Support Cop Fired For Stopping Police Brutality


Target: Brian K. Patterson, Chief of Police, Buffalo NY

Goal: Pay good cop her rightfully-earned pension

After stopping a fellow officer from using excessive force, Officer Cariol Horne was fired from her job and had her pension withdrawn. Horne, who worked as a police officer for 19 years, responded to a call for assistance at a domestic dispute and saw another officer punching a civilian in the face. After the suspect was led out of the house in handcuffs, the officer became violent again and began to choke him.

Horne stepped in, telling the other officer to release the restrained suspect. When he refused, Horne grabbed the officer’s arm off of the man’s neck. The violent officer responded by punching Horne so hard in the face that her nose was broken. Horne was fired over the incident, her pension effectively withdrawn because she was terminated two months before the 20-year mark.

The officer that struck Horne was under investigation for punching an off-duty cop at a bar, but despite two violent incidents, kept his job. He was forced to retire after choking another officer at a station house and is currently facing an indictment for civil rights violations against four black teenagers which he shot with their own BB gun while they were in the back of his car.

Police officers have a sworn duty to protect citizens, and Officer Cariol Horne was doing just that. Apparently there is a double standard when the violence is being committed by another police officer. Sign the petition below to denounce Horne’s termination and demand that she receive her rightfully-earned pension.


Dear Chief Brian K. Patterson,

Officer Cariol Horne was fired after restraining a fellow officer from using excessive force on a suspect. When responding to a domestic dispute, she found the officer on scene choking a handcuffed man. When the officer refused to stop, she physically grabbed his arm off the suspect.

The violent officer punched Horne, breaking her nose. Despite his previous record of violence against fellow officers, the cop that punched Horne kept his job while she lost hers. The violent officer went on to choke another officer and have a civil rights complaint filed against him.

Horne was only doing her sworn duty of protecting citizens, but was terminated regardless. Because she was terminated two months before the 20 year mark, efforts have been made to deny her the pension plan she paid into. We, the undersigned, condemn her termination and demand that her pension is restored.


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Photo credit: Buffalo Police via Public Domain

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  1. Considering the history of the cop who struck Officer Horne, I am flummoxed that Horne would be punished for interceding in an act of brutality.

  2. Bina Pannell says:

    There used to be a time when the world looked at the US in awe, but now it just laughs at it because of the absurd and arse-about-face stuff that goes on there.
    A female police officer is sacked for doing the right thing and the male officer gets away with doing the wrong thing. Just about sums up American mentality these days!

    • Judith Mitchell says:

      Your “sum-up” is exactly spot-on. We are tanking; except for growing grassroots movements to (try to) correct our idiocy, we are zooming towards being a third-world has-been with horrifyingly skewed values, and all about corporate oligarchy. This woman should be held up as a hero; instead, she is punished for reasons and in ways that border on sociopathy.

    • Brenda Roberts says:

      This is just one of many examples of travesty of justice in America. The lady is indeed a police officer. The male is just a cop. There is a difference. A cop is a cop is a cop! A cop is the ones who have a badge but no heart. They are cowards. They kill innocent dogs because they “fear for their life” when they are not threatened. They are abusive, as this one’s history shows. He should be the one getting sacked without pension, not the lady. I give all due respect to true police officers but I can’t stand a COP.

    • Its a prob world wide w/so called Democratic, really Tolitarian countries, R now Police States, inc UK & Spain

  3. I commend Officer Horne who bravely stopped the brutality that is currently exploding with cops. Restore her pension and she should receive accolades not censure from her peers. Thank you Officer Horne.

  4. angelina ricketts says:

    They don’t know a good cop to a bad cop it not like in the uk if a officer brakes the law and he or she gets reported this officer is sacked or disciplinary action they don’t take it very likely in the uk xxxx

    • Please don’t make this America against the rest.
      It is a case of good against bad, and corruption which often goes to the top. I have had police friends leave the UK force in similar circumstances, others injured because they get to patrol with a pillock.
      My expertise is in health care, where I have seen whistleblowers fired, while the incompetent build a body pile that would make the average serial killer weep with jealousy.
      Let us just stand up and get this put right.

    • Em, UK cops getting just as bad as US, U need google utube & U’ll C. They R also starting 2 arm cops there. Y do U think they’r doin that. It’s so they have more control over the people.

  5. Niall Murphy says:

    I live outside the USA thanks be to God,
    Officer Horne should get a medal for her actions,not be fired without Pension. Yes we living abroad think you Americans are so strange in your attitude to justice, the chief of Police should be fired for the example he has set.. To you sir …Wake up and be counted in the good not the bad. I hope you lose your Pension.
    And I guess it will not be long before the other officer does choke someone to Death ….Put him away and save a life.
    Wake up America

    • Judith Mitchell says:

      Please be aware that a growing (albeit fairly politically powerless at this point) number of Americans are aghast at the directions in which our country is sliding. Still, I take heart in the words of Margaret Mead — “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.”– and hope I am not completely naïve.

