Stop Anti-Vacciners Rand Paul and Chris Christie From Playing Politics With Public’s Health


Target: Rand Paul and Chris Christie

Goal: Stop threatening the public’s health with your encouragement to parents to not vaccinate their children from deadly diseases.

Presidential hopefuls Rand Paul and Chris Christie doubled-down on their anti-science beliefs by challenging the need to vaccinate children from deadly diseases. Paul, who also questions climate change, repeated the widely discredited assertion that vaccines cause mental retardation. Both politicians were seen as pandering to a vocal minority of voters who believe that vaccines cause mental retardation. Not only is this political strategy ineffective (see Michele Bachmann) but it reinforces the dangerous and widely discredited belief that children should not be vaccinated.

Rand Paul, who actually had medical training as an ophthalmologist, has staked out a position that has been completely disproved by scientists and is based on a 20-year-old paper written by an ex-doctor who received payments for his corrupted work, falsified his data and has since lost his license to practice medicine.

Apparently the public health of children, facts, science and empirical research don’t mean much to Paul, who is seeking our nation’s highest office. The scary thing is that if Paul were to become president, he’d be in charge of the Centers for Disease Control, which is tasked with the herculean responsibility of educating parents that vaccinations save lives. Paul, who has grown up in an America that, due to widespread vaccinations, is mostly devoid of the deadly diseases that disfigured and killed previous generations, is now working to undermine that very achievement.

Tell Rand Paul and Chris Christie to stop playing politics with the public’s health and to drop their anti-vaccine conspiracy theories from their platforms.


Dear Sen. Rand Paul and Gov. Chris Chrisie,

Recently you doubled-down on your anti-science beliefs by challenging the need to vaccinate children from deadly diseases. Sen. Paul, you also repeated the widely discredited assertion that vaccines cause mental retardation.

You are both being seen as pandering to a vocal minority of voters who believe that vaccines cause mental retardation. Not only is this political strategy ineffective but it reinforces the dangerous and widely discredited belief that children should not be vaccinated.

Please stop playing politics with the public’s health and to drop your anti-vaccine conspiracy theories from your platforms.


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  1. Françoise Guinot Rouffignac says:

    Vaccinations are criminal, inject bad thing legaly into people is criminal, and doesn’t work. Yes it is extremely dangerous. A lot of autism, leucemia, etc. are caused by vaccin, it destroy immunology of body. It is dictatorial to oblige people to vaccine their child.

    • Po po po ! Where do you live ? On Mars ? Vaccination is the best thing ever for saving lives !
      Have a look at people in Africa, for example : dying by thousands for lack of vaccination !
      By luck I am not an American but a European, vaccinated at birth as recquired by LAW, and so are we all !
      Refusing is an absurdity only guided by some religious concepts !

      • European vaccinated at birth BY LAW!!!!! Don’t know where you are in Europe but here in the UK we still have freedom of choice thank goodness.
        If you’re going to quote facts at least get them right!

        • Dear Lady, How can you see UK in Europe ? They do all wrong there including driving on the opposite side of the road ! On the Continent, it’s a different matter…YES vaccination is compulsery at birth, at least in the western countries (I’m really not too familiar with the new eastern ones coming from the old USSR !). Please check.

    • Deborah L Stroud says:

      I have a friend whose son is autistic – yet she had him vaccinated. Her logic? She’d rather have him protected against diseases that could kill him and be autistic than to be dead. I agree with her. He is a wonderful, loving, creative child full of joy!

  2. I refuse to sign this MANIPULATIVE petition. As Maria F Gallant and other people wrote before – not every mixture of substances called “vaccine” is safe or necessary. Neurotoxical effect of mercury is a fact taking action, not a theory. And conspiracy? Well, you named it that way yourself. 😉 So maybe it’s time to stop obediently fear the big pharma and rely more on own logic and insightfulness, not their marketing messages… 😉

  3. This is very disappointing. Speaking of science, perhaps the creators of this petition should look at the science of vaccinations not working. I never get the flu but those around me who get flu shots are always miserable with the flu soon after injection. Most of these diseases that vaccines “protect” us from are not deadly. Yet we trust the government to inject us with a mysterious substance. Analysis’ have been done of vaccine ingredients and they include arsenic, mercury, aborted human and animal fetuses, and hundreds of other very deadly ingredients. Time for people to make the connection between vaccines and big pharma. They make money off of your fear.

  4. I’m not signing this “old-world” one, EITHER, same as many other people who have become educated about the real history behind vaccines. I’ve witnessed, first-hand, their chronic and life-long damage within hours of administration, and don’t wish to live in a police state where anyone is forced into using these toxic concoctions – not humans, not pets. Stop making yourself unwitting and foolish pawns of truly ghastly, hidden agendas by the powers that be.

