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Target: Florida State Senator Alan Hays and Representative Neil Combee

Goal: Don’t require high school students to watch a conservative history documentary in order to graduate

Two Florida state legislators are trying to indoctrinate public school students to conservative viewpoints by requiring that students see a conservative history documentary before they can graduate high school. The legislators, Senator Alan Hays and Representative Neil Combee, are attempting to counter what they see as the “erroneous” and “anti-American” content of public school American history classes. The documentary, called America: Imagine the World Without Her is violently slavery- and genocide-apologist.

America: Imagine the World Without Her was made by conservative pundit Dinesh D’Souza. In his own words, his film addresses critiques of the country’s past, including slavery and its treatment of Native Americans, and “zooms in on them to see which parts are true and which are completely false.” Apparently this attracted the attention of Senator Hays and Representative Combee, who think that public school students in Florida are being subjected to negative “lies” about America’s history and influence on the world. To provide a counterpoint to these “misrepresentations,” the two legislators are trying to make sure every student sees D’Souza’s film before they can graduate with a high school diploma.

This is nothing but conservatives trying to push their whitewashed propaganda into public schools more than it already is. Sign the petition below to demand that Senator Hays and Representative Combee abandon their proposed legislation at once.


Dear Senator Hays and Representative Combee,

I am writing you today regarding your Senate Bill 96 and House Bill 77, respectively. These efforts are transparent attempts at whitewashing the history of America and should not be wasting the legislature’s time.

Dinesh D’Souza, the creator of America: Imagine a World Without Her, says that his film was made to address the idea, which he says is constantly drummed into the minds of America’s school and college students, that the United States is a global “disgrace.” The film seems to focus mostly on the slavery and treatment of Native Americans that defined this nation for so many years before and after its founding.

Alarmingly, though, it tries to excuse these vile cornerstones of America’s empire. Condemning slavery and the genocide of Native Americans should not be a politicized issue. Likewise, admitting that the America we know today was built on the backs of African slaves and the genocide of millions of Native Americans should not be a politicized issue. These are facts that must be acknowledged and respected.

Mandating that D’Souza’s film be viewed by every student in Florida before graduating high school is an attempt to actively erase these facts to preserve the “patriotic” notion that America has been and continues to be a force of universal good. It is offensive and evil. I demand that you abandon your proposals at once.


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Photo credit: Mark Taylor via Wikimedia Commons

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  1. I will not sign this petition. There are multiple sides to every story. This is one. The liberals have a monopoly on promoting their agenda in public schools. This is obvious because the public schools are ruled by unions/union employees. One must send their child to a private school for a well rounded education. Seems this is one step in the right direction to do that. Give the kids the facts from all angles and let THEM DECIDE what THEY believe. Stop polluting the minds of the next generation with your one sided BS. BTW: whoever wants to yap nonsense that I am a Republican can just take their fiction and stick it where the sun does not shine. I am the disenfranchised and ALIGN WITH NO POLITICAL party. And I am totally disappointed that ForceChange would promote this type of petition…a petition to stop the flow of information! SHAME ON YOU ALL!!!!!!

  2. REALLY. They are indoctrinated with liberal garbage throughout school. Why can’t they watch just ONE conservative point of view? What is so wrong with that?

  3. Stan Benton says:

    Actually for American History, the schools should study the works of Howard Zinn, to get an accurate idea of what went on during the past few centuries. Most American History that is taught is all rose-colored, and tells how wonderful we’ve always been. And no, it’s hardly “liberal”. And we certainly don’t need more propaganda from so-called “conservatives” wasting time that could be spend on improving the minds of our young. Haven’t noticed any private school giving anything “rounded”, but they do give away a bunch of money that could be better spent on improving public schools.

  4. marie parker says:

    I will not sign off on this one, schools are already way to liberal.

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