Fire Cops Who Kicked Boy and Sexually Assaulted His Mother


Target: New York Police Commissioner Bill Bratton

Goal: Fire the police officers who allegedly kicked and fractured a 10 year old’s leg and then sexually assaulted his mother.

A 10-year-old boy began recording police entering his home and in reaction, an officer allegedly kicked the boy in the shin so hard his leg was fractured and he had to be treated at the hospital, according to reports. As the boy’s mother was being restrained for arrest, she alleges her breast became exposed and revealed a piercing which an officer made a snide comment about and then started playing with. The police officers’ original intent for entering the home was to search for the woman’s ex-boyfriend who was reportedly violating an order of protection.

Krystle Silvera said her son is fascinated by the police and wants to become an officer someday. She was getting her daughter ready for school when she heard her son screaming and rushed downstairs. Officers pulled her outside immediately and began arresting her in front of her neighbors when her breast became exposed. Silvera alleges the police officers even handcuffed her young son, but when they realized he was only 10 years old they undid the cuffs. She says both of her children have been traumatized by the incident.

Not only did these officers make an arrest of someone who wasn’t in their original search (and almost handcuffed and arrested her grade school-aged son), they beat up a child and were incredibly out of line in touching a woman’s breast during her arrest. These kind of actions cannot be acceptable, and these officers should be out of a job for their inappropriate and disgusting behavior. They are meant to protect and to serve, not to kick children and sexually assault mothers.


Dear Commissioner Bratton,

Brooklyn police officers entered the home of Krystle Silvera in search of her ex-boyfriend. When they saw her 10-year-old son recording them, an officer allegedly kicked the boy in the shin so hard it shattered his leg. When Silvera ran downstairs to see why her son was screaming, she was taken outside in the cold, restrained and arrested. Her breast reportedly popped out during arrest and an officer touched it and made an inappropriate comment.

This kind of behavior in the line of duty is completely unacceptable. Not only were these victims not the original targets, but these officers almost handcuffed a young child, beat him, and then sexually assaulted his mother. Those meant to protect and to serve cannot act in such a sickening manner without consequences. I urge you to expel these officers of the Warrants Division and the 63rd Precinct in Flatlands.


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  1. Cat Jefferson says:

    Signed but everybody knows these cops will get away with it.

    • I feel the same way. When it comes to cops bad behavior I care and I sign but I just don’t think anything will be done about it.

      • Ditto. More and more cops seem to be trained (as our military in the Middle East) to view “civilians” as the enemy. Now they seem to be working on making the public see them as the enemy. Sure wish I could offer some solution. Maybe we could at least take away their tanks and machine guns?

    • No doubt they’ll walk away with nothing done about their evil behavior. Law enforcement is backed by the DA’s who decide if they should be prosecuted. After all….DA’s climbed the ranks just like these abusive officers. It’s a vicious circle that never has any consequences. Damn shame, too.

  2. For God’s sake fire that discuting excuse of a police officer and send him to jail

  3. It’s a real crime that these police officers (the bad apples) are always getting away with crimes that they commit because all the police officers and the police chief will stand by their officers. All these cases need to be prosecute by and independent prosecutor because the local prosecutor will have bias for the police officers and bias against the accusers. And these monsters will be let back out on the street. Shameful and illegal. These officers need to be held to the same standards as every other citizen is held. I, too, care, sign and they always get away with whatever evil they have done in the name of their power as police officers. Something has to be done to make them be held accountable–not just their word against their victims–because the cops always coming out as having done nothing wrong! So very wrong!

  4. No way should this officer get away with it he should be jailed for what he has done

  5. Marjroei Jones says:

    Sadly the police who are sworn to protect us are too often becoming the abusers. This child should never have been touched let alone broken. He will forever carry the wounds in his soul. This officer needs to be fired. He needs to be prosecuted. Giving a man a badge and a gun does not give them absolute power over innocent lives. They need to pay restitution to the mother and her son.

  6. Joe Cosgrove says:

    I’ve just signed the above petition ‘Fire Cops Who Arrested Boy & Sexually Assaulted His Mother’, which alleges a cop grabbed a woman’s breast.
    Then I noticed that right next to this on the page is an advert for a website for meeting up with Asian girls, with a photo of an Asian girl provocatively sticking her breasts out under a tight crop top.
    I’m pretty certain that I don’t have to point out the whiff of not only inappropriateness here but can Force Change, which is a necessary & righteous vehicle for good justify this kind of sponsorship without reeking of hypocrisy?

