Stop the Slaughter of Polar Bears

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Target: Prime Minister Stephen Harper

Goal: Stop the legal sport hunting of polar bears by non-natives

Polar bears were the first vertebrate species to be listed as threatened by global warming by the U.S. Endangered Species Act, but climate change isn’t their only enemy. In Canada, hunting polar bears is still legal, not only by indigenous people who depend on the bears for food, but also by non-native sport hunters with a native guide. Though melting polar ice and lack of food are the major contributors to polar bear population decrease, hunting cannot be ignored as a significant factor. The exploitation of these unique and endangered animals by non-native hunters needs to stop before we lose the polar bear forever.

Currently, Inuit populations depend upon polar bear hunting as part of their income. A polar bear can feed over a dozen people and big game hunters from other countries may pay up to $50,000 to hunt one of these animals. That’s a lot of income for impoverished communities, but allowing an entire species to go extinct because the government isn’t adequately caring for its people is entirely unethical.

According to native people in areas with polar bear populations, the animals aren’t endangered and populations are stable, if not increasing. Populations of bears that live farther north face threats that southern-dwelling bears don’t, such as habitat fragmentation from melting ice. There are a lot of variables at work, and more investigation needs to be done as to the condition of the overall polar bear population.

To eradicate some of this sport hunting, the Canadian government needs to better support its indigenous people. Inuit people have been historically forced off of their lands and many communities now face poverty and rampant substance abuse. Rather than forcing these communities to rely on the exploitation of animals by non-natives, support them at their roots by lowering housing costs and increasing the availability of health care. Ask the native communities what can be done to help them; they know best what they need, and aiding the Inuit communities will result in a better world for humans and animals alike.

Sign the petition below to urge the Prime Minister of Canada to protect polar bear populations by working to improve the livelihood of the Inuit people.


Dear Prime Minister Harper,

Polar bears are an important source of nutrition and income for many indigenous Canadians, including Inuit people, but much of the hunting that goes on is done by non-native big game hunters accompanied by native guides. The appeal of this service is obvious—with rates that go as high as $50,000 per trip, this is an incredibly lucrative business for native people.

Unfortunately, even though polar bear populations appear to be stable in northern Canada, the same is not true farther north. As ice melts, polar bears find it harder and harder to find food and shelter, and many drown trying to reach a safe destination. We need to take action now to save them before they go extinct.

This is a difficult issue because the livelihood of Inuit people depends upon polar bears for food and income. Rather than pushing for the banning of hunting at the expense of Inuit lives, I ask that you tackle these issues together. If we can improve the living situations of Inuit people, we can eliminate some of the necessity of allowing foreign, non-native big game hunters to exploit the polar bear population

Inuit people deserve more opportunities than they currently have. Affordable housing, access to medical care, and more jobs are goals that will help improve the quality of life for poor communities in Canada and, by extension, also help save the dwindling worldwide polar bear population. Please use your platform as Prime Minister of Canada to advocate for polar bear preservation by encouraging the Canadian government to help the native people.


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Photo credit: Clayoquot via Wikimedia Commons

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  2. Hendrika moss says:

    I thought canadians where civilized but every time I hear those things i have my doubts. The people who do those kind of murders for money are cowardly barbarian bastards

  3. Please STOP they already have enough to deal with !!!!

  4. Cecily Colloby says:

    Anyone who wants to kill ANYTHING is twisted and sick….

    • Elizabeth Bona says:

      Fuck native people, why should they get away with outdated shit ? Inuits are like Chinese people in looks and actions.

      • Fuck you, Elizabeth Bona. Talking shit about Inuit before looking the real things around the north. We are certainly not like Chinese in looks AND actions. Go rot in hell, piece of shit bitch for hating ALL INUIT for this racist, misinformation post. Believing everything ignorant people post on the internet. You must be a fucking racist person too. And look at the fucking background of your own race. Sickening!

  5. Just leave them alone. Simple.

  6. Monsters are real!

  7. Alexandre Engelen says:

    Want to be part of the destructive people of this planet … this is not worthy of a premiership! Take action and show the world what really is Canada!

  8. How the words “hunting” and “sport” can be used in the same sentence always amazes me. If these hunters are so brave then leave the guns behind and make it a fair fight. The murder of an indigenous animal in its natural environment is never justified.

