Make Bestiality a Felony in the United States


Target: John Boehner, Speaker of the House of Representatives

Goal: Make bestiality and the filming of any sexual act with animals a felony nationwide

There are still 13 states in which the practice of bestiality remains legal. In nearly all 50 states filming acts of zoophilia remains entirely legal. It is unacceptable that the United States has passed federal laws making animal cruelty a felony, but has yet to consider the sexual assault of an animal a federal crime. Bestiality must be made a felony in all 50 states.

There is only one federal law pertaining to bestiality in the United States, which applies only to zoophilic pornography. It prohibits distribution in interstate commerce because laws are regulated state-by-state and not on a federal level. The federal government continues to ignore such heinous acts and zoophilia groups continue to defend their lifestyle, saying that the animals are not being harmed and that they are okay with it. Just as with humans, however, if a participant of a sexual act is not capable of saying “no” to a pursuer, it is a violent crime.

There is a comparison to be made to California’s recent “Yes Means Yes” law, which requires sexual acts on college campuses to take place under affirmative consent. “Lack of protest or resistance does not mean consent,” the law states, “nor does silence mean consent. Affirmative consent must be ongoing throughout a sexual activity and can be revoked at any time.” The violation of this agreement is considered sexual assault, as is supported by most state and federal laws. Why is this not the case for animals? A violent crime is a violent crime.

Please sign the petition below and demand that the United States federal government give animals the protection they deserve and keep animals safe from sexual assault by making bestiality a felony in all 50 states.


Dear Speaker Boehner,

The United States has yet to pass a federal law making bestiality a crime. With animal cruelty now a felony in all 50 states, how is it that such an egregious act as the sexual assault of an animal has yet to be considered a crime at all at the federal level? Most of Europe and other countries throughout the world have long condemned this practice, and with serious consequences for offenders.

Please pass legislation to keep animals safe from sexual assault by making bestiality, including the filming and distribution of zoophilic acts, a felony in all 50 states.


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  1. They are past being sick,just locking them up is to good for them,they should feel the pain they put on the poor animals

  2. Barbulescu Marioara says:

    burn in hell!

  3. CharleneCoker-Judy says:

    This poor dog suffered terribly just so some man could get his rocks off more bad blood in the human race RIP MUFFIN I hope they castrate this POS and put him in prison so the animal lovers can abuse him Muffin did’nt deserve this torture Such a cruel way to die and I hope justice is served.

  4. karen Ellis says:

    Either yall castrate them or 50 yrs flat no parole

  5. karen mcintyre says:

    Mathew Fowlers a woman hating weirdo, apart from that I can’t believe this actually happens . Poor animals I feel sick thinking about it

  6. Traci Lopez says:

    This is inexcusable behavior by the USA or any other country This is a serious offence, just like a pedafile raping children!
    Enough of this vile revolting act!

  7. Marilyn V. Aultman says:

    Anyone who does this inhumane act should be put in prison isolation for no less than fifty years without chance of parole. And twice as long for doing it to a human being.

  8. this is just nasty, YES it should be outlawed everywhere .

  9. There are prostitutes all over the world.Go screw one of them!!

  10. minerva bautista says:


  11. LISA SEXTON says:

    if a law is’nt passed ,and these horrible ,evil crimes keep happening , john q public ,will end up vigilante justice……DO SOMETHING !!

  12. patricia barrett says:

    call your self a civilised country! why is it legal in the states,why dosent obama do something about it.america you should rise up against this or hang your heads in shame to let it go on.


  14. How can anyone get pleasure from inflicting pain and suffering on another living being? It is sickening, horrific and downright evil. I hope whoever takes part in and/or condones this behavior ROTS IN HELL FOR ETERNITY!

  15. This makes me sick.
    I love animals and we could learn lots from them and how there behave.
    Whoever dose something like this crime, there should be in jail for a long time! NO PAROLE!

  16. David B. Evans says:

    Please end this evil and stop dog fighting,too.

  17. I agree

  18. This should really go without saying. But then who could imagine the level of inhumanity and cruelty that some of these sick,twisted people can come up with. The cruelty I’ve read or seen is beyond anything I ever imagined existed. I feel so heartbroken for the pain and suffering they have endured at the hands of such ugliness in the world, some by those who claimed to love them. At times the only way I can continue, is the thought that maybe my voice will be heard, and public awareness can bring on change, and so I don’t want to feel like I ignored the victims by doing nothing. They exist, and no matter how much it hurts to see the truth, it’s their only chance to be heard and hopefully put an end to such horrific and inhumane cruelty.

  19. Human beings reach a low that I didn’t think was even possible. If the amount of time used to think of such hideous cruelty and evil was used to pass on just one positive thought or action toward another living creature. Can you imagine the difference it would make in our world? Why so much ugliness is so sad and leaves such deep scars.

  20. Excuse me if anyone thinks I am being crude…but could these disgusting men just learn to masturbate and leave innocent people and animals out of their selfish lusts?

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