    I understand the need for funding but this is a blatant, and unnecessary, conflict of interest, as adverts for these dating websites could at least be restricted to petitions that do not involve sexual assault.

    Otherwise, you’re doing some good work.

    • ForceChange editor says:

      Hi Joe, thanks for the note about the inappropriate advertisement that was displayed. We want to make it clear that we do not choose the advertisements that are shown to each visitor, that is done by Google. If there is ever an ad which is inappropriate, if you send us the URL for the ad, we can blacklist it so it won’t appear again. But beyond that, we have very little power over what ad displays each time a user loads a page.

      • Catherine Bell says:

        I would respectfully suggest and request that you make every effort to find a more ethical source of funding than Google ads. Google tracks everyone who comes here and the fact that a highly triggering and derogatory ad could appear to anyone who signs your petitions is a big negative for your organization.

        As a sexual assault survivor, I don’t feel so safe or welcome on your site knowing that objectifying and (potentially) trafficking ads like the one Joe mentioned could be pushed at me and that I’d have to do the legwork to get it blocked. And if I feel that way, how much worse might an Asian survivor feel at seeing such an ad?

        Your organization has so far earned my highest respect and esteem. If you work hard to detoxify your funding, you’ll keep me interested.

      • Joe Cosgrove says:

        Thanks for your prompt reply but, aside from Google’s disgraceful legacy of constant and continuous privacy invasions, the points made by Catherine Bell are precisely why Force Change must, without any further debate, review their sources of sponsorship & funding.
        Otherwise this has the unsavoury, and lingering, scent of the revolutionary being funded by corporatism, not unlike the twisted irony of Russel Brand using, or should that be being used BY, Wall St, to fund a movie about revolution..?

        We live in dangerous times, and pages like Force Change are essential at such moments of existential angst, but this does not excuse the insensitivity towards people who are sickened, if not personally deeply affected by, the implicitly cruel insensitivity of all-powerful corporate sponsors and their callous money-grabbing ways.
        Time for a serious re-think, I would say, because you can be certain that you’ll start losing people fast if you don’t.

    • You might want to check into this website. They may be a liberal thing that just wants to get some attention, not caring what kind of ads they put out.

  7. “Se Deus já no início da criação se arrependeu de ter feito o homem,imagina agora,diante de atitudes como essa! Pode ser chamado de humano um ser que comete tamanha atrocidade??? Esse policiais me enojam!! Abuso de poder,porque não fazem isso com alguém que possa encará-los frente a frente? Covardes!!!

  8. Anyone else see the paradox in signing something, and then emitting the energy of believing no good will come? Why would you use your time and energy to think about how there won’t be any justice here? It is that exact mindset that keeps the vicious circle going. Have faith people. Life is only what you chose to perceive it as. Negative anticipation, creates negative results. Positive anticipation creates positive results.

  9. Catherine Alquier says:

    The justice must go on policeman or not

  10. astrid brandt says:

    Where this did happened? Why did they enter the home? How come is not in the news?

  11. Donald Sullivan says:

    Ultimately the blame lies with we the people. We control the politicians, who in turn control the police. If we vote these sorry politicians in and keep them in we deserve what we get. I signed the petition for what good it will do. However, the ballot box carries much more weight than a petition.

  12. Karen Remnant says:

    And yet we are meant to teach our children to respect the law and that a policeman is the person who will always help. Bloody joke.
    I fully understand those who have signed and said that nothing will happen. We see it so often,no matter how serious the charge should be there’s always someone higher up who’ll protect scum officers! Makes you wonder what they did on their way up the chain of command!! Yes there are some decent cops out there but they seem to be few and far between.

  13. julia richardson says:

    these police officers deserve to be fired and jail time! there is no excuse for what they did.

  14. Robert Pound says:


  15. since the govt wont do anything , when will we?

  16. Firing? Should be set on fire!

  17. Sabina Weilbier says:

    I find this whole incident DEEPLY DISTURBING. Why were the officers so troubled at being filmed by a little boy? What were they going to do that they didn’t want captured on video? Why couldn’t they just have snatched the camera from the boy’s hand. Why did the officer have to lash out at the boy with extreme violence – he must have realized that a forceful kick from a grown man would do some damage. As for dragging the woman outdoors to arrest her – for what? Did she say something other than “thank you, Sir” to the cop who had just fractured her son’s leg for what… filming. What are men like these doing in a modern day police force. Get rid of them. They are in the wrong line of work. I don’t believe counselling will change them. The violence of the kicker seems pretty ingrained to me. Sorry about the wasted money on their training but better to cut your losses now before getting away with this makes them do something far worse.

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