Stop Victoria’s Secret Testing on Animals


Target: Victoria’s Secret CEO, Sharen Jester Turney

Goal: Don’t test on animals in order to sell products in China

After vowing not to test its products on animals, Victoria’s Secret has admitted that it plans to expand its company to China, where it will follow China’s requirements to test the products on animals first.

Victoria’s Secret was once on PETA’s list of companies that proudly did not test on animals, but it seems the company has reneged on its promise. Companies in China pay for cruel testing tactics, such as dripping harsh chemicals onto the eyes and skin of animals to see how they react. Despite the fact that scientific breakthroughs have led to other alternatives to testing on animals, Chinese officials still refuse to incorporate these studies into their requirements.

Animal cruelty is not accepted when it involves a dog being beaten by its master, but if a popular company tortures animals in a lab, it goes largely unnoticed by the populace. This needs to change and the only way to do that is to tell Victoria’s Secret and other large companies that we will not tolerate animals being subjected to cruel testing. Please sign the petition below to urge Victoria’s Secret not to support animal testing in China.


Dear Ms. Sharen Turney,

As CEO of a large brand as Victoria’s Secret, your decisions on how to allow your business to grow and profit are important. However, your recent decision to expand Victoria’s Secret to China where it will be required to test on animals is the wrong decision.

Victoria’s Secret made a promise to no longer test on animals and this earned your company significant praise. It is sad to see Victoria’s Secret take such a huge step backwards and push to test on animals despite this promise. Putting harsh chemicals in the eyes and skin of innocent animals is wrong and not needed when we have just as scientifically accurate alternative methods available.

Please do not agree to test on animals per China’s requirement. Victoria’s Secret can take a stand with other companies that have sworn off animal testing and remain a cruelty-free brand as it had been before, but only if you act now and do not allow animal testing.


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  1. Cecily Colloby says:

    Victorias Secret is well named-a nasty secret indeed. The love of money is the root of all evil and a very apt quote in this case…

    • I’ve always loved their lotions and sprays and always purchase them as gifts also. I will no longer be supporting them and will be sure to announce to everyone I can to stop supporting this company. Animal testing is so unnecessary and cruel. And the only reason to send it over to China is to save a few bucks! Their products are already rediculously expensive!! And besides…if a product needs to be tested like this…why would we want to use it on our bodies? Anything that’s completely natural doesn’t need to be tested! I will be removing them from my email list! Stupid greedy jerks! God put all animals on this earth for us to love and enjoy! Not torture and destroy! You’d have to be sadistic to do or allow this to a sweet, innocent animal! Bath and Body Works doesn’t test on animals.

  2. Nancy Dodson says:

    Ms Turney,

    Perhaps the best solution to submitting innocent rabbits or other animals to the pain of putting caustic substances in their eyes would be for YOU to test your products in YOUR eyes. The way I see it, the poor animals are getting nothing out of the present testing except pain and misery whereas you are making a fabulous salary. Seems like a no brainer to me.

  3. ENOUGH already of abusing and killing animals. This stupid makeup on the stupid bimbos is not worth of torturing and killing animals. The next time some bimbo wears they makeup, she is going to be wearing blood of animals.


  5. Janel Thomas says:

    Until they do, I will not spend a penny on anything that they sell!!!

  6. I will never buy another thing from victoria secret! how dare you hurt these precious little should be ashamed of yourselves! why don’t you have someone test this crap on your eyes! I am going to tell so many people about this!!

  7. Wow – If you don’t test on animals in the US then don’t sell your sole to the Chinese who have no moral values period when it comes to animal welfare. Be bold to take a stand and demand China to conform in order to get YOUR business. For now, I will have nothing to do with VS until you show you stand by YOUR WORD and mean it!

  8. caryl sawyer says:

    Entire family, cousins, grandkids, all boycotting VS. Insulting sneaks, you thought we would not find out.

    Woman, you are a spineless, greedy trollop.

  9. Too much sex and no morals or compassion My wife and were once customers.I hope this really has an Impact on sales.
    I will spread the word.

  10. Boycott VS from now on. Used to buy things from them for the lady in my life but not any more.

    Animal testing for cosmetics is what happens when people who aren’t worth it are told that they are.

  11. It’s Easy, Just BOYCOTT VS until they change their policy!! Their stuff is overpriced anyway. The panties that I’ve bought on past sales there, started shredding at the seams and the elastic, way sooner then other panties Ive bought. I have other brands like “Hue” cotton bikinis, thongs, that haven’t shredded in over 6 years..and still look great, from Macy’s.

  12. Here is Victoria’s Secret, and it’s a nasty secret:

    They traded ethics for money.

    Shame, shame, shame on VS!

    Spoil their secret–get the word out.

  13. I will NEVER EVER again buy ANY product from VS!!!!!! SO freaking disappointed….

  14. I’ve sent VS a message, expressing my disappointment about this decision and telling them they lost a regular customer. This is what they have replied:


    Thank you for taking the time to contact us.

    L Brands policy prohibits the testing of our branded products, formulations and ingredients on animals except in rare cases when required by government regulations. Through our involvement in the Institute For In Vitro Sciences, we are supporting research to develop additional non-animal alternative methods which we believe will ultimately result in the elimination of animal testing worldwide.

    If there’s anything more we can do for you, please email or call us any time.


    Definitely stick to my decision not to shop at VS again.

  15. Beth Nordmeyer says:

    It’s no Secret anymore, we took all their crap stuff back to mall, we also told people about their trade with CHINA and ALL the abuse they inflict upon thousands of animals, totally IGNORANT AND GREED DRIVEN corporation, their ads are ridiculous! What a joke.

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