Save Wolves from Hunting and Trapping


Target: U.S. Congress

Goal: Stop the attack on wolves throughout the lower 48 United States.

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  1. please stop the hunting and trapping of these beautiful wolves.

  2. Karyn Miller says:

    Stop killing our wolves All across the nation. This must stop.
    it is barbaric and destroying the ecosystem.

  3. THIS IS extremely ,cruel , unnecessary , and terribly inhumane

  4. Leslie Hamilton says:

    I live in Canada and we have the same problem of politicians in British Columbia abusing their power and killing wolves from helicopters. Apparently, the only animals that are respected and protected these days are the endangered ones. So, the politicians you and I have elected to power can do the wrong thing as a substitute for the right thing, because they don’t respect what you and I want either.
    The right thing, in case any of them are reading this, is to protect all living creatures and where predator and prey occupy the same land space, provide an alternative to the prey, because predators can live off of many foods including roots, rats, bugs and even food drops from helicopters. Gee, there’s a thought!!!
    Next time you vote, study your choice carefully as I will do, and vote for the most intelligent ones instead of the dummies we often seem to give so much power to, in both our countries. Good idea eh?

  5. isabel swan says:

    please save our wolves

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