Don’t Give Men Control Over Women’s Bodies


Target: Rick Brattin, Missouri State Representative

Goal: Don’t require a man’s permission before a woman can have an abortion

Missouri may require women seeking an abortion to get the father of the child’s permission first. The bill’s author, Rick Brattin, makes allowances for cases of rape and incest but like most white, male, Republicans, fails understand what abortion truly is. This bill goes against all that men and women who believe in gender equality have fought for and must be stopped before it is allowed to come into effect.

Representative Brattin’s bill fails to recognize what an abortion really is to women that seek one. He makes some allowances for rape and incest, but he also says that a woman must prove that her pregnancy resulted from a “legitimate rape.” Rape is one of the most horrific things that can happen to a woman. Forcing her to prove that she has been raped is undoubtedly akin to psychological torture. No woman would lie about being raped in order to abort a child. What Representative Brattin fails to realize is that no woman wants an abortion, but sometimes they are necessary.

Brattin also fails to recognize that the right to choose what happens to a woman’s body is her choice and her choice alone. The state government has no right to tell women that a man must O.K. her decision. He makes no allowance for abusive relationships claiming that it has no effect on the child’s life. How can being born into an abusive relationship not be harmful to a child?

The bill also uses vague wording. Using the words “legitimate rape” leaves altogether too much room for biased judges and lawyers to wiggle and claim that what happened was not truly rape. This bill stinks of misogyny and fails to understand the basic principles of gender equality. Please sign the petition below to stop this bill from ruining the lives of countless women.


Dear Representative Brattin,

Your recent introduction of a bill to the Missouri State House of Representatives, which requires women seeking an abortion to get a man’s permission first, must be retracted immediately. The bill fails in many ways, but the most crucial failure is one of gender equality. A woman has a right to choose what she does with her body and no man should be able to tell her otherwise.

The seconding failing comes with your claim that women must prove that her rape was “legitimate.” Rape is the most horrific thing that can happen to a woman. As a man, you have to worry about this very little, so you may not understand why asking a woman to prove her rape is akin to psychological torture. Forcing a woman to relive those moments is unthinkable to me and I am shocked that you would even suggest it.

Finally, your use of the word “legitimate” leaves too much room for those with biased opinions to claim that what happened was not truly rape. For all of these reasons, I am demanding that you retract this bill immediately and refrain from introducing similar legislation in the future.


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  1. Are you kidding me nothing that this country was founded on exist anymore. God has been taken out of schools, we have no say so in what the leaders of this great country decide for us. Leave the shit alone. And wtf is legitimate rape are kidding me. I’m so disgusted by that comment. Leave us alone!!!

  2. Lynn Juozilaitis says:

    When men can get pregnant, then they can make the decision! What a crock of BS!!

  3. Karen Remnant says:

    Well said Lynn! Abortion is a woman’s decision to make. It is her that has to live with decision. Having an abortion isn’t done for trivial reasons. No government or man has the right to tell a woman what she may or may not do with her body. Unfortunately it seems yet another bully has been given more power than his intellect can deal with

  4. Heather Brophy says:


  5. If Hitler’s mother hadn’t listened to her sister and had the abortion see sought that was then illegal what might history be like. If a man could get pregnant abortion would be legal in any case and paid fully covered under all insurances.

  6. Missouri again proves itself to be one of the nutso states. It’s not just “men” who want to control women’s health, medical choices, and bodies, but a bunch of sick busybodies who claim to be “religious”. It’s time to fight against the “war against women”, and let women make the laws concerning only women.

  7. A few of these a-holes need to be “legitimately raped” – no pun intended. Only a man can say something that absurd.

  8. Time for the legislators in Missouri to get their faces away from the Monsanto kool-aid

  9. 1) The father of the child that a woman is carrying definitely should “sign off” on any abortion – after all, he is the father. But, only if there is a consensual act involved. If the woman claims rape – and therefore is eligible to have an abortion – she should not have to prove that. If she was not raped, she would have to live with that lie. I know there are women who have been raped who opted NOT to have an abortion and there are women who have been raped who opt to HAVE an abortion. Having never been through such a horrific event, I can’t possibly know how those women feel.
    2) A man and a woman should not have intercourse until they are married, of course, but unfortunately in the real world men and women DO have sex before they are married. Preventing pregnancy by using birth control in some form is fine but ending a pregnancy by abortion is not. There is a lot of talk about abortion being a woman’s issue but it is really men who benefit most. Think about it – a man goes to a party looking to “get lucky” and when he finds a woman who is also into having a “one-night stand” he has a great time. But, what happens if she gets pregnant? The man may think, ” that’s her problem” and then disappear. Just “getting yours” with no regard for what might result is irresponsible.

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