Cop Who Took Nude Photos of Female Suspect Must be Jailed

Target: Criminal Court Judge Lee Coffee

Goal: Ex-cop convicted of fondling and taking nude photos of a female suspect must serve jail time.

A former Tennessee detective who abused his power to coerce a female suspect into posing for nude photographs may not have to serve his six-year sentence in jail if the state’s Criminal Court rules that six years of probation is sufficient punishment. The detective, James Bishof, has demonstrated that he is a danger to others. Demand that the judge responsible for his punishment enforce Bishof’s six-year prison sentence.

James Bishof was a detective with Tennessee’s Shelby County Sheriff’s Office when, in 2011, he coerced a female suspect accused of assaulting her boyfriend into undressing so that he could, ostensibly, take photos of her injuries. He did this again with the same suspect at a later date when he showed up at her private residence and took more naked photos of her. During this incident, Bishof also groped the woman and made sexual advances.

The woman said about the whole ordeal that she did not feel like she could resist allowing the photographs to be taken because he “had a badge and a gun.” Bishof pled guilty to these charges and was sentenced to six years in prison. However, this sentence may be reduced to a mere six years of probation.

This was a flagrant abuse of power and a demonstration of Bishof’s predatory nature. He should not be allowed any freedom over the course of his sentence. Sign the petition below to demand that the criminal court judge presiding over Bishof’s future hearing makes him serve his sentence behind bars.


Dear Judge Coffee,

I am writing you today regarding your hearing regarding former detective James Bishof. He has been sentenced to six years in prison for his crimes, but at this hearing you will have the option to commute his sentence to six years on probation. I urge you not to do this.

James Bishof used his position as a sheriff’s detective to coerce a female suspect to undress so he could take naked photographs of her, grope her, and make sexual advances towards her. It is for these crimes that he was convicted and sentenced to six years in prison. He, unfortunately, represents the worst possible kind of person to give a badge and a gun to: the ones that have no qualms over betraying the trust of the public those objects afford them for their own gain.

The sexual nature of Bishof’s crimes make them especially heinous. Through his actions Bishof has demonstrated his lack of moral character. In essence, he has demonstrated that he is a predator and a danger to others around him, especially women.

This was a horrific abuse of power that warrants exercising the fullest extent of the law. Because of this, giving Bishof a mere six years’ probation does not suffice. I urge you to make sure that Bishof spends his six year punishment in prison.


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Photo credit: DoxTxob via Wikimedia Commons

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  1. As deplorable as his actions were….six years in prison seems ridiculous when people KILL a person, and do far less time.
    It isn’t stated, but presumably he’s lost his job….ergo his career…so his actions have already cost him hundreds of thousands of dollars, a much higher ‘fine’ than many corporations face for producing faulty products that again, KILL people.
    Perhaps the budget could be balanced…by getting rid of the judiciary entirely, since some people here feel that it is extraneous, and they know just how ‘justice’ should be dispensed….think of the savings, no courthouses, no judges, no secretaries, bailiffs,…no more onerous jury duty, etc. What a novel approach! Let’s just have a public ‘trial’ in the ‘court’ of random opinion! (sarcasm intended!)

  2. I agree with one of the Facebook entries. There seems to be some information missing in this case. I signed and then in reflection think there isn’t enough of the story here, though clearly the detective abused his power. Also – aren’t female officers supposed to do the body searching? and for him to go back to the suspect’s residence. No he is guilty of something for sure, but as the person commented 6 years in prison seems perhaps extreme when murderers get off with much less and sometimes no time.

  3. Karen Remnant says:

    Would a civilian be sentenced to 6 years? If so then fair enough. If not he should be punished accordingly. Yes he abused his position and has list his job. Who is going to employ this scum now? And it’s another bad apple out of the barrel! That can only be good.

  4. ricardo magaro says:

    I do not agree with pictures of naked women for these occasions, because it also should have photos of naked men, why always women?

  5. What a pig! I hope he got ordered compensation in cash for the victim too – or should that be victimS?

  6. Dove Shientag-Betts says:

    If an everyday citizen committed this heinous invasion of privacy, it would be considered an act of perversion. Prison doesn’t serve any purpose, as whatever possessed him to commit this act will no remove the deviant behavior. He needs to be, psychologically assessed to see why he did what he did and to determine if he is a future threat to society. As well, if not already done, he needs to be, permanently, removed from the police force. Prison is not, always, the correct solution. We, already, have overcrowded prisons filled with inmates serving long sentences for lesser crimes.

    • He already is a threat to society… What do you mean??? We do not know how many other times he might of already raped in his heart other victims!! He doesn’t need to be evaluated!! He needs to be put out of his worthless misery!!! He is a pervert that was caught and nothing is going to be done about it!! Most people would be required to register as a sex offender.. oh no , but not dear ole detective man!!! He has prestige … He is like most women in our culture who can violate the law and rape and abuse and not pay a cost..That is unless you are poor, unattractive, old and of another color other than white! Fact .. not fiction….

  7. “….six years in prison seems ridiculous when people KILL a person, and do far less time.”

    So… because there’s a lack of justice in those cases, that excuses a lack of justice in this case?

    I don’t think so.

    • “six years in prison seems ridiculous when people KILL a person, and do far less time.”
      So… because there’s a lack of justice in those cases, that excuses a lack of justice in this case?
      I don’t think so.”

      Not at all….it’s all about proportionate sentencing. Any sentence that is far outside the norm for the offence, or far harsher than that typically given for lesser offenses is automatically grounds for appeal. THAT is not justice either. The reality is that ANY prison sentence for a 61 year old former Police Officer is most likely a DEATH SENTENCE. While I understand the lynch mentality of many here….the reality is that this offense simply doesn’t warrant a death warrant…..except in the minds of those who only want blood.

      Fortunately, the Judge (who’s heard ALL the evidence in the case)is supposed to make his ruling DISPASSIONATELY….and NOT ’emotionally’, based on a myriad of criteria….only a few of which have been revealed by those wanting people to sign on to the petition blindly….and long before the Judge even renders his sentence. It always amazes me the depths of vitriol expressed by people who otherwise would be categorized as ‘bleeding heart liberals’.

  8. I have said it before and i will say it again! A crime is only a crime depending on the the economic bracket the predator falls in. It depends on your looks, your sex, age and color!! This makes me want to vomit!! There are no laws anymore!! None that people ought to place their faith!! Its all corrupt and it trickles down and poisons the whole system. You can no longer depend on a judge, prosecutor, cop or politician to do the right thing! I’m sure this depraved worthless piece of hanging flesh will get off!! Unless someone decides to do something about it themselves! World full of sad sick beast!

  9. Firstly, 6 years for this offense is pathetically long and not justifiable even if this detective is found guilty. Secondly, there are too many women who are accusing men of sexual offenses and trying to get compensated. All the facts are not here and there is a very good possibility that this woman could have agreed to all of this without these “fear” claims.

  10. KatWrangler says:

    A civilian wouldn’t and shouldn’t get probation for this crime – and James Bishof is NO better then any other criminal. He’s a predator, and needs to be locked up for quite a while.

  11. I signed, but I think the sentence is harsh. He should go to jail but six years is too much.

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