Punish Violently Abusive Slaughterhouse

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Target: U.K. Food Standards Agency Chairman Tim Bennett

Goal: Order a full penalty and license suspension for slaughterhouse whose employees are accused of violently abusing and torturing animals.

Video from an undercover investigation shows slaughterhouse employees allegedly stomping on a sheep, smashing a pig against a wall with a gate, and hanging cows on hooks as the still-alive animals moo in agony. The employees were also reportedly seen using a bolt gun when they should have been using electronic tongs that stun the animals, which takes them out of their agony quicker and with less pain. According to U.K. animal welfare regulations, it is illegal to cause or permit avoidable pain, excitement, or suffering to any animal. The actions of these employees not only displayed a complete lack of empathy and respect for these creatures, but they caused them horrific pain and torture.

Animal welfare activists set up secret cameras in the slaughterhouse after hearing about alleged animal cruelty taking place. The video shows a pig being shot in the head with a bolt gun but not dying right away, as it stumbles around a bit before employees allegedly proceed to smash the innocent animal into a wall with a gate multiple times. In another scene from the footage, a sheep is picked up and thrown into a wall, another flipped onto its back and then slammed on the floor. As the cows are hung by the leg on hooks for slaughter, it’s evident they haven’t been killed properly as they continue to moo and writhe about.

The slaughterhouse owner says he knows what he and his employees did was wrong, and he expects to have his license suspended. Cruelty to animals in violation of the welfare laws in place can result in a fine of up to £20,000 or jail time. Sign the petition below to ensure these sick animal abusers get the justice they deserve.


Dear Chairman Bennett,

Undercover video taken from inside S Bagshaw and Sons butcher shows employees allegedly stomping on a sheep, smashing a pig against a wall with a gate, and hanging cows on hooks as the still-alive animals moo in agony. According to U.K. animal welfare regulations, it is illegal to cause or permit avoidable pain, excitement, or suffering to any animal. The actions of these slaughterhouse employees were complete violations of this regulation. They not only displayed a complete lack of empathy and respect for these creatures, but they committed extreme and unnecessary animal cruelty. Slaughterhouses who operate under these standards should not go unpunished.

I urge you to enforce a full penalty under the welfare laws in place and suspend, if not terminate, the license of this butchery. It is vital that you send a message that animal cruelty will not and cannot be tolerated, even at a slaughterhouse.


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Photo credit: Seniju via flickr

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  1. Cynthia dsouza says:

    Wish I cud slaughter these bastards

    • What they’re doing is sick, but its that kinda mentality that is the reason for such brutality. How about praying for peace for everyone n everything instead?

      • Except the non-human animals’ prayers seldom seem to find an answer, somehow. Get rid of the abusers,I say; they’re not only a waste of space but a threat to civilization on Planet Earth! Sorry, ‘Cosmic’!


  3. Slaughterhouses just help develop souless individuals,they become more desensitized.Somehow we need some kind of program to sensitize these heartless bastards.They are the true animals!

  4. Hang them up by an arm or a leg “on hooks for slaughter” for a while, see how they like it. Supposing those employees are literate and live to tell the tale: have them send us a report.

  5. The license should not be suspended. It should be REVOKED permanently. These cruel individuals should be in jail. They should have the same horrific treatment bestowed upon them. Shut this hellhole down and send all the remaining animals to sactuaries.

  6. “Never, never be afraid to do what’s right, especially if the well-being of a person or animal is at stake. Society’s punishments are small compared to the wounds we inflict on our soul when we look the other way.” ~ Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

  7. Lisbeth Alvarado Sanchez says:

    My heart breaks just to imagine the suffering this noble animals go through and on top of this they have to endure torture in the hands of this scumbags. How I will like that someone did to them exactly the same thing that they did to this innocent animals.

  8. Linda Amundson says:

    This business should have its license revoked, not suspended. There is something wrong with people who do these things to animals. They enjoy it. They likely are involved in domestic violence, as well, as animal abuse and domestic violence are closely linked, as has been shown time and time again. All slaughterhouses need cameras, open to the public. Our (USA) slaughterhouses are no better and we need cameras in them, as well. Instead, some states are passing “Ag-gag” bills that make it a CRIME for animal activists (or anyone) to videotape the violence against animals in slaughterhouses so the animal protectionists go to jail and the animal abusers are not punished in any way, shape or form. Now that’s crazy!

  9. Ghastly human beings spawned from a man-made hell! Anything less than an immediate and full closure of this hell-hole, plus lifetime revocation of licensing, MAXIMUM jail time PLUS maximum fines for ALL those involved, is unacceptable and a grievous INjustice to the societal fabric of the whole world, not just to the UK. Get a backbone, you Brits, and put an END these nightmarish holocausts perpetrated against nonhuman beings!

  10. Instead of targeting these individuals, how about the people that supply the demand for nonhuman animal flesh, secretion and embryos. You are just as guilty. How is there a non violent way to murder neonates and adolescent beings, or those who are spent from having their milk stolen? TV cameras in slaughter houses, people will become even more decensitized.
    Want this to stop, then go vegan.

  11. And this sort of thing is precisely why I no longer consider myself a humanitarian, will never eat meat again, and only support organisations that are animal, conservation and environment related. The over-breeding human race never fails to disgust me in how they treat other living beings (with a few exceptions obviously).

  12. Our authorities should take a stronger, firmer, more severe and proactive stance against these psychopaths, sociopaths, who so cruelly abuse animals — If you don’t stop these idiots who perpetrate these heinous & unconscionable crimes against animals, they’re so mentally deficient, they’ll continue their cruelty & horror whereby the animals suffer terribly, society suffers terribly — get rid of these animal abusers — throw them in prison AND into rubber rooms & you will see the positive results for the animals — keep in mind, animal abusers & killers can be both employees & employers — make them ALL accountable, make them ALL pay. FOR ALL MEAT-EATERS OUT THERE, BUY FROM FARMS — CERTIFIED HUMANE, RAISED & HANDLED — who properly care for their animals from birth onward. Do a google search for “HFAC”

  13. I agree with you, better slaughter all these bastards who “work” slaughter houses! Get rid of all this rubbish.


  15. the cruel and abusive slaughterhouses as opposed to the kind and compassionate ones? people need to wake up and stop trying to find excuses to do the wrong thing. if you would not wish something done to you, it is not moral or ethical to force innocent, helpless others to experience it.

    “It is a healthy, natural reaction for someone who witnesses the brutalities inflicted upon nonhuman animals in the agriculture industry for the first time, to ask, “how can we stop this from happening?”. The simple truth is that there remains only one answer, only one way to stop it from happening. We must end the consumption of animal-based products. Until then, nonhuman animals will always be placed in “livestock” conditions, they will always be exploited, they will always be abused and they will always be slaughtered. You cannot teach someone that a life-form has any real value when it is considered acceptable to enslave, kill and eat said being. Whilst humanity views nonhuman animals as resources, mere commodities, they will always be victims of our barbarity. There is no “humane” way to treat a slave and there certainly is no “humane” procedure to take a life.”

  16. I agree with another person who said there should be cameras in slaughterhouses, trained on each and every person working there. There should be very very stringent punishment for these offenders. They are the sort of scum that probably cant get a decent job any where else, and that is not to say that all butchers are phyco’s there must be those who are genuine.I personally would chuck them in prison and throw away the key and hope the inmates deal with them. Id like to believe in an afterlife where these sick bastards will get their just deserts. Bastards

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