Cancel Show Promoting Gay Conversion Therapy on TLC Network

Gay Pride Rally

Target: Discovery Communications, Inc. CEO David M. Zaslav

Goal: Don’t air anti-LBGT TV special promoting dangerous and ineffective “gay conversion therapy”

An anti-LBGT reality TV special promoting the idea that “conversion therapy” works has been scheduled on the TLC television network. The show, titled “My Husband’s Not Gay,” promotes the belief that therapy can change someone’s sexual orientation. Not only has this kind of therapy been rejected by the American Psychiatric Association, it’s considered dangerous to the psychological health of the LGBT individuals who are subjected to it, whether willingly or by coercion.

Fueled by the belief that being transgender or pursuing same-sex relationships is condemned by the Christian Bible, some Christians encourage LBGT individuals to attend conversion therapy in an attempt to change their sexual orientation or gender identity. Not only is this “therapy” widely ineffective, it’s teaches the individual that who they are is fundamentally wrong. This tends to lead to deep self-loathing, depression, and in too many cases, suicide.

So many lives have been lost because LGBT individuals find themselves in an intolerant environment where they’re told that who they are is wrong and worthy of condemnation. A TV special that promotes the idea that this kind of abuse can turn someone straight will only increase the risk of more suicides and cannot be tolerated. Demand that TLC cancel this dangerous TV special and refuse to air anything like it in the future.


Dear Mr. Zaslav,

Your network is planning on airing a reality special titled “My Husband’s Not Gay,” which is intended to promote the idea that “conversion” therapy is effective. Conversion therapy, which has been called unethical by the American Psychiatric Association, is the practice of attempting to change someone’s sexual orientation or gender identity. In practice, it’s always used to attempt to turn someone straight or convince someone not to live as transgender.

Many medical associations in the U.S. alone have condemned conversion therapy as not only ineffective and unsupported by the facts, but dangerous to the individuals subjected to it. There is serious evidence linking this kind of treatment to suicide. LGBT persons in the U.S. are already four times as likely as their peers to commit suicide, and a large part of this is because they’re so often told that who they are is fundamentally wrong.

Airing this TV special would not only be highly unethical as it puts forth false information, its promotion of conversion therapy could lead to more LGBT youth being forced into this damaging treatment, and therefore lead to even more suicides. If you do not want to be responsible for the preventable loss of young life, please immediately cancel “My Husband’s Not Gay” and reject any further programming that promotes the idea that conversion therapy works.


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  1. When you are attracted to a certain gender, i really don’t think you can change it.

    Imagine if gays are trying to turn straight people? It doesn’t work that way either.

    I have lesbian friends whom i used to hang out with during my secondary school years. Not because i am a lesbian, but because they were fun to be around with. But irregardless of it, i am a straight not because i choose to be, but because i just can’t imagine kissing another woman in a romantic way.

    So i’m sorry, i don’t think conversion is going to help at all. Most likely it would just shame/guilt/pressure them into believing they have a problem and thus they would suppressed it.

    Suppressing of emotions and behaviours.. we all know the outcome of it.

    • Dan Gascon says:

      1. the LGBT community is using brain mapping technology against us, using sound signals/vibrations to manipulate peoples brains to accept alternative suggestive sexual suggestions.
      2. the LGBT community does approve of diddling kids… and promote the open sexual awareness confusion with children in low underage kids. Everyone was born a child of a mother, and born male or female, by natural selection, a Godly choice.
      3. the LGBT community does accept bestiality, They feed off of the family pool of sickness and wont eliminated the feelings associated with it. When confronted.. they will show aggressive behaviors and be angry, and will try to force you to be intimidated where it hurt’s most.

      It’s a proving proven proved fact.

      • Amber Stephens says:

        1. Where is your evidence? A quick google search didn’t yield any results to the so called brainwashing.
        2. I don’t even know where to start with this one. First of all, yes pedophilia is utterly disgusting. But pedophiles come from all communities, not just the LGBT one. Grouping all of them together as pedophiles is like saying all white men 35+ years are pedophiles, which obviously isn’t true. And sexual confusion?? Here’s a thought: isn’t heterosexuality pushed onto children far more than lgbt? Parents love to refer to their barely toddler aged boys as a ladies man when a girl barely glances at him, yet they’ll insist he’s too young to know if he’s attracted to men even though they had no problem with a 3 year old wanting to be with a girl yet. It’s complete hypocrisy. And of course you’re looking at this through a religious lens. Homosexuality exists in nature as well; elephants, lions, koalas, cats, dogs, penguins, orcas, and dozens more. There are tons of articles to look at if you want to learn more.
        3. Where did you get this idea? Evidence? Look at point #1. And your last 2 sentences… Of course they’d be angry because you’re accusing them of sex crimes! At that point anyone’s civility would go flying out the window.

  2. Karen Remnant says:

    So called ‘therapist’ are quite simply abusing people for their own gain! Parents need to love and respect their children, regardless!
    The people promoting this crap should be charged with abuse!

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