Fire Police Officers for Racist Song

Target: Charlie Beck, chief of the Los Angeles Police Department

Goal: Fire active police officers involved in a racist and insensitive song performed at a police department function

The Los Angeles Police Department has a horrible history of racism and violence. This sorry history has most recently reared its ugly head in the form of an incredibly insensitive song about police murder victim Michael Brown that was performed at a department function. Demand that officers involved in the performance be immediately fired.

At a party held by a retired officer at an off-site Elks Lodge in a Los Angeles suburb attended by many members of the department, a private investigator and former officer named Gary Fishell performed a parody version of Jim Croce’s 1973 “Bad, Bad Leroy Brown.” Sure that the room would “get a kick out of it,” Fishell replaced the words and sang about Michael Brown, the murder victim of Ferguson, Missouri police officer Darren Wilson. “Michael Brown learned a lesson about a messin’ with a badass policeman,”sang Fishell, continuing with “Two men took to fightin’/And Michael punched in through the door/And Michael looked like some old Swiss cheese/His brain was splattered on the floor.”

In response to widespread criticism for the song, LAPD Police Chief Charlie Beck announced an internal investigation to determine whether any active department officers were involved in the song and its performance. Sign the petition below to demand that any officers found to have been involved with Fishell’s song be immediately fired from their job and any retired officers’ taxpayer-funded pensions be revoked.


Dear Chief Beck,

I am writing you today about the recent controversy surrounding Gary Fishell’s performance at the Elks Lodge in Glendale, California. Though it’s good that you’ve launched an investigation into whether or not any officers in your department were involved with this, too often such internal inquiries prove to be nothing more than public relations propaganda. I urge you to exercise full authority when the results of the investigation are brought to light to demonstrate otherwise.

As you no doubt are aware, police departments around the country are under extreme scrutiny due to their continued murdering of African-American men and their continued ability to escape consequence for their actions. Time after time, police prove themselves to be completely out of touch with these grievances, revealing their active willingness in perpetuating a culture of white supremacy and, indeed, their utter refusal to consider critically their position in society or take seriously and in good faith any criticisms leveled against them. The incident at the Elks Lodge is just the most recent example of police and police departments’ utter obliviousness to the situation. How on earth could anyone think such a song appropriate? How on earth did none of the officers present stop Fishell when he sang those terrible, offensive lyrics about Michael Brown?

It is in light of this context that I ask you to exercise your full authority when this internal investigation is completed. Any officer complicit with this performance or involved in any way has already demonstrated their callousness and horrible judgment. I demand that you fire any active officers who may have been involved with this performance and revoke the pensions of any retired officers present.


[Your Name Here]

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  1. Rev. Jan C. Johnson says:

    As a former pastor of St. Peter’s Chapel in Ferguson, Missouri, I am absolutely appalled at the singing of this song! Normally, I respect the police and have had good relationships with police in all the communities where I have served as a pastor or hospital chaplain. I have no respect for this kind of behavior in ANYONE! YOU are embodying the racial slur “White Trash”. Yes. You. Are.

    This behavior needs to be punished and immediately. It is unbecoming of an officer of the law to act in this manner.

    • For a pastor you shouldn’t be saying that this man is embodying the racial slur “white trash” because you are not the one to judge anyone. Also, if you think he embodies that term, then Michael Brown definitely embodies the term, nigger. He was portrayed on TV as being a real good kid but real good kids don’t go into a store and rob someone or hang out with gang members. I am sick of the angelic portrayal of a young thug!!!

      • the (holy ones) true christians can judge the world and the smallest matters and yes they can . but (sinners) can not judge the world ,etc… because sinners are children of the devil, in sin and disobedience ,not converted not born again, etc. wicked and ungodly and have not the authority to judge by the standers of god jehovah . true christians can judge and the disciples 12 will at the end (judge ) the nations . your in flesh and a sinner , and spiritual dead …. so you do not understand the spiritual things .

    • 1. there is only one pastor, his name is jesus christ and his sheep follow him his voice no one else. are you him and replace him as yourself and high priest ,which is blasphemy and antichrist , seating in the temple declaring yourself and ” other false christians with titles and names no catholic you belong to a cult and religeous demon ,deceiving others in the demonic cult religeous cerenomies of the false gospel and religion , does not make you a true christian, but a wolf in sheep clothing leading many astray in pagans worship and religeous deception and to hell, lake of fire , 2. the police they do not give there allegiance to god jehovah nor serve nor obey the real jesus christ , there allegiance is to serve the flesh , the world and antichrist just the military all corrupted and wicked world the government and the beast power – just like the ” false harlot churches” and denominations and non-denominations etc…. all cult new age doctrines of seducing spirits taught by demons.the police are antichrist themselves and do not care to ” do what is right and truthful .3. only the (holy spirit true christians can judge the world and small maters .

  2. LAPD you still haven’t learned from the LA riots. People of ALL races will no longer stand for this.

  3. Karen Remnant says:

    So nobody walked out in disgust? Gary Fishell is a ‘former’ officer? No great loss to the service! Just another oxygen thief. How many ‘investigations’ are needed before some people understand that racism in any form will not be tolerated?

  4. lol 2015 and this shit still happens…

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