Stop the Horrific Slaughter of Dogs for Leather


Target: President Xi Jinping of the People’s Republic of China

Goal: Stop slaughtering dogs for leather

Dogs are being killed using brutal methods in Chinese leather processing facilities, and the horrifying details were recently uncovered in an investigation by PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals). In a video taken by a PETA investigator, dogs are seen being led through a room and systematically bludgeoned over the head. Dog corpses litter the blood soaked ground as the workers greedily wait for the dogs to die an agonizing death, knives and meat cleavers in hand.

The dogs’ skins are torn off and made into leather, which is then fashioned into clothing and other products before being sent around the world to be sold to unwitting customers. According to PETA, China is a major source of the world’s leather. What’s more, the Chinese government imposes no laws against those who kill animals for their pelts.

Owners of dogs know that they exhibit hallmarks of conscious experience, such as complex emotional and cognitive abilities. Dogs are intelligent and sensitive creatures with the capacity to love, reason, and suffer. Man’s best friend does not deserve to experience such cruelty. It should be the right of every dog to be loved by humans, not tormented by them. Please sign this petition to demand that the Chinese government pass legislation that explicitly prohibits such sickening cruelty toward dogs.


Dear President Xi,

The sickening treatment of dogs in Chinese leather processing facilities must be stopped. A disturbing investigation conducted by PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) has come to light, in which an investigator documented the barbaric treatment of dogs within Chinese leather plants. In a video circulated by PETA, dogs are seen being bludgeoned in an assembly line fashion, and falling to the floor among their dying companions. Once they are snatched up from the blood soaked floor, which is littered with entrails, they are butchered and skinned. The leather is then sent out around the world, to customers who unwittingly support such brutality.

Dogs are a curious and intelligent species, and they are beloved by millions around the world. Furthermore, they exhibit many traits that are hallmarks of conscious awareness. They are capable of showing love toward their owners, they have the ability to reason and solve complex problems, and most importantly, they exhibit clear signs of a capacity to suffer. I am disgusted by these findings, and I ask that you use your power to initiate an immediate change in animal cruelty laws, so that dogs are protected from such heinous treatment within the People’s Republic of China. Dogs should never be treated in such a brutal fashion, and those who treat them in such cruel ways should be prosecuted to the fullest extent.


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  1. Stop this abuse now! !!

  2. marga terstal says:

    stop this cruelty

  3. Andrew McClure Andrew McClure says:

    I want to thank those of you who have signed—I’m really happy to have gotten so many signatures in the first day!

    I also want to remind you that we can only get the attention of President Xi Jinping if LOTS of people come on board, so please share with friends on social media.

  4. God damn China!

  5. 这仅仅是非常典型的野蛮中国人。我希望整个中国将会消失从地球的面貌 – 永远。这将是甩掉包袱坏的垃圾。他们不适合自称人类。(This is just so typical of the barbaric Chinese. I wish the whole of China would disappear off the face of the earth – forever. It would be good riddance to bad rubbish. They are not fit to call themselves humans).

  6. Alexandre Engelen says:

    It was my intention to visit China this year. I decided no longer to go! I am interested in culture but not in barbarism!

  7. craig davis says:

    We need to STOP purchasing goods made in China, as part of this is due to American companies’ greed in obtaining the biggest profit, and undercutting the cost on manufacturing the goods. Look at how many dogs have died from dog treats made unsafely to save money in China, that are sold in stores all over the USA.

  8. Sam Outhorn says:

    Maybe try turning your own hides into leather instead, China and friends! Left on your bones they only contaminate the world with evil!

  9. Jennifer connacher says:

    I weep for the poor animals in China at the hands of the Chinese Barbarics,
    Such a helpless situation when you read more and more dogs in China every day suffer the most terrible death.

    In the name of all the poor animals that have suffered and died in the hands of China Barbarics I swear never ever to buy anything made in China and never ever to visit ..

  10. Oliver Cheeatow says:

    May the day come when this barbaric and brutal killing of dogs stop! If this day cannot arrive soon enough then may the day come when the hammers are turned on every dog killer and those who run the killing factories!

  11. C Friedrich says:

    This kind of torture and abuse is Inexcusable , Unacceptable and Inhuman
    Poverty your not , just a lame excuse to continue your torture and inhuman abuse to all animals … dogs , tigers and cats , etc . Anything with 4 legs you kill it . This whole culture needs to be wiped out off the face of this earth – your an embarrassment to all human race . You need to suffer the same torture that these poor defenceless animals do everyone of you !

    貧窮不是你的,只是一個蹩腳的藉口來繼續你的酷刑和不人道的虐待到所有的動物……狗,老虎和貓。任何與4條腿,你殺了它。這整個文化需要被消滅掉這個地球上 – 你的尷尬到所有人類。您需要將遭受同樣的折磨,這些可憐的動物手無寸鐵大家做你!

  12. China, again ??? Can’t we just remove every single animal from that barbaric country ?!?! Knowing the torturous cruelty that helpless animals face in China (each and every single day), why do we continue to import any products from the Chinese ???

  13. Karen Tipping says:

    The whole world should be made aware of China and it’s barbarism/callous indifference toward sentient creatures.
    Skinning and boiling live cats dogs rabbits chickens and torturing them first. The images are extremely distressing to see BUT THE PAIN AND SUFFERING OF THOSE POOR VOICELESS SOULS IS MUCH WORSE. BOYCOTT THAT DAMNED COUNTRY

  14. Karen Tipping says:


  15. Who, in God’s name, needs leather so desperately?! — AND, if you did, how can anyone, in their right mind, treat animals in such a cruel way? Where’s your conscience? Where’s your rationality? Where’s your compassion? Where’s your ability to CHOOSE?


  17. Marie Boyle says:

    Please, find a much more peaceful, merciful, painless way to conduct the business. there are ways. there is no need to hit them over the head until they die. this is all I ask. to let the dogs die painlessly, peacefully and mercifully. Please.

  18. we need to boy cot there goods and country pity cant get same one to deal with this horrid country for good

  19. Andrew McClure Andrew McClure says:

    I would like to add that the photo license can be found here:

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