Protect Endangered Ringed Seals From Big Oil’s Deal With Republicans

Ringed Seal

Target: Speaker of the House John Boehner

Goal: Create Arctic sanctuary for endangered ringed seals

The ringed seals are the smallest seal found in the Arctic. The species is known for their soulful eyes, the pups for their fluffy white coats. Unfortunately this species is endangered, thanks to habitat destruction and overfishing. A federal proposal will give these seals some protection, but the newly elected GOP Senate is looking to override this proposal in favor of oil. Enough damage has been done to our environment and these plans need to be stopped. Tell Speaker of the House John Boehner to create the Arctic sanctuary and oppose drilling in these lands.

It’s believed that the worst Congress for the environment will be sworn in, further putting the lives of many threatened and endangered species at risk. Environmentalists are trying to get this sanctuary approved before Congress has time to act, and you can help. The proposal will protect millions of acres of the Bering, the Chukchi, and Beaufort Seas from oil drilling. If an oil spill were to occur here, the consequences would be catastrophic. Oil can stay on beaches for decades, inhibiting the growth of aquatic plants, and poisoning all sources of food. It will also prevent the ringed seal from keeping warm in the frigid waters of the Arctic.

It’s expected that oil companies will spend millions of dollars to prevent this proposal from passing. It is up to us to make sure this sanctuary is created and protected. Ringed seals have been on the decline for the past several years, but we can help their odds. Sign this petition and urge Speaker of the House John Boehner to oppose big oil, and construct this sanctuary.


Dear Speaker of the House John Boehner,

It has come to my attention that the federal government has proposed the creation of an Arctic sanctuary that would protect endangered species such as the ringed seal. I applaud Congress for this action, but environmentalists are concerned that the newly sworn-in Congress will not support this proposal. Instead, Congress will side with oil companies that wish to drill in these harsh and frigid environments.

I am writing this letter to express my concern. The ringed seal population has decreased significantly over the years, and it is because of human activity. Climate change drastically affects their survival, and we are the cause of this phenomenon. We now have a chance to correct our past mistakes. This sanctuary will protect their habitats and I urge you to support this proposal. The Arctic is harsh enough as is; oil companies will simply make surviving more difficult.


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Photo credit: Ansgar Walk via Wikimedia Commons

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  1. I’m a UK citizen, I am concerned because our World belongs to all of us.

  2. Janet Fletcher says:

    The ignorance of the republican party is exceeded only by it’s arrogance. How sad for the entire world and everything living.

  3. Lisa nicholas says:

    Man as usual the killer, the hater, all about greed as usual!!! My God when are we ever going to learn, so sick of mans cruelty what is wrong with the human race so much hatred i for one am ashamed to be human poor animals poor planet Earth with us as masters what chance have you got!

    • Giuliana Secchi says:

      I back every word you say. Have just come across a video that made me sob: how they skin dogs when they are still alive. It happens in eastern China, where they want to get dogs’ skins for leather products. They don’t even bother to kill them properly first. This says it all about “human” beings….

      • Why dot we put a stop to that hotriffic cruelty how would they the Chinese liked to be skinned alive we must do something those evil people doing that it must be stopped

    • Keith Krommes says:

      I have said the same thing for years and totally agree with your comments.

    • I agree that’s why we have to stand up for the animals speak out loud clearly and non stop

  4. I’m the most conservative republican you can think of but when it comes down to compasion for all of God’s creatures. We should know the difference between right and wrong. There has to be a different way. Somehow the religious values that us republicans preach gets list when it comes to all walks of life.

  5. I’m the most conservative republican you can think of but when it comes down to compasion for all of God’s creatures we should know the difference between right and wrong. There has to be a different way. Somehow the religious values that us republicans preach gets lost when it comes to all walks of life. Its really quite disturbing.

  6. I signed this and consider it well worth doing so. That said, I think it would be more effective if it specifically cited the relevant sections of the legislation. Without that the request becomes a bit generic, making it much easier to evade.

  7. I am also a UK citizen though I was resident in the US for years
    In DC and VA. I joined up with animal rights issues then and now
    years later feel despair at the continuing and far worse greed and destruction. Is there any hope? Though we must never give up the fight against the ignorance and sheer devil may care attitude of the human race towards the planet. When will they ever learn – when its too late I am afraid.

  8. Christina Anderson says:

    What are a few seals to the U.S. Congress? This is the same government that sold out the Native Americans and is seeking to eliminate all the wild horses and burros from public lands. This is the same government that is based on greed. Unfortunately they all are. Humans, as a species, are selfish and cruel.

  9. Animals r suffering every second of every day n does not seem to ever look close to ending.We need to all do something now!

  10. michael guest says:

    Enough is enough. Congress needs to stop playing these dumb political games with our wildlife. Unacceptable.

  11. Joanne Kreil says:

    The earth and its creatures belong to no one. Most definitely NOT to Big Oil! We are only caretakers of this amazing planet. We need to do a better job and will… if we can count on help from the people that are in office to do just that. Work for the people instead of the corporations. When this planet is totally ruined where will we go?

  12. Cecily Colloby says:

    The human race is the most unbelievably braindead and stupid thing on the planet .They will never learn I’m afraid until it’s too late.

  13. Karen Remnant says:

    I don’t think it matters what country we live in, these issues are important to all of us. We can but hope our collective voices will be heard before its too late.

  14. These seals are more valuable to the planet than oil. When they are gone we can’t bring them back.

  15. Dirty Republicans SHOULD BECOME EXTINCT !!!

  16. The attitude of Man towards not only his own species but
    to what he considers the “lesser” creatures – is one of
    “Pull up the ladder, Jack – I’m alright”. Mankind has
    always ruled – and is UNfit to do so – ruling by way of
    fear and cruelty. Of all the creatures on, below, and
    above this planet, a huge percentage of Mankind is morally bankrupt, and this percentage, naturally, is
    frequently in the Power Seat.
    As long as greed, ruthlessness and corruption are “the
    order of the day”, nothing will change. I hope the
    time will come when we overbreed to the point of
    cannibalism – thus leaving the Earth to those who
    respect it and live by Nature’s laws!

  17. Bev Woodburn says:

    The human species is the destroyer of our land, the oceans
    and our helpless animals Worldwide. The only way out land the ocean and our animal species can survive is to end the human species existence. Sad but very true.

  18. I CRY EVERY SINGLE DAY FOR ALL ANIMALS ALL OVER THE WORLD, THE TERRIBLE CRUELTY & SLAUGHTER, IT REALLY IS AN ANIMAL HOLOCAUST, IT’S EXTREME, BILLIONS OF ANIMALS ARE TORTURED TO DEATH EVERY BLOODY DAY, I WISH there were so many more millions of us GOOD PEOPLE to help , we care soooo deeply. I Spend so much of my time everyday to help Animals, it’s exhausting,very upsetting. BUT i will NEVER STOP DOING THIS, NEVER, it is not something I can just turn off, it’s in you always, LOTS OF LOVE FOR ANIMALS…ALWAYS, tell yourself there is a lot of good being done (but not enough as would like)but every Animal Saved is WORTH what we do to HELP THEM.
    Animal Cruelty is the only bad thing in my life, it drives me crazy at times, i just want to kill some bastard MONSTERS.


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