Abolish Cruel Tiger Farms in China


Target: President Xi Jinping

Goal: Abolish tiger farms in China

Tiger farms are becoming popular among the wealthy in China, where hundreds of these majestic creatures are placed in concrete and metal cages. These tigers are trained to perform for tourists and their bones are used to make wine and other medicinal products. Unfortunately, this demand is leading to the animals’ demise, as more and more tigers are being found in captivity than in the wild. Tell President Xi Jinping to abolish tiger farms, as these operations are inhumane and abusive.

Tiger farms are being visited by the wealthy in China, where tiger-bone wine, tiger rugs, and stuffed tigers are purchased as status symbols. The tigers are trained to perform for tourists and other visitors, and are housed in small, cramped cages that are beginning to rust. While many animal welfare activists oppose this practice, the tiger farm industry states that the drive for tiger products from farms will relieve pressure on tigers in the wild. This logic has been blasted by various conservationist groups; the demand for tiger products has always resulted in the decline of wild tigers, as can be seen in the rise of poaching rates.

Unfortunately, tigers have been threatened for decades. Many Asian countries view their body parts as having medicinal qualities, but these claims have not been held up by modern science. All this killing does is lower the tiger population. Even though a ban has been placed on Chinese medicine shops to stop selling tiger products, the tiger farm industry is still booming. Sign this petition and tell President Xi Jinping to eradicate tiger farms in China, as these operations do nothing beneficial for these majestic creatures.


Dear President Xi Jinping,

In the early 1990s, tiger farms shot up in popularity. With a ban on selling tiger products in Chinese medicine shops, Chinese citizens have turned toward tiger farms to make a profit. These operations care nothing for the animals, and use them simply for profits. Many of these animals have been born in captivity, and have not experienced what it is like to live in the wild.

It greatly upsets me that there are people willing to make money off of the suffering of animals. Tiger farms should be eradicated, as they do nothing for the well-being or survival of tigers. All they do is increase the demand for tigers and their body parts. If these farms truly wanted to improve the livelihood of these majestic creatures then these tigers would be housed in proper enclosures and not be part of a circus act. You have the power to stop this abuse, and I implore you to do so immediately.


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Photo credit: Keven Law via Flickr

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  1. People in China and many other countries have no conscience. They only want to make money!

  2. nada takla says:

    Greedy people spend much money
    ( corruption ) to be able to continue their wicked trade.

    old people would do and pay anything giving them hope of a cure & a long ( often useless )life.

    so, probably the only way to stop these farms is to hurt the owner where it really does = fine them so heavily that they will have no desire to start over again,
    the money used to finance shelters & keepers for the animals , these eould be endangered if set free.

  3. Julie van Niekerk says:

    The problem with China is their way of thinking. They don’t use the grey stuff between their ears, but only the stuff between their legs.

  4. Catherine Alquier says:

    We have to stop fur it will be the best way to help China to understand that we disagred with theirkillings.

  5. Sylvia Browning says:

    Please treat all animals with kindness and compassion.

    Compassion is badly needed in this cruel world.

  6. Sam Outhorn says:

    What flabbergasts me is how come, well aware of all the despicable practices in Asia as a rule, and China in particular, the UN (for one) would accept to sit at negotiating table with such people and let them get away with it!

  7. Rubens Jean-Louis says:


  8. SUE GRIFFITHS. UK. says:

    China is now a backward country with idiots running it.

  9. Sue Stanton says:

    These people have absolutely no regard for animals at all. It seems to be if it moves, eat it! Just disgusting how animals are treated in China.

  10. Where are the good and caring people of China? TELL YOUR GOVT TO STOP THIS INSANITY AGAINST ANIMALS — it’s cruel and unconscionable — it’s immoral, it’s shameful, it’s horrific and criminal … SOCIETIES SHOULD NEVER ALLOW SUCH HORRIBLE ATROCITIES!

  11. I would shed tears of joy when these cruel, stupid and in every way greedy Asians would disappear from the face of the earth. That would be good in many ways; their countries could be used for all rare animals to live freely and at the same time there would be significantly fewer emissions that pollute our environment!!!

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