Tell Canada to Stop Poisoning Wolves

Target: Environment Canada

Goal: Stop the Canadian government from killing off wolf populations because of wildlife disruption caused by tar sands development.

The expansion of oil and gas industries is causing a drastic decline in caribou populations within Alberta, Canada. Instead of acknowledging that development is decreasing the habitat for these caribou herds, thus leading to their declines, the Canadian government is placing the blame on the wolves. The Canadian government’s proposed solution is to aggressively kill off wolves in Alberta, rather than stop or slow any development in the area, which is the real culprit in the loss of caribou.

A report released by the National Wildlife Federation (NWF) brings the details of this situation to light—even more disturbing are the methods for killing these wolves. The Canadian government will destroy wolf populations by either shooting them from helicopters, or poisoning them with bait laced with strychnine, a deadly poison. Strychnine works through a painful progression of muscle spasms, convulsions and finally suffocation—the entire process takes several excruciating hours.

The plan is to place these strychnine baits in known habitats for wolves, and let the poison do its work. In addition to killing off thousands of wolves, the poison will put at risk the lives of other non-target species that will either unknowingly feast on a poisoned carcass, or ingest the strychnine bait on its own.

“Culling is an accepted if regrettable scientific practice and means of controlling populations and attempting to balance what civilization has developed” says Minister of Environment Peter Kent. Kent also notes that thousands of wolves will have to be killed in order to restore this balance, which has been fundamentally disrupted by tar sands development.

The problem with this line of thinking is that culling is actually unnecessary in this situation. Wolves are not the reason caribou populations are on the decline—development and loss of habitat is to blame. Without viable habitat, caribou and other species will decline no matter what, even if wolves are culled as planned.

In fact, over the past five years the Canadian government has spent over a million dollars on poisoning wolves with strychnine, killing over 500 wolves so far.

Instead of this unnecessary, irresponsible destruction of wolf populations—an important species in the ecosystem—the Canadian government ought to be protecting caribou habitat. This is yet another example of profiteering by the oil industry taking precedence over preserving environmental integrity. Please sign below to urge the Canadian government to stop this wolf cull, and invest time and energy into protecting caribou habitat instead.


Dear Environment Canada,

The Keystone XL tar sands oil pipeline is leading to the destruction of wolf populations in Alberta, Canada. The expanding interests of the oil and gas industries will indirectly kill thousands of wolves if something is not done.

Development in the Alberta area is shrinking natural habitat, leading to a decline in caribou herds. Instead of acknowledging that oil and gas development is responsible for these disappearing populations, Canadian officials are blaming wolves. Now, instead of managing development and preserving caribou habitat, the government is killing wolves in a misguided attempt to save caribou populations.

Wolves are being killed with strychnine-laced bait. Strychnine, a deadly poison that kills after hours of excruciating pain, will kill not only wolves, but other non-target species as well.

The fact is, without viable habitat, caribou numbers will continue to plummet no matter how many wolves are killed. Destroying wolves with strychnine poison is a cruel and unnecessary practice. Please reconsider the notion of culling wolves to save caribou populations, and preserve habitat instead.


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Photo credit: FurLined via Flickr

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  1. I agree with peoples comments here. I love all animals the wolves r so beautiful.

  2. Robert Pound says:

    JESUS!!! What next from ‘Oh Canada’!! WHY are you letting big oil run the show there? DESROYING you natural heritage for oil is KILLING the world, STARTING with YOU!!

  3. Leave our wolves alone or
    prepare to be cursed for a thousand years!!!
    ~May Your Next Meal Be Camel Dung Fritters And Yak Chips~

  4. Paren esta injusticia, no se debe permitir.

  5. Frankie Mussallem says:

    This makes me feel ashamed to be a Canadian. We once had a good name in the world, but the oilsands, the pipelines, the tankers, the bears, the wolves, the new crime bill and on and on, what must the world think of us now?

  6. Susan Morse says:

    Canada slaughters Newborn Harp Seals and now Wolves !!!! What is with the Canadian government???? It is All for Greed and Profit never considering what their actions do to the environment and the fragile ecosystems!!! I’m sick of fat white men making decisions for me and not caring what I [the public] really would like!!!

  7. Anne McLeish says:

    Killing these Wolves, along with other animals who unknowingly feed on the deceased wolf or eat the bait is cruel and unjust for the stewards of the earth that we humans have control of. You eat the bait, thrash around convulsing and then tell me that its okay.

  8. Little Feather says:

    I cannot BELIEVE the cruelty and INhumane actions of these so-called, ‘humans’! STOP KILLING THESE WOLVES!! They are NOT harming YOU and we NEED them! They are part of the Earth Mother. I promise you, Karma WILL come back to bite your souls for this!!! You should be executed!!!!

  9. Charlesdeanwells says:

    The poisoning of wolves is fucked up how would they like it if we poisoned them

  10. There is no excuse for poisoning these innocent wolves to “control populations” when spaying and neutering them will be more effective. Not only that, but poisoning animals is a slow and agonizing way to die, The poison also kills other animals in the targeted area.

  11. please stop animal abuse

  12. Daniel Colbert says:

    Canada ..stop slaughtering wolves and harp seals. Until you do , I want nothing to do with your country , nothing you export, not your dirty crap oil, not the NHL…nothing.
    Rot in the hell of your own making!

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