Cancel Annual Dog-Eating Festival


Target: Xi Jinping, President, People’s Republic of China

Goal: Permanently cancel cruel dog-eating festival.

The Chinese region of Yulin is already preparing for their annual summer solstice dog-eating festival. Each year, thousands of festival-goers consume dog meat en-masse with lychee and grain alcohol as part of a decades-old tradition. In 2014, an estimated 10,000 dogs were killed for the festival, most of which were bred for slaughter but some of which were lost or stolen pets. Animals were brought from all over China to supply the festival’s high demand for dog meat.

During the festival, dog meat traders will slit the throats of live, conscious dogs on the street in front of consumers. Streets are lined with dogs crammed into tiny chicken cages without food or water, and some even die of heat stroke and dehydration before they can be slaughtered. These stressful conditions can cause the animals to turn on each other, biting and even killing their cage mates.

Despite government restrictions on the sale of raw dog meat and the importation of dogs from other areas, Yulin’s dog meat festival is set to continue this year. The government has made no effort to stop the festival, with city officials denying any connection to the event and refusing to investigate breaches of animal welfare law. Instead of Chinese officials investigating allegations of dog abductions ahead of the festival, private animal welfare groups are the only ones helping pet owners.

This cruel and outdated festival results in the suffering of thousands of dogs annually, and is in breach of several animal welfare laws. Sign the petition below to demand that Chinese officials stop ignoring the atrocities at the Yulin dog meat festival and cancel it permanently.


Dear Mr. Xi Jinping,

As the summer solstice approaches, so does Yulin’s annual dog-eating festival, which sees tens of thousands of locals and tourists fill the streets to sample traditional dishes such as dog meat and lychee fruit. Last year, an estimated 10,000 dogs were slaughtered for the festival, some of which were strays or even stolen from pet owners.

This festival is cruel, and several aspects of it may be illegal, including the kidnapping of dogs, the import of dogs from outside Yulin, and the sale of raw dog meat. Unfortunately, no effort has been made to investigate wrongdoing at the event. We, the undersigned, demand that the Chinese government take a stand against the Yulin dog meat festival and permanently cancel it.


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Photo credit: Whoisgalt via Creative Commons

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  1. Non piace il mio commento?ripeto popolo di merdaaaaaa

  2. Lajeanne Leveton says:

    The article mentions dogs having their throats slit in public….those are the LUCKY ones….most are boiled alive, as an old folk belief is that meat of animals which die in PAIN tastes better…..cats and dogs are skinned alive, boiled alive, and last year approximately 10,000 dogs were killed.

    ASIDE from the Yulin Festival, eating dogs and cats goes on year round in EVERY Asian nation except Japan…….Its is NOT just the Yulin Festival that needs to be stopped.

  3. Teresa DePaula says:

    All of the The Evil Cruel People WHO kill & eat dogs will Live their eternal life in Hell = living their worse nightmares over & over OR Reincarnated as a Tortured Eaten Animal or a Tortured Raped Child!! The Evil Mentally Insane that SELL, KILL & EAT dogs NEED TO be put in a Mental institute OR BEATEN TO DEATH LIKE THEY DO THE DOGS = Dogs are Man’s best friend! EAT COWS, CHICKENS & FISH! If These EVIL people want to spend eternal life in Heaven = reliving beautiful dreams over & over;they MUST Stop this TORTURE! EATING & TORTURING INNOCENT DOGS IS THE SAME AS EATING & TORTURING LOVED PET, TORTURING SEEING EYE OR GUARD DOG,ETC.. GOD MADE DOGS & HORSE SO THAT WE COULD TRAIN THEM TO HELP US — NOT TO BE BRUTALLY KILLED & EATEN!!
    NO reason to eat dogs, cats or horses. These evil people will die horrific deaths.

  4. The people that do these kind of things Are Sick !! skin a human that is Scum rapes hurts children
    Why kill inocent Animals in the way they do. SICK PEOPLE
    Get rid of the lot of them do it to them

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