    • A second to Judith’s post. Most American citizens are appalled at the injustices being supported in our country. There are many political prisoners, as we have lost judiciary support for the Constitution. Most congressional reps are from corporations. Investigative journalists are under severe harassment.The general citizen is kept busy existing because commodities are very expensive. Most families need 3 – 4 jobs between the breadwinners to coast. Singles and elderly are hard hit as well. So the wakening is slow because people are overloaded. I know this is part of the plan.
      Please know the majority of Americans do NOT support fascism, corporate fascism, or facist police.

  6. There will come a time very soon if this does not stop when almost nobody will talk to police and they will not be able to do much about crime.

  7. Also I live happily outside US, in a country where the Police doesn’t persecute people if not really necessary. We see too much excessive and unuseful violence from US policemen. It’s a shame!! It looks like a Asian country, where democrazy doesn’t exist and the police rules. Shame on you, fake americans, I’m not proud anymore of being part of you!!

  8. Every day I am more and more ashamed of this country, and I never had pride in the first place! Horribly corrupt and the whole world is laughing at us! And Americans wonder why we are hated so much….people like this Chief is why this country is going to hell so quickly! I wish we could give every single cop an internal investigation BY CITIZENS and see how many should really be “serving and protecting.” Fuckin bullshit all the way up! EMBARRASSED America!!!!

  9. This is such a massive violent act done by a hot tempered Police man towards another police officer. This MAN should be the one to be fired from the services. Not the other way around. Some Police men are so aggressive and violent and how on earth this particular department allow such violent wrong doers to stay in & work for public. What safety are we expecting from such ruthless so called Police men.?? No matter who ever was this individual, he was wrong. USA is a democratic republic. This is not a place to play the Dictatorship. Don’t consider we the people are idiots. We sure know the laws as well. Reinstate the lady officer who intervened & showed the world that Police people are there to “Serve & Protect” the public. and Not to brutally harm and take their personal problem’s anger on the civilians. unnecessarily.

    • It’s my personal opinion, the higher ups R approving this violence by the police, 2 send a message 2 the public, that they better toe the line, as this is what they can expect & better not protest, but suck it up.

  10. Respect is a two way street and somewhere over the last generation cops have lost the respect of the people… is it because there are cops who beat restrained criminals or is it because the criminals have morphed into an uncontrollable mass… No doubt, the cops need to be educated and criminals punished accordingly… Let’s start with your youth, who I feel, quite frankly have too many advocates, even when in the wrong… I was told recently by a cop that when he finds a kid stealing, he has to deal with the parents telling them that off for arresting their kid???? This world!!!

  11. Karen Remnant says:

    Bloody typical! A proven bully gets put down by a woman and she gets sacked. Sounds like he’s not the only rotten apple in the barrel, it’s well rotten at the top. Hardly sends out the right message! Officer Horne should be given her pension and a very public apology from a new chief of police!!

  12. See how one officer can tarnish the whole conglomeration of hard working officers. If there is such a thing. Good ole boy mentality gets them every time. I hope former officer Horne is fighting for her rights! Lord knows i never want to deal with police any more than i need. Hope the body camera’s will help ease the tensions between police and citizens and help pin point the problems when they arise. The chief needs to be dealt with with a hard hand and taken down a few pegs.

  13. Dang, just one more example of the disgusting police state we have become. What a sick police force would fire this officer for doing her duty! It seems we hire too many veterans of our illegal wars, who are taught that all civilians are the enemy, as police “officers”, or is it that we just take sick bullies graduating from high school. Of course decent police officers suffer (or are even murdered as by that nut in NYC), but that’s no excuse for even more police brutality. I was so proud to serve “my” country when I graduated from Annapolis. Now I’m just ashamed to be an American.

  14. Police are supposed to protect the public, and should never make stupid decisions that harm innocents.

  15. Their are some good police , And we need the good police ,,

  16. Sounds like the cop that hit her is a coward any way for hitting a woman.
    Two months before she can have her pension. That sounds suspicious.
    I think this needs an investigation by an outside agency.

  17. She should be awarded a medal for what she did…

    It is sad but it seems that science always wins….in fact from most psychology studies on the matter, it comes out that cops and criminals personality profiles are very very similar…..

  18. It truly amazes me that they would fire a police officer, who goes out every day and risks his/her life every time he/she puts on a police uniform, when all they are doing is trying to do the job for which they were trained and get criminals and would-be criminals off the streets. They’re doing their jobs~~they’re risking their lives for very little pay, but that’s not why they are in that job anyway~~they are there to do what they have been trained for. Stop harassing our police officers!!! If you don’t trust them to do their jobs, get the hell out there and do it yourself. Doubt that’s gonna happen anytime soon.

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