End Horrific Treatment of Sheep at Slaughterhouse


Target: Robert and William Woodward, owners of Bowood Yorkshire Lamb slaughterhouse

Goal: Prevent horrific acts of cruelty against slaughterhouse sheep.

A horrifying video recently came to light that showed workers in a UK slaughterhouse viciously kicking and shoving terrified sheep before slaughtering them. According to a report in Daily Mail, workers are alleged to have burst into laughter while watching a sheep bleed to death, and others were reported to have taunted the animals by waving knives in front of their faces. These acts were discovered after hidden cameras were installed to monitor the behavior of the workers. Although three men were suspended and another fired, the damage from the incident, which reportedly took place in December of 2014, has already been done.

According to Daily Mail, an organization called Animal Aid claimed that UK law had been violated because the workers moved the animals quickly after their throats had been cut; UK law requires workers to hold them for at least twenty seconds. This is a measure to ensure that the animal fully loses consciousness. To add insult to injury, these animals were intended to be slaughtered according to the Islamic tradition of halal, which dictates that animals should be killed quickly, without seeing the blade or witnessing the deaths of other animals. Slaughterhouses need to make sure that there are strict measures in place to prevent workers from engaging in this kind of cruelty.

Please sign this petition to let the owners of Bowood Yorkshire Lamb slaughterhouse know that you would like for them to enact stricter measures to ensure that no more cruelty is inflicted upon animals slated for slaughter.


Dear Robert and William Woodward,

I was appalled to see the recent video that was released online, which shows workers shoving and kicking sheep that were scheduled for slaughter in your facility. According to a report in Daily Mail, “A worker stood on the neck of a conscious sheep, then bounced up and down.” This terrible abuse is unforgiveable. There is no reason why an animal should experience such distress before it is slaughtered. While I commend you for disciplining the workers involved, I also feel that there is much more to be done.

I ask that you please impose stricter measures to ensure that this kind of cruelty never takes place again within your slaughterhouses. This may require thorough background checks and tougher supervision of the workers, but I feel that it would be worth the extra expenses. I trust that you will get this matter straightened out.


[Your Name Here]

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  1. Cecily Colloby says:

    What the HELL are we in England doing allowing animals to be slaughtered like this simply to appease others and their vile “religeous” practices??? Halal, Kosher or whatever-this is ENGLAND for God’s sake and we are supposed to be a Christian country.No loving God (the one WE believe in)would ever want any of His creatures to suffer like this at the hands of humans. What a pathetic and cowardly bunch our government is to not have the guts to tell these people who insist on eating only meat from a tortured animal that this is OUR country and they must follow OUR rules or GO ELSEWHERE>>>>>

  2. Laura Michaels says:

    There is no excuse for these poor animals to endure such pain and suffering! The owners of Bowood Yorkshire Lamb should not only fire all of the employees involved but there have also been serious violations of UK animal welfare laws and these men should be charged with felony animal cruelty for their horrific actions! It should also be made mandatory that all slaughterhouses in the UK require stunning first! These are sentient beings who deserve the least painful death possible. Religious or personal beliefs shouldn’t supersede laws in a country which has established laws that govern how animals be treated and killed at slaughterhouses! The UK needs to enforce its own laws concerning humane slaughter.

  3. They are to be killed and eaten afterwards, at least be kind to them when they are alive, heartless killers!

  4. What a sad and disgusting world we live in.Makes me wanna slash my wrists literally.

  5. Funny that the English are supposed to be so civilized.

  6. Put up photos of these disgusting bastards all around their town. Let their friends and neighbours see how disgusting they are. Sick, sick, sick. Suppose it made them feel like men. Hope they rot in hell.

  7. I have such a different view of the UK, multiple animal abuse issues and they do nothing to impose any meaningful sentence that justifies these crimes. A pitiful judicial system.

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