Take Down Anti-Gay Billboard

Target: Kevin Reilly, Jr., Lamar Advertising CEO

Goal: Take down homophobic billboard

An anti-gay organization posted a large billboard in Virginia, reading “Identical twins: One gay. One not. We believe twins research studies show nobody is born gay.” This message is extremely offensive and homophobic, and the sign’s location along a major highway makes it even more harmful. Many young gay men and women are exposed to this billboard daily, and it can have a strong impact on people already dealing with a homophobic society, and maybe with bullying and low self-esteem as well. Please demand that Lamar Advertising, the company which owns and manages the billboard, take it down right away and stop spreading this hateful message.

The group responsible for this billboard is a gay conversion therapy organization called PFOX, Parents and Friends of Ex-Gays and Gays. The conversion therapy advocacy that PFOX focuses on, in combination with the specific message in this billboard, perpetuates some of our society’s most harmful myths about homosexuality. These messages are not simply “opinions” since they promote homophobia and can have a very negative impact on the lives of young gay people in particular.

Homophobia is not something that you should be able to advertise for. Whatever “scientific” ideas PFOX has about how and why homosexuality occurs, it can’t use them to spread hate and misinformation. Many people have protested this billboard and asked Lamar Advertising to take it down, but so far the company has refused. Let Lamar Advertising know that we won’t take no for an answer when it comes to fighting homophobia.


Dear Mr. Reilly,

I am writing to you regarding a billboard owned and managed by Lamar Advertising along I-95 in Virginia. The billboard is currently featuring an advertisement from PFOX, an anti-gay organization promoting gay conversion therapy. The message on the billboard, “nobody is born gay,” is extremely offensive and can be very harmful for gay and questioning individuals who are exposed to it. I demand that you take the billboard down immediately and stop allowing PFOX to spread false homophobic propaganda.

Especially now, when we are in the midst of an epidemic of bullying of LGBTQ youth which results in a large number of suicides, promoting homophobic messages in such public places can be very dangerous. The number of kids and teens exposed to this billboard daily is massive, and it will only teach these young people to be less tolerant of others and less confident in their own identity. This is not something you should take part in unless you want the responsibility for damaging the well-being of many young gay boys and girls in Virginia.

Please take a stand for tolerance over hatefulness and remove the homophobic billboard as soon as possible.


[Your Name Here]

Photo credit: Benson Kua via Wikimedia Commons

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  1. Since when is it your say to take away Freedom of speech, Fuck you Yuval Idan

  2. So here we are fighting against Islamic Extremists who want to continue living in the Dark Ages and take all of us with them …. while at the same time we have our own Religious Fanatics posting HATE on billboards. Personally I see no difference between the two parties – i.e. Hate is Hate, any way you slice it !!!!!! Of course, the individual (closet case) or individuals (closet cases) responsible for posting this idiotic billboard are probably too stupid to make such a comparison themselves.

  3. Karen Remnant says:

    This is not about freedom of speech!! It’s about hate! I see no difference between being gay or heterosexual. A person should be valued for who they are! You should not try to change a person because they don’t fit into some nice little tick box. I shudder to think of the harm pfox cause people.

  4. It doesn’t take a scientist to know that even identical
    twins can have differences in personality, physical char-
    acteristics, genes, and most of all — spirits! Identical
    twins are not clones of each other…It seems like homo-
    phobics will say almost anything to justify their hate,
    when truly our world needs to get past physical ob-sessions and learn to look more at every person’s spirit….our spirits are more unique than the bodies we are born with, many parents of handicapped children will tell you that… People who don’t believe that
    some human beings are born gay, have probably never
    talked to a gay person, to find out how they felt as a
    child…I can’t comprehend how any truly loving person
    could feel such anger or hatred towards gay people —
    we humans are not wild animals, we were created to un-
    derstand higher and more spiritual forms of love, not
    just physical procreation, but spiritual compassion —
    most of all….

  5. Wendy Waltenberg says:

    Anyone that still harps on that homosexuality is a choice is in ignorance. Why would someone choose to be gay when they may suffer verbal even physical abuse from morons such as this person who put up the billboard.

    Usually those who make the loudest noise are closet gays anyway.

  6. Their message is just so… dumb. They’re looking at an effect and just ignoring the cause for their own ridiculous purpose. Identical twins are genetically identical, but there’s more than genetics that goes into making a human. I think everyone knows by now that it’s not just nature but nurture as well that affects a person’s growth, but there is also the influence of the bacteria and bugs we come into contact with (hell, 4.9% of the human genome is retrovirus DNA), epigenetics, etc. Epigenetics is the likely factor behind people’s differing sexualities, as I recall, because it’s about the ‘turning on and off’ of genes.
    But seriously, do they think gay people just wake up one day and go – “Hmm, I feel like a change. I think I’ll be gay now.”

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