Ban Brutal Coyote Hunting Contests


Target: Tony Wasley, Director of the Nevada Department of Wildlife

Goal: Outlaw cruel coyote hunting contests and similar events in Nevada

Recently, 32 people participated in an event that involved hunting coyotes as a part of a contest. The team that killed the most coyotes won a cash prize. According to the Nevada Department of Wildlife, coyotes are an unprotected species that can be hunted without a license. Although not yet illegal, contests like these are completely unethical and should be banned in Nevada.

The organizers of this hunting contest defended the event and argued that coyotes are acceptable to kill because they prey on livestock and pets. Coyotes mainly prey on livestock and pets because of the proximity of the animals as civilization continues to encroach on their natural habitats. Coyotes should not be blamed for this and then killed as a part of an awful contest for money. Coyotes and other animals should be spared from this horrible form of entertainment in the future.

Animal advocates in Nevada are outraged and are working to ensure that similar events like this are banned in the future. Animals should not be murdered for the entertainment and greed of humans. Sign this petition and demand a ban against coyote hunting contests and any other similar events in Nevada.


Dear Director Wasley,

A group in Nevada recently held a contest encouraging people to hunt and kill as many coyotes as they could for a cash prize. To make matters worse, these coyotes are an unprotected species that can be hunted without a license. This coyote hunting contest is completely unethical and should be banned, along with any other similar events.

Coyotes and other animals should not be hunted for the entertainment and greed of humans. The cash prize motivated these hunters to kill more coyotes than they would have otherwise. If events like this are allowed in the future, many other animals will be killed by hunters for the chance to earn a bit more money.

Animals do not deserve to be murdered as a part of a contest because some people think it sounds like a fun event. I urge you to help animal advocates as they fight to ban coyote hunting contests and similar events in Nevada in the future.


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Photo credit: John Picken via Wikimedia Commons

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  1. Chris Glisson says:

    Brutal disrespect for life.

  2. Judith Mitchell says:

    This is a truly depraved concept and if you want to preserve your membership in the human race, you’d better stop killing other sentient creatures for “fun.” Otherwise, you are in danger of becoming lower than other animals on your own grading scale; for instance, Coyotes do not slaughter for amusement. “Contests” to kill Coyotes are an indication of a severe mental disorder.

  3. Heather Brophy says:


  4. Michael Guest says:

    These are not contests and not sports. They need to be stopped and banned everywhere. Wolves, coyotes and other predators should be protected, not killed. Shut it down now.

  5. These Neanderthals need to evolve or preferably just shoot each other.

  6. really animal killing contest in 2014 ? You make me sick you are a complete cretin please go away ..forever !

  7. IT IS TIME TO HUNT DOWN THE HUNTERS. This is called a civilized Nation? Who says that? These scumbags are there to do any barbaric act if they were mentioned the name of a Dollar.!! So to get a few dollars these evil sub humans are ready to murder as many cayotes as possible. These people are psychos and mentally deranged evil bunch.

  8. Whoever believes this practice to kill the wild animal/s (in this case, the wolf: before that, the coyote!) needs to realize Adolph Hitler is DEAD! YOU don’t need to try to impress his ilk. Stop the slaughtering of wild animals; you’re being very negative and you’re cruel and ruthless. Stop the killing….

  9. Killing contests are simply an opportunity for sadistic brutes to go on a killing spree to satisfy their lust for blood. Ban them!!!

  10. If you don’t have bag limits in NV, time to implement them now!! No wildlife agency should devalue it’s living resources by allowing free-for-all killing. Who are you trying to please?? We have a voice, too, and we’re truly getting fed up with this.

  11. My dog is half Coyote and she saves my life every day by being beside me when I wake up.

    If her father was killed, she wouldn’t be here.

    Please stop!

  12. Tracey Burkholder says:

    Sick individuals. If they would do this to Gods creatures then they would do this to a human being.

  13. Donald Vickers says:

    How about a contest where there are prizes for hunting these inbred drunk POS hick cave dwellers!

  14. Bruce Melzer says:

    These Evil people have no respect for life !!!

  15. WiZaRd Of The Wolf Nation says:

    Redneck trophy hunters and trappers
    have no place anywhere in the 21st Century and beyond,
    for they are nothing more than panderers to the Devil!!

    They are old ruthless fossils from the past and should
    have been dead and buried 100 years ago!!

    We do not need these wild-west wackos
    trying to make the year 2015 A.D. look like 1875!!

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