Charge Cop Who Allegedly Shot Single Mother’s Home

Target: Hillsborough County Sheriff David Gee

Goal: Charge deputy who allegedly accidentally shot a family home nine times with reckless endangerment.

A sheriff’s deputy in Hillsborough County, Florida who allegedly shot a neighbor’s home nine times with an AK-47 during target practice at an adjacent property may not be charged with any crime. Dawn Bryan, owner of the home in question, suspects that Paul Adee, a deputy and the son of an official within the sheriff’s department, is being given special treatment because he is a member of law enforcement.

Dawn Bryan was minding her own business when her home was shot nine times, including a shot that shattered the window above her daughter’s crib in the home’s nursery. Justifiably alarmed, Bryan called the police, who came out to investigate. The police then allegedly returned to her home with Adee, who shook Bryan’s hand, admitted that he and his friend were the ones shooting targets at the property next-door and that bullets must have passed through the targets and hit her home, and apologized.

The cops who responded then asked Bryan, “okay, so, we’re good, right?” Bryan, confused, asked about charges, to which the police officers said that they had called their commanding sergeant who told them that there would be no charges. The cops left, according to Bryan, without collecting any evidence.

The Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Department says that the investigation into the case is ongoing, but that seems like little more than public relations fodder given Bryan’s account of events. Sign the petition below to demand that Deputy Adee be charged with reckless endangerment.


Dear Sheriff Gee,

I am writing you today regarding the ongoing case against one of your deputies, Paul Adee, for allegedly accidentally shooting Dawn Bryan’s home during target practice he was conducting on a nearby property. I urge you to hold him responsible for his actions regardless of his position within your law enforcement department.

Dawn Bryan alleges that her home was hit at least nine times by 7.62 x 39 caliber bullets fired from a popular AK-47 assault rifle by Deputy Adee and his friend. She and her two-year-old daughter are extremely fortunate not to have been hit by any of these shots, any of which could have been lethal.

Considering the seriousness of an incident like this, it appears that the casual behavior of the officers who responded to her call, and indeed the alleged decision by one of your sergeants not to pursue charges against Adee, were entirely inappropriate. Rifle target practice that is conducted responsibly can be relatively safe. It is clear, however, that Adee did not do this, and as a result innocent people were put in great danger.

Reckless behavior is reckless behavior no matter who does it, and we all have a responsibility to be held accountable for our decisions. Indeed, law enforcement officers, who are so often put on a pedestal of veneration and possess great power, should be held to this standard more than anyone. I demand that you charge Deputy Adee with reckless endangerment for his involvement with this incident.


[Your Name Here]

Photo credit: RussianTrooper via Wikimedia Commons

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  1. Charge deputy who allegedly accidentally shot a family home nine times with reckless endangerment????? NINE TIMES ?????

  2. Stan Benton says:

    Do we really need “law enforcement” idiots who don’t even know the first thing about gun safety? “Accidently” shot a neighbor’s home 9 times. Let’s not just charge him, but for Pete’s sake, get him out of law enforcement.

  3. Karen Remnant says:

    How bloody stupid can you get? Oops my bullets hit your home! It wasn’t down to this idiots judgement that no-one was killed!
    If this moron has no idea of the capabilities of the guns he is playing with then he shouldn’t be allowed anywhere near them!
    Not charging him with an offence simply looks like the police are looking out for their own – again! Protect and serve? Only if it’s another cop in the wrong!!

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