  5. Françoise Guinot Rouffignac says:

    Peni, science ? no, lobby of science. Did you read just 1

  6. Françoise Guinot Rouffignac says:

    Peni, did you read just 1 time 1 book explicating of non effect of vaccination ? read at least 1, and after you will understand. Never a disease stop with vaccine, vaccine apperead after decreasing of epidemia, be sure of that, study…. we love our child, we are not crazy, we just study, and deducting… study study study… don’t be a sheep

  7. Debi Crawford says:

    So glad to see the majority of these commenters are not brainwashed by the pro-vaccine lies and propaganda! When will people wake up to the truth instead of blindly following the so-called science behind the “need” for vaccines? (While playing right into the hands of the billion-dollar industries “looking out for our health”)

    • Exactly, Debi. Deaf, dumb, blind = more easily-controlled. Forced fluoridation (industrial waste substance) – same issue. Yet people scream to be poisoned. Dummies.

  8. Terri Madden says:

    This is a ludicrous petition. You espouse CDC & Big Pharma fear-based propaganda, but not one scientific fact to back up your unsupported petition.

    I note you cite no sources to back up your position. May I respectfully suggest you and all ‘pro-vaccers’ perform your due diligence before jumping on the government-mandated vaccination wagon? In the first place, it usurps our (alleged) Constitution rights. In the second, vaccines have been proven over and over again to be far more dangerous than the supposed ‘benefits’ we are told they offer.

    Begin here:

    I also highly suggest going to and conducting a search on the topic. You will find highly informative, SCIENCE-BASED, videos confirming the KNOWN dangers of forced vaccinations. Start here:

    Hell, even the CDC acknowledges some of them:

    FACT: The CDC has an established “Vaccine Injury Compensation Fund” that has a 3-year statute of limitations. BigPharma funds this. Yet parents are never informed of its existence when their children are vaccinated.

    Speaking of the CDC….the alleged arm of our government that supports injecting vulnerable infants and children to ever increasing vaccines, there is often a HUGE conflict of interest between the CDC and the pharmaceutical companies. Read these:,

    All that said, I can only say DO YOUR RESEARCH before you jump on a BigPharma bandwagon shouting ‘death to the anti-vaccers!’. People who oppose government mandated vaccines are well-read and intelligent people who actually expended the effort and interest to reach a reasoned, researched and rational conclusion about the subject.

    The fact is that BABIES are injected with vaccines that would be equivalent to a grown man being injected with 30 vaccines at once. It is madness to suggest this is in the best interest of the child when one considers, at the very least, the list of ingredients in vaccines. If you are interested, read this from the CDC:; and, this (complete with side effects); and, this (complete with animal-derived ingredients)

    Whether or not to vaccinate your child is a personal and decision that all parents are entitled to make on behalf of their children. They should not be ordered to by the government, and they should not be bullied into it by doctors and medical personnel who have been educated by BigPharma-backed medical schools. Moreover, if these vaccines worked so well, vaccinated people should not be concerned about whether others choose to vaccinate or not.

    If you care to actually spend some time doing some objective research, by all means, come back and give us your opinion. Otherwise, it’s just that: your unsupported opinion.

    “Condemnation without investigation is the height of the ignorance.” Albert Einstein

  9. Lesley Eland says:

    I was vaccinated as a kid, the vaccines did not harm me. I rarely get sick. In Indiana it was required to have kids vaccinated before starting school. My mother, an ex-nurse, kept up on my vaccines as I grew up. The only things wrong with me are emotional disorders caused by physically abusive father who also molested me as a kid.

    I still have my tonsils. I get strep throat once a year at the most. The ailments blamed on vaccines are a lie. Such things are caused by environmental factors and birth defects. You are against vaccinating you kids but ok with c-sections as a go to birth method? Such a thing that was originally meant as an emergency last resort for complicated labor. Whatever is wrong with your kid, you may want to first look to yourself for being too scared to birth it the traditional way.

    • Debra Obinna says:

      Thank you Lesley. Same here!
      I would rather vaccinate and know my child is protected from deadly diseases than to have them get a deadly disease from another non vaccinated person and end up dead.

      • Françoise Guinot Rouffignac says:

        Terry Madden put excellent articles into his mail, just read them, just inform you, I am mother too and I adore my childs, so I study to understand, I can assure you vaccination is a wrong theory ! read Madam ! and see. Just a friend on my friend of 12 is dead of leucemia, it is so sad, and why ? she had all vaccinations at birth, a catastroph for a body… doctor can’t explain why she had this cancer, this little girl was wonderful, a leucemia at 12 ?! immunology deficience… try to understand, ok ?

  10. I am amazed at the number of misinformed Kool-aide drinkers who are screeching about the harm vaccines do. The harm comes when children aren’t vaccinated. I suppose I could chalk this up to natural selection, and allow Mother Nature to wipe out the stupid. Although the danger to babies too young for the vaccines, but not too young to contract the diseases these vaccines had wiped out in the US is criminal.

  11. People in third world countries were saved by the millions due to vaccines like polio and small pox (I live in India) . What dumb asses inherit first world countries that they actually dont want to take vaccines? Hope you get polio.

  12. Michael Lynn says:

    Shame to all you vaccine pleaders- you have much bigger problems and an illness your potions can never remedy.

  13. no sorry.. i share their position!! go!!

  14. I would never sign this in a million years!

  15. Vaccines are pure poison. Read the Natural News by Mike Adams and check out Dr. Mercola. I am unsubscribing to your newsletter. Anyone that is for vaccines is not on my list of faves.

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