still open? Is money talking? Someone needs to do their job and shut this place down sooner rather then later. This abuse must stop!

  5. Maxine Sheehan says:

    Has the petition instigator taken any action? Called animal welfare, congressman etc? I sincerely hope so, this completely beyond the pale.

  6. Feed the f-ers to the baby tigers. Win-win


  8. Alexandre Engelen says:

    Shut down this zoo immediately and punish zoo officials! An animal is not a toy!!! One does not take the baby from your wife for fun then show some respect for these tigers who have not asked to be in a zoo!

  9. The real reason these animal-abusing “zoos” AND circuses
    stay in business is because there are no Federal laws
    to challenge them. No U.S. administration/President
    has done anything since 1776 to stop this misery for
    animals. Why not? because the politicians are self-
    serving lobbyist-lackeys for the most part and just don’t
    care at all. It’s a national disgrace. The other part
    of this ongoing blatant cruelty is “the public” – people
    who frequent these horrendous places and, due to awful
    ignorance,think the animals are “cute” and “it’s a nice
    experience for the kids”. As for the victims, they
    might just as well be living in some third-world nation.
    Animal cruelty has haunted me since I was a very young
    child. It continues to do so.

  10. These “people” are really just greedy sociopathic maggots.
    I wish I could make them STOP. Don’t go to these zoos or circuses.

  11. The animals, of course, are top priority. No animal should have to suffer lack of medical treatment, food, or other necessities. The people running places like this seem to have forgotten they are dealing with wildlife and not pets. Tigers in particular and big cats in general have completely different needs. Their behavior is different and one day a customer or trainer will be severely injured. We all know that means the animal will be put down and the “zoo” will continue operating with no penalty (unless the victim is smart enough to sue them).

    Control of such things needs to be shifted to those departments dealing with wild animals (I would bet most of these creatures are not here legally). Since the. USDA has at least partial responsibility, the animals get treated as livestock (livestock = food). There’s not much in those rules protecting live OE exotic specimens.

    Furthermore, the tigers may need to be destroyed because of the improper breeding. There are so few left and what is left often gets an infusion of new genes from captive bred stock monitored by legitimate zoos and sanctuaries. The last thing these guys need is bad genes introduced into the waning gene pool.

  12. Sabina Weilbier says:

    I’ve watched the undercover video footage obtained by the HSUS at two faciilties – Tiger Safari and Natural Bridge Zoo (link to video below)
    The words and actions of the staff at both facilities speak for themselves and, in my view, are impossible to explain away as “being taken out of context”. Both places need to be shut down immediately and the owners and staff prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law for animal neglect and cruelty.

  13. I’m aghast that I have to speak out against the unnatural encapture of wildlife with the arrogant assumption that we can somehow provide for them habitually and nurturally. I’ll concede that we’ve taken full advantage of cows as a meat source and dogs as a source of companionship, but the unethical treatment of animals is unacceptable. We cannot presume to train the wildlife kingdom. Zoos and aquariums are unnatural habitats.

  14. Jason Moore says:

    Shut the zoo and put to sleep the owners

  15. Shut down this zoo now!!

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