Release 14-Year-Old Arrested for Chalk Drawing in China

china protests

Target: Hong Kong Police Commissioner Andy Tsang Wai-hung

Goal: Don’t punish 14-year-old girl arrested for drawing chalk flowers

A 14-year-old-girl was arrested in China for drawing chalk flowers on a wall at a popular protest site. The girl was sent to a children’s home but was released on bail, and police are now demanding that she be removed from her father’s care, claiming he is seriously hearing impaired and can’t understand the case. Pro-democracy activists disagree—they believe she is being made an example of and that her arrest and possible separation from her family are politically motivated.

The girl’s arrest and the requested separation from her family don’t fit the crime. She’s only 14, not even of age to drive. Her drawing wasn’t defamatory, violent, or damaging to the wall. Children all around the world draw chalk flowers, but because she did so in an area commonly used for pro-democracy protests, police have decided that her drawing is worthy of punishment. She is clearly being used as a statement—if the police can get away with arresting a child and separating her from her family for chalk flowers, they can easily get away with any punishment for more vocal protestors.

The Hong Kong police cannot be allowed to separate this girl from her family. Her crime hurts nobody—chalk cleanup is as simple as waiting for it to rain, so it hardly seems right to call it vandalism. Separating her from her hearing-impaired father is cruel to both of them because if he cannot understand the case, as the police imply, he has no idea why his daughter is being taken away from him. The police have clearly overstepped their bounds and this girl needs to be left with her family. Ask the Hong Kong Police Department to release this girl back to her family and to not pursue separating her from her family.


Dear Commissioner Wai-hung,

The Hong Kong Police Department recently arrested a 14-year-old girl for drawing chalk flowers on Lennon Wall. Though the wall has been a rallying place for pro-democracy protestors, the girl’s actions were not destructive, violent, or harmful.

Now police want to separate the girl from her family because, they claim, her father is hearing impaired and cannot understand the case. Taking her away from him wouldn’t help him understand the case—this seems like a senseless punishment of the girl’s family calculated to make a point to protestors. If the Hong Kong Police are willing to punish a 14-year-old girl for a chalk drawing, how far will they go towards punishing more vocal protestors?

The primary function of the police is to serve the people and protect the community. Arresting a child because she drew chalk flowers isn’t serving or protecting anyone other than the interests of the police. Let this girl go back to her family and reassure the community that her arrested was not an attempt to frighten protestors.


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Photo credit: Underbar dk via Wikimedia Commons

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  1. Rita Grahn says:

    Honestly! The Chinese are just SOOOOO backward. First they eat rhino horn and now they arrest a child artist! Will they ever get into the 20th Century – let alone catch up with us who are already in the 21st?

    • Simone schwinn says:

      No one eats rhino horn! It is used in aphrodisiacs . The USA is very backwards also…. We kill unarmed black teenagers, shoot endangered wolves, spy on our own people, have more African Americans behind bars in private corporate jails than were ever enslaved, we continue destroying habitat for all species, we don’t label gm food, our people shoot each other in gun attacks and “accidents”, we are attacked for protesting, we sell arms to countries and then go to war with them, we torture suspected terrorists, we have obesity issues, literacy issues and fund war instead of healthcare, education and public infrastructure . Let’s take of our own shortcomings before saying that other countries are backward!

      • Linda Woods says:

        I couldn’t agree more Simone. The old adage “people in glass houses…” comes to mind. It’s so easy to point the finger and accuse. The UK and US have much to be ashamed of.

      • Wendy Waltenberg says:

        Simone, are you saying that until the country we each live in, is perfect, we cannot criticise or comment on how other countries’ barbaric practises ? if this were the case, no body could ever comment on anything.
        To compare the US, which like many others, certainly can improve, it is no where near as bad as what China still allows to happen in their country.
        We must all keep bringing China’s and any other country’s atrocities to people’s attention. Not that China seems to ever care what the rest of the world thinks about them.

        • KatWrangler says:

          True, Wendy. The USA is probably the best there is going on tis planet, aside from our problems. If people want to see what China and other backward places are like, take a tour, but do it on your own – see the REAL country you visit. IF you come back, you should have a change of heart.

          Nothing here is perfect, and we have much to work on, but I thank my lucky stars every night that I was born here the in the US of A! If I chose to chalk some walls, I can.

          • CatStrangler, That’s nonsense! I went totally native in a completely non-touristy part of a Chinese city for 9 months recently. I just got back a few weeks ago. I spent another 3 months going native in a small industrial city 10 years ago. Both times, aside from it being incredibly humid and inconvenient in terms of communications, grocery shopping and so on, I never felt threatened, nobody tried to pick my pocket, everyone was very nice and helpful, including the cops, and it was a generally civilized and surprisingly modern place to live. I’m much more afraid for my personal safety while walking down a busy sidewalk in a major US city, where guys will frequently bash into you for no other reason other than trying to initiate a fight; or when I get stopped by a traffic cop in Los Angeles, or when I get out of my car to fill my tank in any given small town in the USA.

