Applaud Removal of Pit Bull Ban


Target: Mayor of Roeland, Joel Marquardt

Goal: Praise removal of pit bull ban in Roeland, Kansas.

Dog lovers in Roeland, Kansas are rejoicing as a 27-year-old ban on pit bulls is removed. The ban, which was opposed by various dog owners in the town, was lifted by the city council. It is a common misconception that pit bulls are dangerous and deadly, but many dog lovers are quick to point out that pit bulls are like many other dogs. It is only because of cruel owners that these dogs are used in fighting rings. Praise Mayor Joel Marquardt and the city council for removing this ban.

For 27 years, dog owners in the city of Roeland couldn’t own a pit bull because these dogs were considered dangerous. Unfortunately, many cities in the United States forbid the ownership of pit bulls because of this lie. In Roeland, the previous ordinance stated that any dog that “has the appearance and characteristics of being predominantly of the breeds of the Staffordshire bull terrier, American pit bull terrier; or a combination of these traits” was illegal to own. When the ban was removed, Twitter erupted in delight.

In recent decades, pit bulls were considered dangerous because of their frequent usage in dog fights. Many myths, such as the dogs’ jaw locking when it would bite something, spread because of the popularity of dog fighting rings. These are huge misconceptions. Pit bulls do not have a predisposition to be fighting dogs, nor are they violent. These dogs were trained by cruel dog owners to be fighters. Such fighting dogs are often abused and if the authorities seize these dogs, most of them are put to death.

The success story of this town means that other pit bull bans in the United States could be lifted. You can celebrate the victory and help other pit bulls by signing this petition.


Dear Mayor Joel Marquardt,

Recently, your city council removed a controversial law regarding the ownership of pit bulls. These dogs were not allowed in Roeland, which caused outrage for many dog owners. This law was archaic and I’m overjoyed to hear that this ban was removed. Citizens can own one pit bull and up to two after 2018. While I feel like a limit on the amount of pit bulls one person can own is trivial, I am relieved to hear that citizens are opening their homes to these dogs.

I am writing this letter to congratulate your town for removing this ban. There are many homeless pit bulls in our shelters, and this previous law would have lessened the chances of these dogs acquiring a home. Hopefully the victory in this town will help remove other bans on pit bulls in various American cities. Thank you for accepting these dogs as valuable members of your city.


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Photo credit: Dante Alighieri via Wikimedia Commons

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  1. EUGENIA MIXON says:

    Thank goodness someone sees that pitbulls are not a threat to society that the rumor mill & dog haters in general have spread & that is so rampant these days! Pitbulls are genuinely sweet animals if they are with a good family who does not abuse or neglect them. They are no more vicious than any other dog that has been mistreated or trained to fight & due to that, they fear other dogs or humans. It is always the human’s fault that good dogs go bad & that can be any breed.

  2. Jennifer Kelly says:

    I think humans might be starting to realise that they’re to blame. I hope that in at least ten years (maybe less) Breed Specific Legislation will no longer exist.

  3. Well I wonder how long it will take before the dog fighting rings are set up.
    While this breed is truly loyal and affectionate, it takes more than proper raising, it takes good breeding practices. Practices like line breeding and inbreeding can, and do produce mentally unstable dogs. Sadly it’s the dog that suffers for it. Sad situation, and the human race is responsible for it. The human race will never change.
    Before anyone starts to bash, bear in mind, I used to be a breeder of world class Pits, I love these dogs but I personally wish the Pit Bull no longer existed….because then no one could hurt them ever again

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