  9. trudi ridge says:

    I think it is so so wrong and so so sad,we will be left with no wildlife in Africa,Asia or anywhere soon!!What is wrong with the mentality of people that have to kill these precious animals and seals etc!!Hoe can you enjoy killing and get a kick out of it,it really saddens me that one day wild animals will only be in books,on film etc!We must not let this continue and put a stop to it now please,before it is too late!!

  10. The inuit are just as bad as the non native hunters. they kill for profits and make ridiculous claims about populations sizes that arent factual .Has anyone seen how proud they are to kill the narwhal just fro its horn so they can sell it overseas? Do most people know that cancer rates in inuit are so high it kills heaps of them a year becuase of their meat rich diets.I think honestly if you want to protect people and nature, you remove people fromt he artic, declare it a conservation area like antartica and allow the natural processes to happen properly unhindered by man,any man not just white people.

    • Inuit do not solely hunt for profit. Big game catches are almost always shared openly with community members.for example narwhal would be shared at a community feast. Also your talking about relocating a whole race of people, screw their culture,way of life, their home… I’m sorry but as an inuk I’d rather stay where I was born and raised and protect the land as much as I can… Because if our people are gone our land will surely be used for either oil or mineral extraction.. Which seems to me the rest of the world sees as a more “civilised means of extinction”.. This is so ridiculous. Do you have no culture?

    • We don’t kill for profits, we kill for food. Get your facts straight before judging. And we don’t kill narwhales just for its horn. OMG! The whole animal is rated and used for other things. Sometimes we do sell the horn but it’s white people asking to buy stuff like that. There are so many offers that they don’t even post it to sell it. Your post is racist as the original post. Smh.






  12. Animals, Polar Bears, have the right to live —

    When hunting or poaching, you’re taking away their life — YOU DO NOT HAVE THE RIGHT!

    If you’re addicted to shooting, get another target — buy a bullseye or a caseload of cans and get your jollies that way!


    • Were not SLAUGHTERING polar bears! And it’s not your land, outs OURS! You and your people took out from us! It’s not your animal and your wildlife!

  13. “So many people insist they are against animal abuse, cruelty, suffering and the inhumane treatment of animals, yet they don’t understand they are actively engaging in and supporting egregious suffering, abuse, cruelty and inhumane treatment when they eat animals and their ‘by-products.’ If you are against cruelty, suffering and inhumane treatment, then you go vegan. It’s just that simple.” – Sarah Kiser

  14. We do not SLAUGHTER polar bears! Their very dangerous and they come into town so sometimes they need to be shot to protect other people including children from any harm. We eat them but we don’t sell the pelt for 10,000 dollars. Somebody writing this post is over EXAGGERATING and sounds a bit RACIST. Making up stories so everybody hates us! Like come on, most of the time the pelts are kept to make warmer clothing and when they are sold, they go barely up to 2,000 dollars. Get your facts straight and look up how much grocery store food prices up north.

    • Thank you for setting the record straight. I’m sorry some people are so ignorant in their responses on this topic. I’ve never been to your area, but watch a lot of nature shows about the polar bears, and while I mourn for their decline, I’ve also seen film of them wandering through villages and the problems they can cause. I think the Inuit People are very responsible in their dealings with them. I think the government needs to stop trophy hunting though. I doubt the Polar Bears would vanish if only the Native People were allowed to hunt. They have respect for their land and it’s resources.

  15. Paul Murphy says:

    Jenna and Anulik. I wouldn’t even debate with these racist and ignorant (in the lack of smarts area)posters. Their minds are made up by a lot of bullshit from the likes of this apparent uneducated Melissa Nicholson. As well as people like Greenpeace. You and I (a 26 year resident of Nunavut) know the truth.

  16. Kate Marie Brightland says:


  17. This needs to be readdressed to Justin Trudeau. Harper is gone!

  18. In other countries where Native People relied on hunting endangered species to feed their families, their income sources were redirected to protect the species. In Africa, instead of hunting Sulcata Tortoises they were hired to work at a Reserve where they breed and protect them, and give tours, etc. The same as been done with Elephants, Lions, etc. Perhaps programs could be developed for the Inuit to create Nature Education Programs, do Photo Expeditions, Living History Exhibit’s to showcase their unique way of life, Fishing, etc. You can’t expect an entire community to give up revenue that they need to survive without coming up with alternatives. Our country doesn’t have a very good track record in regards to our Native Populations… we could do much better!

  19. Best Wishes to you my friends and Great Protection ?

    Nature treats back now ?
    Take responsibility for your cruelty
    Live your nightmare now ?

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