Don’t Brainwash Kids with NRA Talking Points

Pro Gun Control Rally

Target: South Carolina House Majority Leader Bruce W. Bannister

Goal: Don’t force schools to spend three weeks on a biased pro-gun course approved by the NRA

The National Rifle Association is trying to force its viewpoints onto young children by requiring South Carolina schools to take three weeks out of their yearly lesson plan to talk about the Second Amendment from a pro-gun perspective. The recently proposed bill says that these lessons have to be approved or created by the NRA, stating that “the State Superintendent of Education shall adopt a curriculum developed or recommended by the National Rifle Association or its successor organization.”

The NRA and pro-gun activists are supposed to be in favor of the government staying out of people’s business, and yet the NRA itself is attempting to force its beliefs into the minds of children by requiring schools to teach only things that have been pre-approved by the organization, including its warped interpretation of the Second Amendment. Three weeks is a significant amount of time to spend on a single amendment for any school when some of them don’t spend that long covering the history of slavery or World War II.

This bill is clearly an attempt to brainwash young kids into agreeing with the NRA’s point of view. It’s absolutely unacceptable that any governing body would consider implementing a required biased curriculum. By signing this petition, you’ll demand that South Carolina legislators reject this bill and protect the state’s children from NRA-approved brainwashing.


Dear Representative Bannister,

A bill has been introduced to the South Carolina congress that would require all of the state’s schools to spend three weeks each year talking about the Second Amendment. The lesson plan for these three weeks has to either be approved or created by the National Rifle Association. Clearly, this is an attempt by a political organization to force its viewpoints onto impressionable young children.

The NRA has a clear opinion on the Second Amendment and how it should be interpreted, and there is every reason to believe that it will not be impartial when approving or creating lesson plans on the subject. Allowing this bill to pass would insert a heavy bias into your state’s school system. Not only will the curriculum basically be brainwashing children, but it would also take up an entire three weeks of the school year. This is rather excessive considering many schools spend less time educating students on much bigger topics, including entire wars and decades of U.S. history.

I urge you to block this bill from passing. Political agendas should not be forced into our schools. Primary school is supposed to consist of learning about the unbiased basics of the most important topics so that our young people can learn to think for themselves and form their own opinions. It’s absolutely unacceptable that the NRA would be allowed to tell South Carolina’s children how they should feel about gun rights and gun control.


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  1. Children need to learn both sides so they can make an educated decision for themselves some day. The second amendment is important and should be taught in schools, just like the rest of the bill of rights and other points in the constitution. This petition is stupid and I am shaking my head at ForceChange promoting this. I will not sign and I will not promote or share this. Someone is trying to promote ignorance and/or a single side of an argument. The children deserve all of the facts, not just the ones some mis-guided activist believes.

    • This petition isn’t about banning teaching kids about the 2nd Amendment, but stopping a clearly biased organization from forcing schools to spend a ridiculous amount of time on it using lesson plans that they approve or write themselves. Why should schools spend more time on the 2nd Amendment than the rest of the amendments combined? That’s not “learning both sides,” that’s indoctrination to the NRA’s point of view.

    • No matter what you believe, THREE WEEKS?!

  2. This is so appalling it goes beyond words. Isn’t this what Hitler did to brainwash german youngsters. Kids r supposed to b taught facts
    Not frigging beliefs of others. America is bad enough already with gun control, and usage knowledge. Ppl give ur heads a shake and realise this is a bad thing
    Vote NO!

  3. Stan Benton says:

    The 2nd Amendment is about having a militia, not individual gun ownership per se, but we would never expect the NRA to admit this, nor their ignorant followers to know this. With our bloated military we hardly even need a militia anymore, so it might be time to repeal the 2nd Amendment. Certainly its signers were thinking of protecting your family, with the musket-like weapons of the time, not allowing the mentally disturbed to run around with automatic weapons of war. And to waste 3 weeks of school time throwing hateful propaganda at our kids is disgusting.

    • Janet Julien says:

      The ones that are mentally disturbed are the ones that think that a policeman enroute will solve everything while they lay dying on the floor from the home invaders that have come in and shot or stabbed them for whatever they could find for stealing.

    • Frank Staples says:

      Stan Benton obviously has no idea what the origins of the 2nd Amendment are, or how the 2nd absolutely defends the 1st. Do a little research there Stanley before sounding like just another silly gun control freak. The origins are well documented.

  4. Anyone with common sense, let alone those of us with extensive knowledge concerning child development, know that children should only be taught what is age appropriate. In other words, while all of the Amendments, including the 2nd, are taught in junior and senior high school history classes, children in grade school are TOO YOUNG to understand and comprehend any of this. What it amounts to is ignorant adults not understanding what a young child is and isn’t capable of understanding. It’s these same IGNORANT PARENTS that are the ones in need of education. How many more children have to die because of parental stupidity ???

  5. But people like the petitioner are fine with organizations like Every Town For Gun Safety and teachers who are anti gun spreading there prejudices through out the educational system. And people who all of a sudden think the Second Amendment’s interpretation is wrong are just showing their prejudices. No less than the Assistant Secretary General of Interpol (and if you don’t know what that is look it up) has now publicly stated something that many police in this country already know. At least the rank and file and not officers in debt to a politician who appointed them to their administrative positions. And that is now, more than ever, people need to be able to protect themselves. Especially in view of terrorism’s change to a policy of increasingly attacking “soft” targets such as malls, shopping centers, newspaper/ magazine offices, etc. with small terror cells of people. The only other option is police cordons constantly around such targets and checking every single person for weapons. That is the only other option to even attempt to ensure safety. And it is logistically and financially impossible. Research Richard Noble – Interpol and read it for yourself. You might learn something!

  6. Myrna Burdick says:

    See Linsey’s comments – very well put.

    There is a book written by an NRA official – he
    tells why the group loves all the dissent about them
    as it gets the “good ole boys” all fired up and
    frothing at the mouth.

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