End Cruel Animal Declawing

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Target: Linda Rosenthal, Assemblywoman from Manhattan

Goal: Ban cruel animal declawing operations in New York State

New York State may become the first state to make declawing cats, and other animals, illegal. State assemblywoman Linda Rosenthal is behind this compassionate legislation. Declawing is actually amputation and is equivalent to a human having the end of his or her finger (up to the first joint) removed. Taking a cat’s claws is inhumane and painful—passing this legislation is long overdue.

Rosenthal was inspired by animal rights activists to introduce this legislation. If this legislation passes, declawing cats and other pets will be illegal in New York State, except if the procedure is medically necessary to improve an animal’s life. New York would be the first state to pass a law of this nature.

Currently, Rosenthal is looking for a co-sponsor for this bill to help it pass both the House and Senate and make its way to the governor’s desk. By signing this petition, you give Rosenthal the leverage of the people as you will stand with Rosenthal for the animals of New York State. End the cruel practice of declawing in New York State, and encourage the ban to spread across the country.


Dear Assemblywoman Rosenthal,

I am writing to support your movement to make declawing illegal in New York State. Declawing a cat is debilitating and incredibly painful. Declawing is equivalent to amputating up to the first joint of a human finger—an incredibly inhumane practice.

Defending animals in a legal setting is not very popular in America today. Animals need every advocate they can get, especially representatives within the government. This is not the first time that you have made legislative decisions in favor of animals. Your influence makes a huge difference in the lives of New York’s animals. Thank you for understanding the plight of domesticated animals, and making a true difference in their lives.

Please use my signature, as well as the other signatures that this petition generates, to move the declawing legislation through the House and Senate. I support your decision to make declawing illegal and it is my hope that if this bill passes into law, other states will follow New York’s lead and put an end to the debilitating practice of declawing. Please continue ruling on behalf of the domesticated animals of New York.


[Your Name Here]

Photo credit: Howcheng via Wikimedia Commons

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  1. Kitty Candelaria says:

    Can you imagine having the first knuckle on your fingers and toes in some cases cut off with a pair a clippers? This is what de-clawing does to cats. It also prevents the animal from being able to defend itself if confronted by a predator or an obnoxious child. Where are the veterinarians on this issue. I would think they would be in support of stopping this cruel and inhumane treatment….oh that’s right they get paid to do it!

  2. Let the evil humans who force this vile torture on innocent animals experience it themselves and see how they like it! People involved in this must have ice in their veins. I don’t know how they can even sleep at night.

  3. Oh HELL, yah!!!! Onychectomy is seriously nothing but MUTILATION (read “sanctioned, lifetime torture”), and the vets who agree to mutilate cats in this way, for money, are equally to blame! If you’ve ever seen the severe EMOTIONAL damage these poor cats ALSO suffer as a result (aside from the ongoing physical pain), it’s not hard to realize how beastly this horrendous prodecure truly is. After all, we’re supposedly not still back in the Dark Ages, in effect ‘burning’ witches’ “familiars.” Save the poor cats from a lifetime of misery!

  4. Cecily Colloby says:

    Rip out the finger nails of those who carry out this torture!Presumably this is carried out by vets?? They should be struck off…

  5. I never let my cats to declawed cuz it would hurt them and to be protected and self-defensed,

  6. Anyone declawing a cat should have their fingertips, from the third knuckle up, amputated. That’s what they do to cats. Sickening.

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