      • your forgot to say ” how many ”aka”- false churches and false prophets, false teachers 99.99 % or more false christians there are in america they killed the indians , took their lands, made them walk the trail of tears, made slavery of the blacks , stole, lied, cheated , corrupted nations just like all the rest of the nations on earth , corrupted governments, etc. and people love it so, they are blind and foolish , unlearned of the real god jehovah and the real jesus christ ways to have life . the usa was build on paganism cults , corrupted men and women , and giving allegiance to them . all nations are corrupted and wicked .

      • Gary Miller says:

        All very valid points!!!

      • Thanks, Other than the general overwhelming agreement that the girl should be sent home to her mom and dad with nothing more than a mild scolding, your’s is really the only intelligent comment I’ve read so far.

      • eileen sedlacek says:

        Its time for you unhaapy person to leave….
        there is still a lot of good people here…. we will all stand together one day and put an end to all the evil that has entered the USA. Stand up now and reject all this garbage coming in and OUT it!

  2. This is an extreme punishment for an underage child!As they say ‘the punishment should fit the crime.They should have just warned her and let her go!
    Separating a child from the protection of the family can lead her to being abused or she can turn into a criminal!There is no logical explanation to this inhuman punishment!!!!

  3. Go find some real criminals and chase them…

  4. If these pigs try this type of stunt with me, they will see me stand up for my child, and when they shoot me as they will they are hired gun men controlling land and money you people better stand up for me after my death or you shall feel the same feeling, as they will surely do it to you as they did to many others, Stand up for our children or they grow to be men evil beings jealous manipulating controlling beings, cause they can’t they are too little and don’t understand and when one child shows the scum you better scrape the scum before we are only left with scum. God bless my people they are so confused this is kidnapping parting of dna and making our men and women furious through the corruption of everything jesus is not, the government, money land controlling organization hiring men with guns to shoot at Peasants weak / poor grown up children, pigs allowing children to starve and die and shoot us for crossing a line they drew on our home planet our Mother Earth saying no one matters but the people in our country, but yet the ones around us is what keeps us safe, we must bless all country’s every part of this earth the. And only then will there be peace love and harmony

    These fools thought I forgot about the past and yet it was the past that let me see the future and innocence in myself purifying myself with the spirit of God in the name of Jesus christ my brother who I shall die equal to no less

    Be in every century not physically but spiritually otherwise you may as well not have existed, understand who your fathers were and his father til you find Adam and Eve then you will understand who you are and you will know your fate.

  5. Catherine Alquier says:

    This innocent drawing shouldn’t be punish, it’s crazy.

  6. Linda Wilson says:

    Really does make you wonder if these so called adults making these decisions have actually grown up. Their thinking is ludicrous. We are talking about a child that hasn’t done anything wrong the first bit of rain and it will be gone, how on earth can the punishment for this be so severe it’s crazy.

  7. It is just chalk. Water washes it away. If they really want to punish her for chalk geez just make her wash it off!!! It’s NOT permanent like spray paint. And it doesn’t deem necessary separation from her family. For the sake of the child she really did no harm!! It’s flowers!!! AND WASHABLE!!!

  8. Thats what little girls do?. Draw flowers,.?.. the people who made this law should be put away in an institute for mentally insane , let this girl go back home to her family . And stop playing god,,!!!!

  9. ILeana McCaffrey says:

    China again, they just need to let everyone know how rough and tough they can get. This little girl will be marked for the rest of her life.Wake up Harper we trade with these goons. Illegal fishIng, ivory tusk, Rino horns, is there anything sacreat in China. Stop trading with China until they get there act together. Canada has helped enough. Stop this madness .

  10. Hong Kong didn’t used to be like that when they were a sovereign of the British. Even after China got Hong Kong back in the 1990s, they were still operating well as a stand alone state (China agreed to let them keep their own laws etc).

    But lately it seem to have a few problems after China started to interfere with Hong Kong.

    Like the protest that lasted for months due to China insisting on choosing the candidates for them to vote for election.
    Their apparent unhappiness over the influx of Mainland Chinese entering their soil and all

  11. Cecily Colloby says:

    …and yet they actively encourage and condone the most appalling and terrible abuse of animals!WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH THE BLOODY CHINESE????

  12. You’ve got to be kidding me?

  13. Karen Remnant says:

    The ‘powers’ if the west are hardly likely to press the Chinese to do anything, they love trading with the barbarians too much!
    Maybe those of us who live near a Chinese embassy could mount a draw a flower campaign?

  14. It’s a real shame that the USA is so in debt to China. That may be a reason (part of the reason) they keep ties with such a corrupt government.

  15. Alexandre Engelen says:

    For the Chinese government, the people of China are just numbers, like the animals, just unimportant objects!!! Communism or uniformity will never change that. It is time that the Chinese wake up!

  16. What’s wrong with the Chinese most of you people say, which is racist it’s not them it’s the controlling government we do worse things in the run of a day allowing our government to do terrible things just nobody reported them so it’s higher up people, that’s what we all are people and yes most of you are so racist and don’t even now it acting like Color of skin makes them kidnappers and killers, they have little control its not them people they want and need help from groups of men That will shoot them with guns if they don’t listen or put them in cages it ain’t so simple for the Chinese people to overcome this

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