Don’t Kill Rescued Cats


Target: Hanoi Deputy Chief of Police Cao Van Loc

Goal: Don’t kill the thousands of cats rescued from a smuggling operation.

Hanoi police might kill thousands of rescued cats that were being smuggled from China and were intended for consumption after seizing a truck in Northern Vietnam. Cat meat is officially banned in the country. However, instead of transporting the live cats to a shelter or sanctuary, a Vietnamese police officer claims the animals could be “destroyed.”

Cao Van Loc, deputy chief of police in Hanoi’s Dong Da district, told the press that the department received a tip about the truck and subsequently seized it. The cats had been crammed into wooden crates with hardly any breathing room. Unfortunately, locals laws demand that smuggled goods, including these cats, have to be destroyed. The department is still undecided on killing the cats only because there are too many. The driver of the truck will be fined $350 for transporting goods without documentation.

The act of smuggling cats from China into Vietnam has increasingly become more common due to the popularity of cat meat, known as “little tiger.” Vietnam banned the consumption of cat meat in order to encourage its citizens to own cats and lower the population of rats. Officials also warned of the risks of fungal skin diseases, typhoid fever, and rabies involved with cat consumption and smuggling. Despite the country’s efforts, cat meat is still considered to be a delicacy and many people want to try it. This is not a general consensus, however. Animal rights groups have protested against eating cats and pet owners are tired of feeling fearful of letting their pet cats go outside.

Tell the Vietnamese authorities to move the smuggled cats into a shelter instead of killing them by signing this petition.


Dear Cao Van Loc,

Thousands of cats were seized from a truck that had smuggled them from China. These live cats were forcefully crammed into small wooden crates with their little limbs and tails sticking out through the tiny openings. It seemed as though these poor animals’ lives had been saved from being eaten by locals, but according to Vietnamese law, smuggled “goods” must be destroyed.

I am asking you to reconsider this. It does not make sense to rescue these cats from being killed only to kill them in the end. They should be relocated to an adequate, safe shelter or sanctuary. They do not deserved to be slaughtered. These cats can be given to people who will love and care for them. Please let them have a chance to live a comfortable life.


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  1. Michael Guest says:

    Not so fast. You can’t do this. These animals’ lives are in huge danger. Don’t end their lives. That would be unfair and unacceptable.

  2. Its no more than cat genocide. Evil wicked perpetrators of cruelty. I wish everything bad for the scum who do this.

  3. Heather Brophy says:


  4. Linda Amundson says:

    Apparently you have already cruelly slaughtered these thousands of innocent cats by BURYING THEM ALIVE.

    May your children, grandchildren, and their children know equal suffering, as the cats were more innocent than your children will ever be. You are barbaric sub-humans who deserve worse than these cats got. I wish suffering to you all your days on earth with a slow, miserable death at the end. Same for your descendants.

  5. Please don’t kill these cats they are innocent animals don’t you think they have been through enough. The smugglers should be killed evil sick people.

  6. Eating cats is common in some societies just as eating cows, pigs, chickens are in our society. Become a vegan or at least a vegetarian so your deeds match your words. Isn’t it wrong to kill innocent animals for us to eat regardless of the kind of animal it is? Yes cats are thought of as pets and cows or chickens are not. But
    they feel pain, suffer regardless of their species. The idea of killing these cats makes me angry, sad and conflicted because we don’t eat cats but most of our
    society in the west eat cows. So please fight for ALL animals. Cats, dogs, horses, pigs, cows, chickens and other animals people eat pay the price of suffering and death for our lifestyle of eating them.

    But sadly many will eat a cow or chicken and think nothing of this but will voice a strong opposition to eating cats.

  7. paula eaton says:

    The poor cats need a chance to find loving homes. Please do not murder them.

  8. I own 4 cats and Anyone who kills cats for being smuggled is someone I would Kill in a heartbeat. You can’t kill the cats for being smuggled. they couldn’t do anything about it.

  9. This makes no sense at all !!! These poor helpless cats have already been victimized. If you want to kill anyone, then kill the smugglers. These precious cats deserve to be cared for in a sanctuary …. or hopefully find live in adoptive homes.

  10. This makes no sense at all !!! These poor helpless cats have already been victimized. If you want to kill anyone, then kill the smugglers. These precious cats deserve to be cared for in a sanctuary …. or hopefully find love in adoptive homes.

  11. Cecily Colloby says:

    Linda Amundson,I SO agree with you. May those who ordered these cats to be buried and those who carried this out burn in hell for eternity.There is no word to describe these individuals or their actions and neither are there words to describe the suffering I wish upon them.I am sure God has a special punishment for these vile, filthy, unspeakable and indefensible sadists…..

  12. Regina Müller says:

    All the cats were destroyed – shame on you!

  13. Patricia Stanley says:

    I am so sickened and disgusted by you bastards. you rescue them then burn them alive. what is your point. you are a bunch of inhuman heartless FUCKERS. these poor cats should be sent to a safe shelter to be adopted. wake up. may you rot in hell and you burn are all useless pieces of SHIT and you deserve to die a horrible death and I hope that that happens to you.


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