Punish Police Officer Who Asked Teen to Pose Nude


Target: Joseph Foster, New Hampshire Attorney General and Chuck Morse, President of the New Hampshire Senate

Goal: Adequately punish officer who asked teen to pose nude in order to have the charge against her dropped

A police officer that allegedly asked an 18-year-old girl to pose nude in order to have a charge against her dropped has still not been charged with any criminal offense. The reason for this lack of legal action against ex-police chief David Seastrand is that according to New Hampshire state law, he hasn’t committed a crime. This is a cut and dry case of sexual harassment with an added abuse of power, yet no legal action has been taken. Something must be done to ensure that men like David Seastrand are not allowed to do the same thing in the future.

Janelle Westfall was arrested on an underage drinking charge when she was 18. Several days later, she was asked to go to the police station alone. When she arrived, she was told by the ex-police chief that she had several options going forward. One of them was a very normal offer of community service, another was that she go into the basement and have a series of nude photographs of her taken so that the police could ensure that she did not break the law again. It was a clear abuse of power and a clearer case of sexual harassment. Mr. Seastrand resigned from his position and the city offered Ms. Westfall a settlement of $70,000.

The real outrage of this case lies with the fact that although Mr. Seastrand lost his position as police chief, no criminal charges were brought against him. New Hampshire state claims that he cannot be charged under their abuse of power laws as it was not a part of his position and no charges for sexual harassment have been made against him. This is absolutely unacceptable. Please sign below to demand that New Hampshire state put laws into effect that protect people from the likes of David Seastrand and that he be forced to stand trial for his obvious crimes.


Dear Attorney General Foster and Senator Morse,

A police officer in your state asked an 18-year-old girl to pose for nude photos in return for having charges against her dropped. I don’t need to tell you how inappropriate this is as the story speaks for itself. What I do apparently need to tell you is that while you many not be able to charge David Seastrand for abuse of power, you do need to charge him for sexual harassment. This proposition may not have been an abuse of his power in the job, but there is a coercive nature to his offer that must be recognized.

I understand that Mr. Seastrand has lost his position as police chief, but I do believe that more action must be taken to discourage others from taking a similar course of action in the future. Laws must be put in place that prevent this kind of abuse and David Seastrand must be charged for sexual harrasment in criminal court. I urge you to do all you can to ensure that this does not happen again and that the victim, Ms. Janelle Westfall, gets justice.


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Photo Credit: Sally Della Wickham via Wikimedia Commons

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  1. Gods soldiers 100 000 000 Angels will settle the score with these ruthless men. Everyman and woman to wear a cross around their neck will show the power of God and Jesus christ and will destroy everything evil in the name of God so jesus can be seen again through every man and we will have a new world order.

  2. Tonia Deur says:

    It used to be you called the police for help– now you call at your own risk.

    • derrington says:

      Same in the UK. My neighbours called police as they could hear my ex beating me up and my 3 year old shouting ‘No daddy no’, when the policeman came in, he tried to make out I was a co abuser because I had scratched my ex whilst trying to get him off my chest whilst he was pinning me down and punching me in the head over and over. Apparently you have lost the right to defend yourself in a violent attack if your female. If a three year old child can tell who the attacker is, why cant a 35 year old policeman? He then threatened to have my child put into care if I ‘got into a fight again’ – my ex dined out on that one for weeks.

    • Patricia Glenn says:

      Ain’t it the truth! Whatever happened to Officer Friendly???

  3. And the King, man with authority thought crucifying him was the way to stop his resurrection, but it was his greed and the greed of his men that created the 100 million man army we shall be blessed and come together under the name Jesus Christ andd through this army shall the people feel safe and truly believe in God and we will raise our children as brothers and sisters not enemies of different land willing to destroy each other with gun

    They should have left jesus alone and every other person, now God requires justice and the weak peasant no longer needs to stand by we have rites, our neighbors and children don’t need to go to war, this is the wrong way, but yet they force us and our children and they provoke wars and think our children will fight for them but they are too intelligent they will fight agaisnt man that chooses to use gun to control them we are the innocent the ones God favors and God is the future he will help us win in the name of my brother Jesus Christ.

  4. Diane Leef says:

    Police chiefs are not the prosecutor and do not make the decisions concerning guilt or plea bargaining applicable charges in any case. A straight out abuse of power. I can guarantee this man has done this numerous times. Victimization of another, blackmailing her if she had allowed the pictures to be taken would have been ongoing thus making her his sex slave.This man needs to be fully investigated and prosecuted with the full extent of the law. There are other victims out there and his fellow officers knew all about it. They need to be checked out too! Disgusting!

  5. Shoot his family jewels off and bind his hands. He should NOT be a cop ANYMORE !!! FIRE HIM !!!

  6. No monkey shall control another monkey, no man is to control another man unless they are destroying Mother Earth or Father our Sun as these are needed for our children to live on.

  7. You can’t tell me that if a cop offers to drop criminal charges, if a young woman poses for nude pictures, it is not an illegal action? Who’s crazy here?! Am I to assume that if a cop gets something he wants from an accused, that he is allowed to drop criminal charge? If it wasn’t nude pictures, how about sex or money? Would that be legal, too? Basically, buying off a cop, in some form of exchange, is now considered proper and lawful–in any state. Where is the statutory authority for this documented? I wonder how long this has been happening. Call it corruption, extortion, blackmail, abuse of power, whatever, it is a crime. This officer should be investigated, thoroughly, and punished to the fullest extent of the law!

  8. Karen Remnant says:

    It was clearly a case of abuse of his ‘power’!! He’s nothing more than a pervert! How many other times has this dirty bastard done this? Talk about boys club mentality! Maybe he ans those who decided there was no case went to the same uni?

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