Stop Hunting With Drones

drone hunting

Target: Oregon Representative Brad Witt

Goal: Support efforts to make hunting and fishing with drones illegal.

Hunters and fisherman in many areas of the world are now using drones to find, corner and kill prey. This controversial practice has made its way to Oregon, where lawmakers largely disagree with the ethics of drone hunting. Currently, hunters can use drones to find prey in Oregon, though they must wait eight hours to kill the animals after locating them. Many citizens and lawmakers feel that the current law is unethical. In response to these beliefs, one lawmaker has proposed banning drone hunting completely in Oregon.

Drone hunting has become popular in Central Oregon and the Columbia Gorge. Representative Brad Witt proposes that all drone use should be made illegal in the state, including tracking, angling, hunting and harassing. Some of the state’s hunters approve of the proposed ban, including Brian Jennings who believes that the “fair chase” ethic should be respected and adhered to. Using drones to find and kill game is overall unethical. If individual state legislatures do not take a stand for wildlife, drone hunting may become commonplace and negatively alter wildlife ecosystems. Drones cause hunting to become too easy, allowing hunters an unnatural advantage over wildlife.

Sign this petition to support Witt’s proposed bill to ban drone hunting in Oregon. Achieving a drone hunting ban in a state full of wildlife and natural areas like Oregon would help encourage other states to ultimately ban drone hunting as well.


Dear Rep. Witt,

I am writing in support of your proposed ban on drone hunting in Oregon. Drones give hunters an unfair advantage over wildlife, even with legislation currently in place which requires hunters to wait eight hours after a drone spots wildlife to find and kill the animals. Thank you for understanding that hunting drones are completely unethical, as they take away the “fair chase” aspect of hunting.

Oregon’s wildlife is diverse and incredible. Every species from water to land needs legislative protection to ensure health and prosperity. You are a current and relevant voice for the wildlife of your state, and your influence is greatly appreciated. Please use my signature, as well as the others that this petition generates, to move your drafted legislation into law.


[Your Name Here]

Photo credit: Dkroetsch via Wikimedia Commons

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  1. paula eaton says:

    Hunting is bad enough and now they are murdering animals this way. Sickening and bloodthirsty!

  2. Is it not bad enough without making it so easy to kill these poor beautiful creatures!!It’s sickening to even know that cruel evil people want to do this in the first place!! Do these people not have a heart??no feelings??no thought or respect for others who live???oh god I despair!!!

  3. Emily March says:

    Another sample of technology at its best being used by humans at their worst!

  4. Dale Benest says:

    Hunters already have an unfair and unnatural advantage: guns. Drones make things much worse. The phrase “shooting fish in a barrel” comes to mind.

  5. Gina Caracci says:

    Big bad lazy ass hunters…I say put them all together and let them at eachother…get rid of them all while they have “FUN”

  6. Us humans are capable of such awful things!’
    I would not hesitate to say that if the animals were in charge of us instead of how we are in charge with them I am confident we would be treated much better my animals than we treat them.

  7. ALL hunters who do this are pussies. You are less than men. All of you. When I think of a real hunter. I think of the Indian with large lake trout, on his knees with his head bowed eyes closed and thanking the fish and the great spirit for life. You are not only cowards you are cursed.

  8. ALL hunters who do this are weak excuses for a human being. You have no honor. You are less than men. All of you. When I think of a real hunter. I think of the Indian with large lake trout raised over his head, on his knees with his head bowed eyes closed and thanking the fish and the great spirit for life in a connected sincerity. You are not only cowards you are cursed.

  9. Karin Holtzhausen says:

    Hunting is unethical period

  10. Sabina Weilbier says:

    Just when I thought some men could sink no lower in their disgusting need to kill to entertain themselves… along comes the drone. A whole new level of lard-a**** cowardice where they don’t even have to get their clothing damp or dirty looking for prey. We have an opportunity to nip drone hunting in the bud NOW. Let’s do it!

  11. Cheri Dickinson says:

    Try viagra instead!

  12. Cheri Dickinson says:

    Ban hunting now!

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