Punish Teenagers Who Tortured and Killed Pelican

brown pelican

Target: Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi

Goal: Demand punishment for group of teenagers who cruelly tortured and killed a wild pelican

A wild brown pelican was sadistically tortured by a group of Florida teenagers before it was suffocated by the smoke of one of the teens’ e-cigarette. Liz Barraco, the spokeswoman of the Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission, says that one boy aged 17 has been identified to be the instigator of the cruel attack.  All the details from the attack have yet to be revealed, but Barraco says that several teenagers were involved.

The pelican was forcibly held down and the teens blew smoke from an e-cigarette into its beak and eyes. They eventually clamped the pelican’s beak shut multiple times, and since pelicans do not have nostrils, they cannot breathe if their mouths are closed. Sadly, this act resulted in the pelican’s death during the night.

The entire incident was captured on surveillance camera and the incriminating footage will be released after a scheduled court hearing. The main instigator has been charged with violating the federal Migratory Bird Treaty Act, which is a second-degree misdemeanor. For adults, this charge would lead to a maximum penalty of $500 and 2 months of jail time, but since the culprit is a minor, he will most likely be enrolled in a diversion program.

Brown pelicans used to be protected as an endangered species, but the population bounced back after the banning of DDT pesticides. Unfortunately, since these birds are large and easily caught, they are still frequent victims of humans. Several pelicans have been discovered with their pouches cut, which renders them incapable of eating. This investigation has yet to be solved. The case of the pelican savagely tortured and killed by a group of teenagers, however, can be closed. Please sign this petition to ensure that the teenagers who committed this heinous crime will be brought to justice and punished.


Dear Pam Bondi,

Brown pelicans have made a remarkable recovery over the years once the DDT pesticide was banned. However, other threats to the species still remain. Pelicans have been mysteriously attacked on numerous occasions by humans. Do not let this become a massive trend. We have to continue protecting the species, even if their population has stabled.

Recently, teenagers were caught on camera torturing a brown pelican by suffocating it with smoke from an e-cigarette. Although the main instigator has been charged, the other participants have yet to be held accountable. Please make sure that all the perpetrators are sufficiently punished for their crimes.


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Photo credit: Mike Baird via Wikipedia

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  1. These teenagers need to be punished to the fullest extent not only because of what they did which is sick, but an example needs to be made now so that others whose parents also didn’t teach them any morals, can get lesson before they go down that road.

  2. Janis D Aitken says:

    Absolutely Lori Parents should be ashamed of themselves

  3. Linda Amundson says:

    These characters knew EXACTLY what they were doing and should be tried as adults. They ENJOYED torturing this animal until the pelican suffocated to death. Do not let them get off because they’re rich or ‘teens’. They’re just shy of legal age to fight for their country, so don’t treat them as ‘kids’. They’re evil, spoiled ba$terds whose parents have probably bailed them out of trouble their entire lives.

    Who knows how many animals they’ve tortured for fun? They just got caught this time.

  4. Eliane Biourd says:

    punish them AND THE PARENTS AS WELL!!!!

    • Ken Bachtold says:

      Yes, start including the parents in these psychopaths’ punishment. They’d probably be more afraid of their parents’ wrath than any fines or even jail time!

  5. Cecily Colloby says:

    I agree with Dawn Dalyce and Sue Lesmond-only the death penalty is suitable for scum like this. They will only go on to breed yet MORE scum like themselves-just rid the planet of them ….


  7. This was a premeditated act of pure evil! The other teenagers were accomplices and need to be punished along with the instigator! If the punishment is not severe, there will be no deterrent for future incidents. I’m willing to bet that the teenagers responsible for the death of this pelican could well have been the ones who slashed the throats of the other pelicans.

  8. Ken Bachtold says:

    Most psychopaths start killing animals and then move up! Witness: it is said that a recent President is said to have put firecrackers in frogs mouths and blown them up — and look how he turned out!

  9. These teenagers are severely twisted sociopaths and MUST be punished severely. They are a serious threat to animals and humans, as well. Anyone who subjects a living being to such cruel suffering has crossed the line into evil. They are monstrous beings and MUST stopped. They will continue to harm other innocent creatures, until they are. There is a likely chance that these psychos are responsible for the deaths of the other pelicans, by slashing their throats.

  10. I blame the parents and the violent video games that these kids keep in front of their faces all the time. These games promote killing of people and animals, and something needs to be done about that, as well as punishment for these little bastards who killed this beautiful, helpless, defenseless bird “just for fun”. We are breeding a generation of killers, and I hate to see what it will be like when all the prisons are full with all these killers. It is so very sad that the children are being taught that abusing, torturing, and killing animals is okay. Punish this group of subhuman monsters who killed this bird~~fine them/or the parents, incarcerate them, make them attend mental health therapy for at least a year on how to treat other living beings, and list them on an animal abuse/torture/killer registry for all to see, as they are a danger to society and should be taken out of a civilized society, because they are definitely uncivilized. They’re more like Neanderthals, and they need to crawl back under the rocks from whence they came. Society doesn’t need subhumans like these. MAKE THEM RESPONSIBLE FOR THEIR ACTIONS!!!! And that opens up another can of worms. If law enforcement would crack down on pieces of crap like the ones who killed this bird, perhaps it would do some good.

  11. Sickening absolutely sickening.What harm did this creature ever cause anybody.To bad there is no God or things like this could be punished and all the defenseless creatures would be protected.

  12. Sadly their names can’t be released so the world could know who these vile creatures are. How would you like your daughter to wind up dating one of of these scumbags? Or you wound up hiring one at your business. Sickening evil.

  13. Florida:
    The state where we prosecute adults for marijuana possession and jail them for months, but asshole teenagers, which sorry but a 17 year old that smokes an e-cig is no child, who kill our wildlife get released with a slap on the wrist.

    This is why I’m moving.

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