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thick-billed parrot

Target: Juan José Guerra Abud, Mexico Secretary of the Environment and Natural Resources

Goal: Restrict Mexico’s illegal pet trade to protect the thick-billed parrot

The thick-billed parrot is the last surviving species of parrot remaining that is indigenous to North America. However, this majestic bird has been driven out by habitat destruction in the United States. While populations of this species continue to live in Mexico, not enough is being done to make sure that they do not go extinct.

This parrot faces many threats in Mexico. Just as in the United States, loggers in Mexico have been destroying the bird’s habitat. Without high-elevation pine oak trees, these birds cannot find the appropriate nesting areas that would allow them to thrive.

In addition to its habitat’s destruction, the thick-billed parrot faces another threat. These birds are among the top 10 bird species that are illegally captured for the pet trade and then seized at the border. When their habitat is destroyed and their homes cut down, pet traders take these birds and sell them for profit, distributing them so that they are untraceable and unprotected.

The thick-billed parrot has been listed as endangered since 1973 and a recovery plan has been developed in the United States to help the species. However, numbers in population of the thick-billed parrot continue to decline in Mexico. Action from the Mexican government is necessary to rebuild the thick-billed parrot population in Mexico and hopefully reintroduce the species to its original home in the southwest. Please sign this petition and demand more protection for this magnificent creature.


Dear Secretary Abud,

Before the extinction of the North Carolina parakeet, two species of parrots could be found in the United States. However, now there is only one surviving bird, the thick-billed parrot. Unfortunately, the parrot has not been seen in the U.S. since 1938 as its population has been driven out of this country due to habitat destruction.

The remaining population of the thick-billed parrot lives in Mexico. There, the bird species faces many adversities. While habitat destruction is a huge contributing factor, illegal pet trading also threatens to drive the bird to extinction. Being among the top 10 species seized at the U.S.-Mexico border, the bird’s survival is threatened by individuals who cruelly capture this bird for profit.

While this parrot has been listed as an endangered species for many years, further protection is needed to help ensure its survival. As the population in Mexico steadily declines, harsher restrictions on illegal pet trading is necessary. Please take action and implement harsher regulations to help stop the illegal pet trade in Mexico so that this bird species as well as many other species can be protected.


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Photo Credit: Snowmanradio via Wikimedia Commons

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  1. Please STOP this illegal activities in respect of the thick billed Parrots in their habitats. Right now at this moment there are so many thousands & thousands of Parrots in many varieties are being neglected and thrown away by the so called pet owners after realizing these parrots lives to be close to hundred years. Do the maximum possible ways to STOP these parrots are being removed from their natural habitats and sold to the people who have no idea of the long time responsibilities about these birds. These birds needs to be allowed to thrive within their own habitats. Not in some humans living room imprisoned the bird to a 3X4 cage entire life of the bird. Please STOP and BAN the exportation/Importation of these innocent animals. Those greedy humans who only think of the money & the profit should look into different ways to earn money. Not that to remove these birds from their natural habitats and send them to other parts of the world while destroying the planet earths beauty and the god’s creations itself. Please do the needful.

  2. must get the countries to make these parrot sellers from taking the great parrots from the home they belong in the wild.

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