Don’t Allow Republican Senators to Ignore Important Animal Rights Issues


Target: Senator Arlan Meekhof, Michigan Senate Majority Leader

Goal: Don’t delay implementing stricter animal cruelty laws in the state of Michigan.

Although many animals in Michigan are suffering unimaginable forms of abuse, Michigan Republican Senators have decided that further talks need to be had before voting on whether or not to implement stronger animal cruelty laws. Sadly, since voting for this issue is now being delayed, the issue will likely remain unresolved.

If new proposed laws are set in place, pet shop owners and breeders found guilty of either abusing or neglecting 10 or more animals will likely be imprisoned for more than four years. In addition, people who are found guilty of antagonizing others by means of murdering a pet will also be subject to face longer prison sentences.

Michigan claims to have a zero-tolerance policy when it comes to the abuse and neglect of animals. Therefore, delaying the vote to implement stricter animal cruelty laws makes no sense, as animal abuse cases are still being investigated in Michigan on a regular basis. One such case involved a pit bull that was poked and prodded while trapped in a small cage. The dog was then stabbed and hung by a rope from a house, and was heard yelping in desperate agony as its body brutally and violently smacked against the hard surface, only to be relieved by death.

Animal abusers will not be persuaded to think twice about performing such repulsive crimes until the state’s animal cruelty laws are strengthened. These abusers also deserve more than a conveniently short prison sentence. Sign the petition below and let Republican Senators in Michigan know there is nothing more that needs to be discussed before voting on implementing stronger laws to better help protect these animals. The longer this vote is postponed, the longer these animals suffer, and the more pain they are forced to endure.


Dear Senator Meekhof,

Since Republicans in the Michigan Senate have decided to delay the vote on whether or not to strengthen the state’s animal cruelty laws, perpetrators who commit heinous animal crimes are still able to abuse and neglect animals without fear of harsher punishment. If this issue is not addressed now, it will likely be forgotten about in the future.

As you are likely aware, people who currently abuse their pets with the intent of threatening or hurting someone else are only given up to a four year prison sentence as punishment. If found guilty under harsher proposed laws, these people’s prison sentences could be increased to up to ten years. While stricter laws cannot stop sick individuals from harshly abusing or neglecting innocent animals, new laws may motivate some individuals to think twice about their actions before committing such horrific crimes.

While the vote is being delayed, animals are still being neglected and abused in disgusting and vulgar manners. One such case involved a pit bull that was found bleeding profusely in a city park. In another case, a pit bull was teased while in a small cage. He was then stabbed and hung from a rope to the side of a house. The dog cried in pain as its body furiously hit the house, only to end upon the dog’s demise.

When these types of unthinkable crimes are committed, it is clear the criminals who are responsible need to be given a much harsher punishment than a measly short prison sentence. The issue should no longer be debated either out in the open, or behind closed doors, as with this type of abuse taking place, there should be nothing more to discuss. Since the cats, dogs and other animals kept as pets in Michigan cannot implement laws to stop such harsh abuse, they desperately need your help. I urge you to stand behind this issue, and to demand that voting on this issue no longer be delayed. The longer this issue is “pushed off the table,” the more these animals suffer, and cry helplessly in pain.


[Your Name Here]

Photo credit: Ildar Sagdejev via Wikimedia Commons

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  1. We need federal laws for the welfare of all animals now!!!!

  2. Fight for what’s right not to fight what is wrong stand up for the voiceless not to the heartless…

  3. Tax payers beware how you cast your votes! The Animal Humane Society can guide you in your voting process. If government officials could care less about animals, they could care less about the public!!

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