Demand Justice for Man Shot in Home by Police


Target: Attorney General Eric Holder

Goal: Open federal inquiry into the shooting of an innocent man during a no-knock raid

David Hooks was shot dead in his own South Carolina home by Laurens County police when they served a no-knock search warrant on his home. Black-clad police in unmarked cars broke down his door in the late evening of September 24, 2014 looking for drugs. According to David’s wife Teresa, they did not identify themselves as police, and she only knew who was invading her home when she heard dispatch radios.

David was woken up that evening by his panicked wife who, after seeing a black car in her driveway and several men exiting it, thought that the men could be gang members. Hooks grabbed an unloaded gun, but before he was able to dress himself to check his home, the door was broken down and he was shot. The autopsy revealed that two of the 17 shots fired at Hooks were fired while he was laying face down on the ground.

Under South Carolina’s Stand Your Ground laws, private citizens are authorized to use deadly force in defense of themselves and their families. Since the police failed to identify themselves, Mr. Hooks had no way to know that he was not under attack by thieves or home invaders. There were no drugs or other contraband found in the Hooks’ home.

No-knock warrants can create confusion for innocent, unsuspecting citizens, and have resulted in disaster. Recently, a child was permanently disfigured by a stun grenade that was lobbed into a private home, and a police officer was killed by a Texas man who thought his home was being invaded. These types of warrants should be reserved only for extenuating circumstances, such as when there is concrete evidence that a life may be in danger.

If the judge who issued a no-knock warrant and the police officers who executed it had used more care, it is likely that David Hooks would still be alive. Sign the petition below to demand justice for Mr. Hooks in the form of a federal inquiry into the case and a policy review of no-knock warrant procedures.


Dear Attorney General Eric Holder,

David Hooks was recently shot by police in his own home during a no-knock warrant. The police failed to identify themselves and arrived in unmarked cars without police uniforms.

No-knock warrants can pose a danger to citizens and police and should only be used when absolutely necessary. We, the undersigned, demand a federal inquiry into the death of David Hooks as well as a review of no-knock warrant policies.


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Photo credit: Augustas Didžgalvis via Creative Commons

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  1. Just one more example of the sicko police who are owned by our current police state. They should all be put away for at least several years.

  2. No-knock searches. What could possibly go wrong? Who thinks this crap up?

  3. Yanno, when you think of the absolute worst type of criminal imaginable, we all typically think of somebody who locks people in a cage where they’ll be sodomized. And yet, this is exactly the type of punishment which people advocate for anything & everything. Never mind the captivity itself, it’s the way that the penal system seems to encourage inmates to racially segregate themselves, attack abuse & violate one another – all as a means of CONTROL. And then we see corporate involvement moving to take over the prison-industrial-complex – And what is this all FOR??? Substance abuse. Which for all intents & purposes is now understood to be a HEALTH issue, not a moral issue. Drug prohibition not only serves to create the taboos which entice people to TRY drugs in the first place, then prevents them from freely seeking help when the drugs become a problem; Prohibition creates market forces which channel money to the most unscrupulous people out there. And I mean that on BOTH sides of the fence, (see above re prison-industrial-complex) It’s the MONEY which creates the violence, the money AND the fear of being locked up for unreasonably disproportionate terms & conditions. The ONLY way that this will all be brought under control, will be for the federal gov’t to set aside some space for Thebaine-Poppy agriculture, coca leaf production, and the synthesis of pharmaceutical-grade narcotics – which would then be distributed through a system OUTSIDE the for-profit commercial pharmaceutical industry – and PATIENTS would then simply need to register & qualify as addicts to access programs which would slowly taper their doses down to where they could safely & permanently withdraw. I’m not suggesting that narcotics should be sold alongside the NSAIDS & antidepressants. Though I think there is obvious application AS antidepressants. It’s certainly an undesirable situation to give such free hand to drug users, and it will be a slippery slope where we don’t want to PROFIT as a society from other people’s misery – as though it were a simple matter of taxing the product like cigarettes which is ABSURD – I see it as functioning more like a much larger & more extensive network of Methadone-Clinics, rather than what’s being done with the new Marijuana market etc. I mean – as bad as you imagine this thing getting, could it possibly be any worse than what we’re dealing with NOW??? We’d need new types of taboos vis-à-vis narcotic use, we’d need a whole new network of social workers & practical medical professionals, we’d need a whole new investment in the problem which WILL be a drain on society as a whole. However – the costs would very likely be no more than current financial expenses in prisons & police forces – indeed we might need NEW institutions much like prisons, where acute cases could live out their time in a dank cold grey broom-closet IF that’s what they choose – However the VIOLENCE will end, and the money flowing out to what we now refer to as “Narco-Terrorists” will also stop. Of course, the CIA etc aren’t gonna be on board because sometimes … often – they themselves fund certain operations via distributing narcotics to American inner-city populations; and indeed congress will resist simply because so many of THEIR political contributions come from the prison-industrial-complex, arms manufacturers, prison-guards’ & police officers’ unions, etc. There are MANY groups which are so entrenched in the drug war that they would brook no such compromise.

    But to continue on the current course would be a slow & agonizing mutilating pan-societal SUICIDE.

    It’s time we recognize that ALL people have a right to self defense, whether they’re drug addicts or drug dealers or neighbors who are sick of the drug dealers or police officers who are trying to accomplish this impossible task, or innocent bystanders or more to the point sober motorists who are endangered by NOT-sober motorists, or whatever the fuck else their relation to this issue. What we need to do is take away the impetus, the real motivation behind the violence. We need to take out the financial connection – And saying we need to make the drugs as cheap as bubble-gum doesn’t mean it should be SOLD alongside the bubble-gum, only that however much bubble-gum the addicts mooch off of society, not matter how useless they become? That they only refrain from becoming WORSE than useless. And I don’t mean that every damn one of ’em belongs in a hospital bed, or an institution, or that their problems would become OUR problems. I’m suggesting a disconnect between all of that. And if it seems like people are going to remain on the narcotics & just sit around in the gutter begging for bubble-gum money? I think as soon as we un-tie, un-cuff – the hands of the pharmaceutical researchers, to study substances & means which would make people “TOO happy”, we should be able to get onboard with creating anti-psychotics, anti-depressants, anti-neurotics which will not only deal with symptoms, but help us to better understand WTF is going on in patients’ brains. More to the point, living in certain parts of North America would be just that much less oppressive & depressing! It may sound like farcical utopianism, but once we’re able to spend all these resources, the time the money the organization & political will – on OTHER crap, we should be that much closer to the fair & just & FREE society which we aspire to!

    So does THAT present my views on this issue? That perhaps they shouldn’t be knocking on ANYBODY’S door like this, I don’t care WHO they are! At least, not over DRUG issues.

    ‘Cause this whole thing was supposed to be about PROTECTING people. There are far far better ways to keep people off of drugs!

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