Don’t Ban Undercover Farm Photos and Videos


Target: Scott Walker, Governor of Wisconsin

Goal: Reject the proposed ban on undercover photos and videos at abusive farms.

Currently, a bill is being considered in Wisconsin that would prohibit undercover filming and taking pictures on farms, which animal activist groups such as MERCY have done in the past to uncover animal mistreatment incidents on farms in the state. The passage of this bill would make it exponentially more difficult to expose any farm animal abuse and to rescue victims of injustice.

The “ag gag” bill explicitly states that anyone who films or takes photographs of farms without authorization must report it to the police or face a fine. MERCY and other groups are looking to band together to oppose these ag gag bills that may come into consideration in states throughout the nation. Animal rights activists voiced their concerns over the lack of transparency in animal treatment on farms, which the ag gag bill would make even more secretive. Due to Wisconsin’s interest in the ag gag bill, this would naturally arouse more suspicion from animal rights groups about the ethics of farm animal treatment in Wisconsin.

By signing the petition below, you are urging the governor of Wisconsin to reject the ban on undercover photos and videos in animal farms. The treatment of farm animals must continue to be monitored by outside groups to ensure that any activity of animal mistreatment does not occur undetected on farms.


Dear Governor Scott Walker,

Animal rights groups such as MERCY have successfully utilized undercover cameras to capture photos and videos of mistreatment in farms. This evidence has enabled these animal rights groups to come forth and demand better treatment for farm animals. The proposed “ag gag” bill will take away the right for groups to monitor the treatment of farm animals and leave the animals’ livelihoods completely up to the mercy of their handlers.

Please ensure that the “ag gag” bill does not pass in the state of Wisconsin. The monitoring of animal practices in farms needs to continue to ensure that injustice against animals does not go unpunished by animal cruelty perpetrators.


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  1. Linda Amundson says:

    The sole purpose of these “ag-gag” bills popping up is to cover up and protect animal abuse and abusers. Period. Do not allow protection of the abusers.

    In fact, cameras should be required in all slaughterhouses everywhere the animals are and available to view by the public 24/7.

  2. Cat Jefferson says:

    Stop filming? Are you kidding? It should be REQUIRED not only to monitor and correct horrible abuses but also to make meat a safer food to eat!

  3. Why should these videos be banned? Because they upset you? I think that the animals being brutally tortured and killed are a bit more upset by this than you are. These videos need to exist in order to spread awareness. Why are you angry with the people who are trying to stop animal abuse but are not angry with the people inflicting it?


  5. Karen Remnant says:

    If there’s no abuse going on why are they so worried? That alone say this filming is necessary!

  6. Isananda Swamini says:

    Obviously its about money for these sinister factory farm owners who would do anything for a pretty penny…hire illegal immigrant slave labor which automatically supports Animal torture and mishandling due to the poverty conscious slaves they hire….

    We need to lock these factory farm owners in prisons so they see just how disgusting their behavior has been. Karma does come around. I am thankful for it and that I live righteously.

  7. AG GAG protects the abuser and the killers, who are cruel, savage, unconscionable, irrational and greedy — they fear they will be caught — Animals MUST be protected 24/7 — I feel so, so very sorry for animals — how they’re horribly and cruelly treated on your standard factory farm — psychopathic humans without conscience! They should all be thrown in prison!

    If you must eat meat, buy from “CERTIFIED HUMANE Raised & Handled” —

    Animals from these small farms are treated properly, with care and respect, from birth onward, 24/7 — do a search for “HFAC.”

  8. Catherine Alquier says:

    Those factories are awful and thanks they are people with feelings and conscience who helped to discovered the way animals are “managed” in those factories.
    Animals aren’t THINKS. They have feelings.

  9. Whistleblowers and undercover pictures/videos are an absolute necessity! Without them, the horribly abused animals will be even more cruely treated. Allowing Ag-Gag laws is dangerous, idiotic and immoral!

  10. Ag-gag is both dangerous and immoral. Those who support these laws are #evilDumb

  11. There should be 24hour online filming in all farms so consumers can see if they want to buy meat or products from a particular farm. Animal abuse is rife in these places and it needs to be stopped. In the mean time include more vegetarian meals in your diet which is healthier as well, or consider going vegan

  12. Cecily Colloby says:

    Another mind bogglingly insane idea thought up by an idiot. Lets have MORE undercover investigations and REWARD those who bravely do this awful job, exposing cruelty and abuse. If all farmers/slaughterhouses etc knew they might be being watched they’d think twice before abusing/neglecting animals. To criminalize anyone exposing cruelty is simply giving the go ahead to sadistic animal abusers to carry on, safe in the knowledge that the law is on their side!!! Are we going to criminalize those who expose child abuse as well???

  13. Nancy Kamyk says:

    I SIGNED!! What a ridiculous waste of taxpayers’ time and money. These photos of abused animals MUST BE SHARED with the public so change can happen! Anyone who disagrees has a hidden agenda.

  14. I think it should be law to have cameras everywhere and anywhere we have farm animals, too much abuse is going on (heartless, sick people, and those same sickos are known to abuse children, women, men, etc…they just don’t care who they hurt/abuse) even though I have a hard time looking at such pictures and/or videos…it’s one of the best ways to STOP this cruelty. We need to know and it needs to be STOP!.

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