Demand Gap Clothing Store Go Fur-Free


Target: Glenn K. Murphy, Chairman and CEO Gap Inc. & Intermix

Goal: Stop selling fur products at Gap stores

The use of real fur in fashion involves the inhumane treatment of animals. Some of the biggest American brands continue to patronize these gory operations. Small-animal fur is often harvested while the animal is still alive because euthanasia is expensive and any fatal shot or puncture could ruin the desired skin. Tell Gap Inc. to join dozens of other companies and go 100 percent fur free.

In a recent statement giant clothing retailer Gap Inc. justify selling a variety of fur products because “[newly acquired company Intermix] select merchandise that appeals to their customer base,” and the items are, “not products designed by or manufactured for Gap Inc. or one of our brands.” Although one would assume that the acquisition of Intermix by Gap Inc. would categorize it as one of “their” brands and that thus accountability would also transfer.

Apparently aimed towards a wealthier clientele, a sample product from Intermix, a leather clutch with a square of genuine kangaroo fur, sells for a discounted $1,299 (reduced from $2,190). Intermix also uses furs from rabbits, coyotes, foxes, minks, and Asiatic raccoon dogs. The fur industry uses many unsavory practices such as bludgeoning animals with metal rods in an attempt to render them unconscious, often causing convulsions and breaking bones, they confine them in small cages, and often electrocute them before skinning them alive. Steps are carefully taken to not puncture the fur, and costs are kept down by avoiding euthanasia. In fact, the animals are often skinned alive.

Let’s add our voices to the outcry and condemn Gap Inc. for continuing to demand the harvest of animal fur. Previously, Gap responded to a similar petition and promised to end fur sales at its Piperlime brand stores. Sign below and tell the leadership at Gap Inc. to purge Intermix of real-fur items.


Dear Mr. Murphy,

Recently, Gap Inc. acquired the retailer Intermix and, unfortunately, continues to sell its fur products. The use of fur in superfluous fashionable items is viewed by many as supremely disconnected from human compassion. The continued harvest of animal skins for purely aesthetic reasons is a blight on the Gap brand.

Before declarations are made to use only humanely sourced fur, I must remind you that there is no ethical fur. There is no humane way to strip an animal of its fur when the warmth it provides is not desperately needed. In the past, humans skinned large animals to shield themselves from harsh, cold conditions. To continue this tradition in lining clutches, satchels, vests, dickeys, and shoes is an insult to the insulation the fur provided the original animal.

Although they might be among your most profitable products, please come up with new sources of revenue and join ANN INC., Stella McCartney, Calvin Klein, Ralph Lauren, J. Crew, and dozens of other companies in going 100 percent fur free.


[Your Name Here]

Photo Credit: Lisa G. Leming via WikiMedia Commons

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  1. Rosemary Anderson says:

    Selling fur products is an obscenity you disgust me. Shame shame on you

  2. Fur farms are the one of the worst animal torture chambers in existence. These poor suffering animals are often skinned alive and, literally, go insane!
    No decent country should allow these horrors, perpetrated by the idiotic inhumane and selfish desire for fur. It is sickeningly cruel. Show some compassion, decency and morality and stop selling fur. No one needs it! There are many other ways to satisfy your greed and make money without causing such misery to sweet, gentle, affectionate and intelligent animals!

  3. Cecily Colloby says:

    Gap,you are simply obscene,as are those who buy the products of such unimaginable suffering…

  4. I will never shop in Gap ever again or any other shop who sell real fur, and anyone who buys from them are no better than the people who shop there, and those who own these premises, this is an absolute barbaric act of cruelty, these poor animals who are entrapped for months maybe longer just for their fur is unbeleiveble call themselves human, MORAN’S MORE LIKE IT and all in the name of greed and pathetic vanity SHAME ON YOU, THIS DREADFUL PICTURE SHOWN OF A FOX WHO HAS BITTEN ITS LEG IN STRESS, ENTRAPMENT AND PAIN, HOW CAN YOU PEOPLE LIVE WITH YOURSELFS AND SLEEP AT NIGHT

  5. Disgraceful, violent action should be taken against these outlets to get the message across

  6. For a “family friendly store” you are nothing but an abusive, in humane, violent act of cruelty. Shame on the cruelty you act upon such innocence. Absolute disgust.

  7. Personally, I boycott companies that sell fur. Don’t put money in their pockets.
    It is 2015, not the ice age . Fur is NOT NEEDED !!! Fur is exploitation, cruelty and barbaric murder.


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